Real estate for sale in Istanbul overlooking the Bosphorus 2022 AD

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Are you a fan of housing facing the sea? What do you think of looking for real estate for sale in Istanbul overlooking the Bosphorus?
The importance of the distinctive geographical formation of Istanbul cannot be overlooked. As it spans two continents at the same time, Separated by the Bosphorus Strait.
In this article, the editorial team at Hana Real Estate will introduce you to the most important areas overlooking the Bosphorus. And we will also point out the advantages of this type of real estate.

Where can I find real estate for sale in Istanbul overlooking the Bosphorus?

Before deciding whether to buy an apartment overlooking the Bosphorus or not. You should review the following paragraphs in which we will

talk about the most prominent areas overlooking it.

1 – Real estate for sale Sariyer – Istanbul:

This area is located on the European side of Istanbul and is characterized by its view of the Bosphorus, It is one of the largest neighborhoods of the city and is known as a haven for celebrities, stars, politicians and people with high budgets for several reasons. The most important of which are.
– The grandeur of its real estate.
– Significantly high real estate prices.
– Extension of a large part of the famous Belgrade forests.
– It is one of the most important tourist destinations in the city.
– and It is characterized by calmness and the availability of all service facilities.
– also It is one of the most important real estate investment options.

2 – Real estate for sale Ortakoy – Istanbul:

It is one of the lively neighborhoods that constantly attracts tourists because of its charming nature and distinctive sea views, and it is only 2 km away from the port of Besiktas.
There are many commercial centers and markets that meet the needs of residents and tourists, as well as many restaurants. What distinguishes it is the harmonious mixture of modernity and Turkish authenticity.

3 – Real estate for sale Zekeriyakoy – Istanbul:

Zekeriyakoy is considered one of the most important areas of Istanbul, located on its European side, and it is intended for the rich and famous because of its urban development and luxury real estate.
It is suitable for all those looking for real estate for sale in Istanbul for several reasons, most notably its presence next to the Belgrade forests, which contain walking paths and also contain many types of plants.

What is the importance of buying Istanbul real estate overlooking the Bosphorus?

Certainly, one of the questions on your mind now is that what is the use of owning a property. With a view of the Bosphorus or the sea? Through the following paragraph. We will explain to you the full dimensions of this matter.
1 – Investors prefer buying this type of real estate in order to get high monthly returns.
2 – Their prices are constantly rising due to the large number of demand around them. Compared to the small number of offers available for sale.
3 – If you want to sell it, this will be done very easily and it will not take much time.
4 – If your goal is housing and stability. You will have a quiet and stable life.
5 – You can invest it by renting it and the returns will be high.
6 – It is easy to obtain Turkish citizenship through it because of its high prices. As it helps to find a property whose specifications match the conditions for obtaining it.
7 – In the areas overlooking the Bosphorus. You will find many luxury and high-end residential complexes.

8 – These areas receive a lot of government attention and care, especially in infrastructure.

Did you know that?

This strait is of great importance, which has positively affected the real estate sector and the nearby ones in particular, as its touristic position is great, and on its two sides there are many famous tourist attractions that many tourists visit on an ongoing basis.
Among the information that we must mention in this regard is that real estate prices in areas that have a distinctive view, such as those overlooking the Bosphorus, are not significantly affected in the crises that occur, whether economic or political, and remain in their value, and this is precisely what encourages any investor to make it his investment choice.

The most famous tourist attractions near the Bosphorus:

Check out the historical and tourist attractions near the Bosphorus.

1 – The Maiden’s Tower:

– One of the most famous and important tourist attractions in Istanbul.
– In order to reach it, you will need to go 200 meters in the water (because it is on an artificial island in the middle of the water).
– It gained its fame due to the many stories that were woven around it.
– You will get a wonderful panoramic view of the city when you climb to its top.

2 – Dolmabahce Palace :

– One of the distinguished Ottoman palaces, it was widely known.
– It is located in the Besiktas region.
– It was the main center of the Ottoman Empire.
– There are those who described it as a unique architectural masterpiece.
– In its design, it combines an oriental and western character.
– It took about 13 years to build it.
– It is distinguished by the fact that it contains a huge chandelier, weighing about 4.5 tons (this is the largest chandelier in the world).

Types of real estate investment near the Bosphorus:

If you choose to search for real estate for sale in Istanbul overlooking the Bosphorus, then you are in front of many distinguished investment ideas, the most prominent of which we will review immediately.
1 – Villas can be purchased, and this is one of the most widespread and available properties and is characterized by sophistication and luxury.
2 – You can buy and rent tourist apartments, as tourists always prefer to stay in them.
3 – Commercial real estate such as offices and companies can also be bought and rented.
4 – It is possible to acquire luxury palaces that are suitable for the wealthy and those with high budgets.
5 – You can also buy hotels or hotel apartments.
The most important thing you should know about searching for real estate for sale in Istanbul overlooking the Bosphorus is presented to you through this article. If you want to buy a property with stunning views and modern and upscale specifications, you only have to contact us to help you find what suits you according to your financial balance.

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