10 Frequently Asked Questions About Obtaining Turkish Citizenship Through Real Estate Investment

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Since the Turkish government issued several amendments in late 2018, allowing all foreigners around the world to buy real estate in Turkey and obtain Turkish citizenship, questions have increased about this issue.
Because of the importance of this matter, we at Hana Real Estate have chosen it to be the focus of our discussion in this article.
If you have any questions about obtaining Turkish citizenship through real estate investment, follow these lines with us.
We wish you an enjoyable reading.

The most important questions about obtaining Turkish citizenship:

Through the following paragraphs, you can get accurate answers to all your questions about obtaining this citizenship.

The first question: What are the most important conditions that must be met to obtain Turkish citizenship through real estate investment?

– The price of the property must be two hundred and fifty thousand US dollars or more.
– It should not be sold before three years have passed from the date of its purchase.
– You have to buy the property from a Turkish citizen in particular.
– The property must not have been used to obtain citizenship earlier.
– The value of the property must be paid through a Turkish bank.

The second question: Who gets Turkish citizenship?

Among the most important and prominent advantages of obtaining Turkish citizenship is that all family members can obtain it, but under specific conditions:
– Children must be under the legal age (age 18).
– It is not possible for more than one wife to obtain it if the owner of the property is married to more than one woman.
– There are exceptional cases that children over the age of 18 can obtain if they have special needs (after three years).

Question 3: Can I keep my first nationality?

One of the common questions about obtaining Turkish citizenship through real estate investment revolves around the possibility of retaining the original citizenship in addition to Turkish citizenship.
Of course you can and therefore you will be dual national and can take advantage of the advantages that they both offer.

Fourth question: What are the general conditions that must be met to obtain Turkish citizenship?

There are conditions that must be met by those who wish to obtain this citizenship, and they are as follows:
– He must be over the age of 18.
– He should have full mental strength and awareness.
– He must fulfill the requirement to reside in Turkey for five years without interruption.
– He should not be a threat to public security in Turkey.
– He must not be a carrier of any contagious or dangerous disease.
– It is important that he has a stable and sufficient source of income.
– He must speak Turkish well.

Fifth question: Do you need time to obtain Turkish citizenship?

The period for obtaining citizenship varies from person to person and according to the situation, but generally it ranges between 45 days and up to 90 days from the date on which the application is made.
In this regard, it must be noted that choosing to obtain it through real estate is the fastest at all, for example, you will need long months, up to a year or two if you choose to obtain it in an exceptional way.

Question Six: Do I have to hire someone to obtain Turkish citizenship?

It is recommended that you buy the property through one of the reliable real estate companies in order to ensure that you do not fall into real estate fraud, as they offer you the properties that comply with the conditions for obtaining them. Add to your information that it will supervise all procedures until you receive it.

Question Seven: What are the most prominent advantages that you will get after obtaining Turkish citizenship?

1 – To enjoy all the rights enjoyed by a Turkish citizen.
2 – You can benefit from medical and educational services.
3 – Vote in elections and get important jobs.
4 – You can be employed in the private and government sectors.
5 – You will get a Turkish passport, which is considered one of the most powerful passports in the world.

The eighth question: Why was Turkish citizenship chosen over other nationalities?

The advantages that Turkish citizenship offers to its holder are not limited to what has been mentioned, but there are many other factors that played a role in its importance, such as:
– The booming Turkish economy that outperformed the most important economies of the world.
– Political stability and the stable security situation is in contrast to many countries of the world.
– Turkey contains the most important strategic projects in the world (such as the new Istanbul Airport – highways – the new Istanbul Water Canal).
– The unique geographical location in the middle of the world and also surrounded by four seas (Mediterranean Sea – Aegean Sea – Black Sea – Marmara Sea).

Question 9: Why is real estate the best way to obtain Turkish citizenship?

Real estate was considered the best way to obtain this citizenship after the previously required amount was reduced from one million US dollars to two hundred and fifty thousand dollars currently.
Also, it is possible to own real estate in Turkey with easy procedures without taking much time.
Also, real estate in this country is designed according to international quality standards.
It is an investment field through which you can multiply your money.

Question 10: What are the most important other ways to obtain Turkish citizenship?

– An investment of five hundred thousand US dollars for a period of three years.
– Deposit an amount of five hundred thousand dollars in a Turkish bank for a period of three years.
– Marriage to a Turkish citizen (you can apply for it after three years from the date of marriage).
– By proving belonging to the Turkish state (after submitting documents confirming this).
In this article, we answered ten of your questions about obtaining Turkish citizenship through real estate investment.
Do not forget that among the services we provide to our clients at Hana Real Estate is to help obtain Turkish citizenship by providing the appropriate real estate and supervising all procedures.

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