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Villas are one of the most important types of residential real estate in Turkey, and many investors have rushed to buy them because of their great confidence in the profits that they will get. In the context of talking about it, we must point out that it is one of the most luxurious and distinguished properties, especially if it overlooks the sea.
In this article, you will learn about the advantages of searching for villas for sale in Turkey by the sea, we will indicate the appropriate cities to buy them, and we will provide you with some tips that should be taken into account.


Where do I look for villas for sale in Turkey by the sea?

Through the following paragraph, we will introduce you to the most important Turkish cities in which you can search for villas for sale by the sea.

1 – Villas for sale by the sea – Alanya:

– One of the most important Turkish cities suitable for buying real estate and villas in particular.
– It is one of the lively and active cities, which receives many tourists annually.
– It includes many restaurants – cafes – game cities – shopping centers.
– You can find villas on the sea with high-end and distinctive specifications.
Real estate prices are somewhat reasonable, and if you do not have a large balance, you should move away from the city center and head towards suburbs or rural places.

2 – Villas for sale by the sea – Fethiye:

– If you are looking for a lively life, Fethiye is a great choice.
– It has a wonderful view of the sea coast.
– Real estate prices are not exorbitant.
– It contains many aspects of nature.
– Real estate specifications are high-end and large areas.



3 – Villas for sale by the sea – Istanbul:

Istanbul is one of the most important Turkish cities suitable for searching for real estate for sale in Turkey and includes a large number of distinctive areas overlooking the sea, such as Uskudar, which is located on the Asian side of the city, and Beylikdüzü, which is located on the European side.
Also of the important areas are Sariyer – Besiktas – Silivri – Arnavutkoy and others. Prices vary from one place to another according to its location, proximity and distance from the city center and whether there are service facilities near it or not.
But in general, villas are among the most expensive real estate at all, because distinguished locations are always chosen for them, and the common characteristics between them are that they have large areas.

Types of villas in Turkey:

Have you ever seen the types of villas in Turkey? This is what we will present to you through the following paragraph:

1 – Ordinary villas:

– They are found in suburbs and remote places.
– It is characterized by its spacious areas.
– Its views of the green spaces or the sea.
– It is suitable for those looking for a quiet life away from the hustle and bustle of cities.
– Prices are quite moderate and vary depending on the city in which you are located.

2 – Tourist villas:

– These villas are located in or near the tourist places.
– It shares many characteristics with ordinary villas.
– It has a spacious area and elegant modern designs.
– Tourists prefer to stay there when they are in Turkey.
– Suitable for real estate investment.
– Their prices are high if you compare them with the prices of ordinary villas.

3 – Historic villas:

– What we mean by these villas is luxury palaces.
– Rich people turn to it.
– Their prices are very high.
– The price of the villa may reach more than one hundred million US dollars.

Advantages of buying villas by the sea in Turkey:

1 – Significant increase in its prices.
2 – There is a great demand for it, meaning that the idea of ​​real estate investment in it is feasible.
3 – If you want to sell it, you don’t need to wait long before you find a buyer.
4 – Living in it gives you the peace and quiet you are looking for.
5 – It can be rented to obtain high returns, especially in the tourist seasons.


The importance of buying villas in Turkey:

What are the reasons that drive investors and foreigners to search for villas for sale in Turkey, and what distinguishes it from other types of real estate?
1 – The costs of real estate ownership in Turkey are generally considered appropriate and less than what you will need to pay if we are talking about buying real estate in a European country.
2 – There are a lot of offers available for sale, so you must find the right option for you and your budget.
3 – Villas are one of the real estate least affected by crises such as the economic collapse and the change in the value of the Turkish lira, so it maintains its value.
4 – The booming Turkish economy, which ranks among the most important economies in the world.
5 – Political stability at a time when many countries of the world are witnessing major collapses.
6 – The advanced infrastructure, as the Turkish government pays great attention to it and seeks to develop it continuously.
7 – An ideal environment for housing and stability, in addition to this development, the cost of living is low.
8 – It is easy to find a villa that meets the requirements for obtaining Turkish citizenship (the price must be 250 thousand dollars).
9 – It is possible to obtain a real estate residence (there are no conditions that must be met in its value or in its area).
10 – The Turkish government has provided a lot of facilities when buying real estate, such as tax cuts.

Important notes when buying villas in Turkey:

– Determine your goal. Do you want to live, invest, or obtain Turkish citizenship?
– Use one of the real estate companies with experience and knowledge.
– Take field tours and visit the most important real estate projects to choose the most suitable for you.
– Monitor your budget well so that you do not find sudden expenses.

We tried to collect everything related to the topic of searching for villas for sale by the sea in Turkey through this article. If you have any questions about it, you can contact us to provide you with adequate answers.
If you want to buy a villa in one of the Turkish states, you can tell us about your desires and we will help you find what suits you.


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