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Features and types of luxury Istanbul real estate 2022 AD

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Istanbul is characterized by its rich real estate sector with different types of real estate and is the right place to buy luxury real estate if that is what you are looking for. In this article, we will talk about luxury Istanbul real estate and highlight its most prominent features. If this is one of the topics that interest you, you can follow the next lines with us.

Learn about luxury Istanbul real estate:

Through the following paragraphs. We will inform you about the most important types of real estate that you will find in Istanbul.

1 – Residential complex apartments:

According to some studies conducted on this subject, it has been found that the most in demand are the apartments of residential complexes, as they are considered an ideal option for several reasons, the most important of which are:
– They are designed according to international quality standards. As they are resistant to earthquakes and natural disasters, and the best types of building materials are used.
– As a result of the increased demand for it. Construction companies compete with each other in order to provide more sophisticated and distinguished specifications in order to attract the attention of investors and foreigners.
– They are often in special geographical locations, and they. Also have a wonderful view, which may be sea or forests (green spaces).
– It is provided with all the services the residents need. Such as electric elevators, periodic maintenance and high protection systems (surveillance cameras – alarms – security guards at the external gates).
– Many entertainment facilities are available, such as playgrounds – sauna – Turkish bath – steam rooms – children’s play areas – walking paths.
– Apartments in these complexes are available in a variety of styles. And designs that suit everyone without exception.
– As for their prices, they are considered somewhat high when compared with other types of real estate.

2 – Penthouse apartments:

If you are looking for the true meaning of luxury apartments, penthouse apartments are the perfect choice, and these are among its most prominent advantages:
– They are found on the higher floors of residential complexes or high towers.
– The walls have been replaced with glass panels that surround them all around so that the apartment has a great view of the city and also has natural light throughout the day.
– It is characterized by a large area, which gives the apartment owners a space of privacy, comfort and luxury.
– Did you know that the prices of penthouse apartments are high, which made them the preserve of those with high budgets.

3 – Duplex apartments:

– As for this type of apartment, they are very similar to villas and are characterized by their spaciousness. Suitable for large families.
– It consists of two floors on top of each other, connected by an internal staircase, and each floor can be a separate apartment from the other.
– As for their prices, they are reasonable and moderate.

4 – Triplex apartments:

Did you know that this type of apartments largely intersect with the specifications of duplex apartments, but these are larger in terms of space and consist of three floors? One of the floors can be designated as a place for work or exercise.
Also, their prices are fairly reasonable and they are suitable for housing and real estate investment.

What are the advantages of buying luxury real estate in Istanbul?

1 – It is suitable for you if you like a quiet residence away from the noise and hustle.
2 – These areas are provided with a large number of services (such as schools – universities – health centers – recreational places).
3 – The Turkish government pays great attention to these areas and is constantly developing its infrastructure.
4 – Living in high-end areas ensures that you get a different style and elegance.
5 – Most of the people who live in these areas belong to the high and rich classes.
6 – Nearby there are transportation networks that make it easy to move from one place to another.
7 – It is one of the best options for real estate investment, as its prices are increasing significantly, in addition to being the option of tourists to stay during their stay in Turkey.
You may think that the prices of real estate in the luxurious areas of Istanbul will be high, but the reality is otherwise, as compared to other major cities in the world, it is very moderate.

Where can I find luxury Istanbul real estate?

Through the following paragraph, we will present to you some of the areas of Istanbul suitable for searching for luxury properties for sale in Istanbul that you can view.

1 – Luxury real estate Sariyer – Istanbul:

– This area is considered one of the most important areas of Istanbul and is located on the European side.
– It has a view of the Bosphorus.
– and It is one of the huge and ancient areas.
– also It contains a lot of luxury residential complexes.
– A tourist destination for many world tourists, as it includes many gardens, parks and historical places such as (Emirgan Park – Rumeli Castle).

2 – Luxury real estate in Besiktas – Istanbul:

– One of the most prominent and important European regions of Istanbul.
– Although it is historical, it does not lack sophistication and distinction.
– Real estate prices in it are relatively high when compared with real estate prices in other regions.

3 – Luxury real estate, Beykoz – Istanbul:

– One of the most important Asian regions of Istanbul.
– It is distinguished by the fact that it contains streams and rivers. Which gave it an exceptional aesthetic character.
– It is meant for celebrities, stars, politicians and businessmen.
– Life in it is characterized by calm and serenity.

Tips when looking for luxury apartments in Istanbul:

– You have to be aware of the available options before making your decision. And you should also visit the area and the apartment you intend to buy more than once.
– Look at your financial budget. Is what you have available enough to cover the purchase of the apartment, or will you have to borrow?
– You must use a reputable real estate company to help you find the right property for you.

If you want to buy luxury real estate in Istanbul. All you have to do is contact us so that we can offer you the most suitable offers for you and your financial balance.
Among the services that we provide at Hana Real Estate to our clients. We provide the best suitable real estate offers for them. Our good relations with the most important construction companies in Turkey ensure that their desires are fully met.

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