The differences between buying apartments in the countryside or the city

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The Turkish real estate market has become one of the most important global markets, and the most characteristic of the Turkish real estate market is the diversity of options that you can find as an investor and a desire to own, you can find many different types of real estate, distributed between apartments, villas, houses, and others, whether you want to own in the countryside if you are one of those who prefer it, or you want to own in city centers if you prefer city life and living in them. so, In this essay, you will see The differences between buying apartments in the countryside or the city.

The difference between city and country life:

cities is a developed and modern area that includes government centers and modern facilities it is the place where human groups gather in large numbers. compared to the countryside where human gatherings are less in the countryside than depends on simplicity, calmness, and housing, We find that there is a difference between those who want to buy real estate, some of them want to buy in rural areas, and some of them go to city centers or their suburbs. This indicates the different types of investment projects that the investor wants. Investors for commercial projects go to cities to build apartments, malls, hotels, commercial offices, and others, while we find investment projects for villas and farms spread more widely in rural areas that are close to cities. This difference between investors indicates the desire of some to obtain the advantages that can be found in the countryside compared to the city. 

Advantages of owning real estate in the Turkish countryside:

The apartments located in the Turkish countryside are the right choice for those wishing to own and obtain a home despite the low financial budgets. The countryside apartments are characterized by a lower price compared to others because the price is one of the most important things that the buyer can face.

Buying apartments in the Turkish countryside is suitable for housing and residence where independence, calm, and tranquility, the countryside free from factory smoke, pollution, and car noise is a suitable place for calm away from the noise and disturbance in cities, you live in the lap of nature and a wonderful healthy atmosphere, you can buy apartments located in the countryside, especially the countryside Which are closer to the cities, so that you have obtained the right housing with great advantages and proximity to the city and service and government centers,

What distinguishes the Turkish countryside is the proximity to the city centers, so it is possible to reach the city center and government centers in a short time, and the Turkish countryside enjoys government interests, especially in the field of services and transportation, and this is one of the Turkish government’s endeavors to popularize investment in the Turkish countryside and this would increase the investment movement And the projects that the Turkish countryside may witness in the future since Turkey has become a destination for many tourists from all over the world.

Also, if you want to build or buy private villas for yourself and your family, the Turkish countryside is the right place. You can easily find the villa of your dreams, The Turkish countryside contains many investment projects designed with the latest urban designs

Especially the construction of villas, which is a residential apartment consisting of several floors and surrounded by many trees and different farms.

Advantages of buying apartments in Turkish cities:

Also, you have to know when you want to know about The differences between buying apartments in the countryside or the city, That Turkish cities are considered to have integrative stamps. The government’s efforts to advance Turkish cities and keep pace with global developments have made an important difference compared to cities in other countries. and helped the investor to make their decision to own property in them. Turkish cities are vibrant and active cities and most of them are fully serviced by the latest services from public transportation, public utilities, and recreational facilities. It aims to make city dwellers feel the ease of daily life.

What distinguishes apartments in Turkish cities, is the various modern urban designs of a luxurious nature that differ from other apartments spread in other real estate markets. Turkish cities have many investment complexes. Investment in cities, especially major cities such as Istanbul, is accompanied by profits and high returns, as cities are the destination of many residents, workers, students, employees, businessmen, tourists, and others who prefer city life.

But as for the prices of these apartments, they are most of the time high compared to others. Especially those located in the city center, you can find a difference between the price of an apartment in the center of Istanbul and an apartment in one of its suburbs…this rise is due to the continuous increase in the demand for obtaining and buying real estate in Turkish cities, whether from the internal investor or the foreign or Arab investor.

Cons of buying apartments in Turkish cities:


In terms of living, life in the city is characterized by high costs compared to rural life and housing in it. There are many taxes that are paid as a result of obtaining modern services, not to mention the population density, which generates an increase in demand, which means an increase in price, and this applies to most daily needs.


Life in cities is considered a daily routine far from flexibility. as it is a noisy life filled with noise caused by large population gatherings, and air pollution. whether from the fumes of factories or cars and other sources of pollution.

Cons of buying apartments in the Turkish countryside:

Few job opportunities compared to the city, as most of the businesses spread in the countryside are limited to animal husbandry and agricultural work, and one of the negatives of buying apartments in the countryside is the lack of recreational facilities and aspects of modern life such as luxury apartments in cities.

The differences between buying apartments in the countryside or the city in price:

This is an important question that is often asked by many.

The answer to this question is certainly that an apartment in the same area in the city is more expensive than an apartment in the countryside. due to the great demand for it on the one hand, and the features it enjoys on the other. but there are foundations and factors that determine the price of the apartments. The location of the apartment is important, as its space and internal specifications, building materials and the methods of cladding used, and others.

It is possible that real estate prices in the Turkish countryside will rise during the coming period due to the increase in demand on the one hand and the increase in investment projects by some major real estate companies on the other hand.

You can make your decision now. and get the most important real estate and investment opportunities in the most important areas of Istanbul and Turkey. Contact our real estate consultant, to provide you with assistance, the best offers, and a set of important consultations and advice.

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