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The best real estate offers in Istanbul 2022 AD

Posted by Faiyza on 17 March، 2022

There is a great demand for real estate in Istanbul and all its regions without exception, especially since there is an abundance of real estate offers that put the buyer in front of many options and unlimited privileges. But you must be confused, which areas are the best, and what about the prices?

In this article, the editorial team of Hana Real Estate will introduce you to the most important areas of Istanbul for buying real estate, and we will also talk about its advantages.


You will find special real estate offers in these areas in Istanbul:

It is not enough to mention all the areas where real estate offers for sale are available in Istanbul, but we will make sure to mention the most important ones:

1 – Avcilar District – Istanbul:

– This area was established in 2008, meaning that it is one of the modern areas. The main real estate character in it is (residential complexes) that guarantee you a high end, different and exemplary lifestyle.

– It was called (the region of the rich Arabs) because the Arabs are the ones who prefer buying real estate in it, and because the general customs and traditions in it tend to be more eastern than western.

– It is one of the closest areas to Istanbul’s new airport as well as close to the new Istanbul Water Canal.

– It contains the most important public services such as (schools – universities – hospitals – malls – public transportation lines).

– Did you know that in Basaksehir, you have several options, so you can get an apartment with a view of the green spaces and it can be interior.

– What encourages real estate investment in it is that real estate prices there have risen remarkably, and this has emerged clearly in the last three years.


3 – Kadikoy District – Istanbul:

– As for this area, it is located on the Asian side of Istanbul, and when you visit it, you will know the true meaning of beauty and sophistication.

– Locals and tourists come to it in order to enjoy its beauty, charming views, and wonderful views of the Bosphorus.

– It has a lot of green space and there are designated areas and designated walking paths.

– Nearby there is an integrated transportation network linking it with all other areas of the city.

– It has recently witnessed a great urban renaissance, as important real estate projects were built.

– It has a developed and strong infrastructure, which includes universities, schools and hospitals (public and private).


4 – Esenyurt district – Istanbul:

– Did you know that real estate in Esenyurt is divided into two parts, where popular and modern properties are available.

– The services that are available in it meet the needs of all residents, such as markets, restaurants, commercial centers, hospitals, parks and schools.

– It is inhabited by many different nationalities, especially Arab ones.

– Real estate prices in it are relatively low compared to other areas of Istanbul.

– Many people prefer to live there, as there are many job opportunities.


5 – Uskudar District – Istanbul:

– It is one of the oldest and most important areas of Istanbul and is located on the European side.

– It has a double sea view, the first on the Bosphorus and the second on the Marmara Sea.

– It is one of the competing areas for the European side of the city, as it is no less important than any of them.

– Uskudar gets a lot of attention and care from the Turkish government because it is a tourist destination to which tourists come from everywhere.

– Here you can find contrast where crowding and calm, sophistication and originality.

– It does not lack for luxury residential complexes that are equipped with the highest standards of safety and security.

– It is rich in educational institutions, as it includes schools that suit all age groups, public and private.


The most important real estate offers in Istanbul:

Surely you know that Istanbul is rich in various real estate options that suit all tastes without exception and also suit all financial situations.

In this context, let us tell you that if you have a good budget, you can buy a ready-made property, especially if you do not have enough time to wait until the construction work is completed. The apartments that are still under construction will be a great option if you do not have the ability to pay for them in cash, and therefore you will be able to pay in convenient installments.

If you are aiming for real estate investment, we must note several points that guarantee you to obtain high profits:

– You should choose areas near important infrastructure projects such as airports or transportation lines.

– Try to buy an apartment located in an area experiencing rapid urban growth.

– New real estate is better than old built real estate for real estate investment.

– It is imperative that you use a real estate company with experience and knowledge in the real estate market in Turkey to ensure that you get the most important and safest offers.

– The more services and more advanced service facilities in the area in which your property is located, the more profits you will get.

The real estate market in Istanbul includes many real estate options that you can choose between and when you contact us, we provide you with the most secure opportunities that will achieve your goal and purpose..Do not hesitate to get the most important real estate offers in Istanbul to ensure the future.


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