Advantages of real estate investment in Besiktas Istanbul

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It is no secret to anyone that there is a wide variety of areas in Istanbul, which are distributed in both its European and Asian parts, which drew the attention of real estate investors from different countries of the world.
We have seen in Hana Real Estate Company a great necessity to refer to this area through this article that we have prepared to be comprehensive about it.
If you have any questions about real estate investment in Besiktas Istanbul, you can follow these lines.

The most important advantages of real estate investment in Besiktas Istanbul:

What are the reasons that drive any investor to choose this area over other areas of Istanbul for real estate investment? Through the following paragraph, we will talk about everything related to real estate in it.
1 – You have to know that it is not only a residential area, but a tourist and commercial one, as it is visited by many tourists annually due to its important archaeological and historical landmarks.
2 – You will be amazed by the complete mix of tradition and modernity that you will encounter in it.
3 – It is rich in gardens, parks and green spaces, which gave it a unique aesthetic character.
4 – It also contains a lot of restaurants – cafes – mosques – commercial centers – shopping centers – museums.
5 – There is no denying the importance of the role played by the urban transformation projects that have been organized recently in attracting investors.
In the context of talking about urban transformation projects in that region, it must be noted that from past years to the present day, many high-end and modern residential complexes with modern specifications are being built and are also earthquake-resistant.
In Besiktas, you are in front of a lot of investment opportunities and options. There is an abundance of offers available for sale and a wide variety. You can invest in residential apartments – hotel apartments – restaurants – companies – offices.
As for real estate prices in this region, they are rising continuously as a natural result of the urban renaissance that the region is witnessing and the luxury real estate projects built by construction companies in it.
The investor’s knowledge that prices in Besiktas are constantly growing is enough to make him take the decision to search for real estate and apartments for sale there.

The most important important information about the Besiktas region:

We will provide you with a lot of information related to this area that should help you in deciding whether it is suitable for real estate investment for you or not.
– It has a distinguished geographical location in European Istanbul.
– Close to the Ortakoy area.
– Overlooking the Bosphorus.
– Its area is about 46 km.
– Its population exceeded 186 thousand people.

Service facilities in Besiktas, Istanbul:

Let us give you an important rule when you are about to buy a property in Istanbul or in other cities in the world, especially if you are aiming for real estate investment (be sure to look at its service side well, as it enhances its investment position and pushes anyone to reside there because the abundance in service centers is a clear indication To a life of luxury and comfort that can be obtained.
It is one of the areas rich in the public transportation network, which made it very easy to move to any place without the need to make an effort or a lot of time, and do not forget that the abundance of means of transportation increases the value of real estate investment in it.
On the health front, it contains many hospitals, health centers and private clinics that worked to meet the needs of the population, most notably (State Hospital – Liv Hospital).
Besiktas does not lack public and private educational institutions (schools – universities) that are suitable for all levels and ages, such as (Bahcesehir University – Yildiz Technical University – Galatasaray University).
Did you know that due to its richness in all these institutions, it was able to attract students to reside there in order to be near their universities.
It also contains the most important and finest restaurants that offer delicious and delicious meals, grilled fish and seafood, as well as high-end hotels that provide wonderful services to tourists and pilgrims.

Learn about the most famous tourist attractions in Besiktas:

We have already mentioned that it is one of the most prominent tourist areas in Istanbul because of its famous tourist places, most notably:

1 – Yildiz Park:

– It is considered one of the most prominent parks that you will find in this city.
– It covers an area of ​​36 hectares and is almost like a small garden.
– It is characterized by the fact that it contains many types of trees and plants.
– It has water fountains – fine restaurants.

2 – Dolmabahce Palace:

– If you are a fan of visiting luxurious and distinguished palaces, the Bosphorus Palace is one of the finest and most luxurious that you may find.
– It is also called the Sultan’s Palace.
– Overlooking the Bosphorus.
– One of the most important tourist destinations in this city.

3 – Besiktas Market:

– It is one of the most important markets that you will find in Istanbul.
– It contains all the necessities and supplies of interest to visitors.
– You can buy clothes – foods – vegetables – leather products.
– The prices of goods and products are cheap and affordable.
– It does not have a fixed place as you find it every day in a place (portable market).

4 – Besiktas coast:

– If you love to visit the coasts, we recommend you to visit (Besiktas coast).
– It constantly attracts many tourists.
– It gave the area a special beauty.

Is the information we have provided about the Besiktas region sufficient for you to start your real estate investment in it? If you have more questions about the Besiktas area or other areas of Istanbul, do not hesitate to contact us to help you.
The best real estate investment opportunities in Istanbul can be yours. Visit our website regularly to check out everything new related to the real estate market in Turkey.

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