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There is a famous saying that you must buy land quickly because no one is making more of it. Based on that, we will present today in this article everything related to buying land in Turkey. If this really interests you, you can follow up with us because we will shed light on all the important aspects.

Have you ever thought about buying land in Turkey? What do you think, will the land be a successful real estate investment? Do foreigners have the right to buy land in Turkey? All these questions will certainly be asked by the owners of the money, and this is what we will answer in the following paragraphs.

First, we must assure you of a very important matter, which is that foreigners have the right to buy land in Turkey with certainty, according to the decision issued by the Turkish government in 2012 AD, which stipulates the abolition of the reciprocity law, and since then all foreigners can own all types of real estate in Turkey, with the exception of five nationalities, prevented some of the old agreements and the political situation in their countries from owning in Turkey, namely Syria – Cuba – North Korea – Armenia – Greek Cyprus.

Despite all the facilities that the Turkish government has provided and continues to provide to foreigners in order to buy real estate on its land, there must be some laws that must be adhered to, which are as follows:

– A foreigner is not entitled to buy any property in Turkey 404 if it is located in a security or military zone.

– He must not hold one of the five nationalities that we mentioned above.

– He is not entitled to own more than thirty hectares in various parts of Turkey.

– His real property, of the area of ​​one zone, must not exceed ten percent.

– A real estate appraisal report must be extracted for the land you intend to purchase.

– A security approval must be obtained to confirm that the land is not located in a military or security zone. It is obtained in a short period of time (a week).

– You have to make sure that there is no defect or forgery in the papers and documents.

Is buying land in Turkey a good idea?

Before deciding whether it is really a good idea or not, you should read all the information related to this matter and this is what we will present to you in this paragraph.

Did you know that we have two types of lands, the first is the lands that are suitable for construction and the second is for agriculture, and the agricultural lands are divided into two parts, the first is irrigated and the second is rain-fed.

Therefore, you must determine your goal of the land before you buy it. Do you need land for construction or for agriculture, and you can verify it through the real estate registry.

How to invest land in Turkey?

You are not in front of limited options. On the contrary, there are plenty of ideas that can be exploited in order to reach high and abundant profits.

– It is possible to build a large residential project or a commercial project on it.

– Based on the importance of residential complexes, a residential complex can be constructed, but you must make sure that it is designed in a professional and distinctive way and that it is provided with the highest standards of quality and safety.

– If the land is agricultural, there are plenty of ideas that can be implemented, it can be planted and turned into a nursery for roses or it can be a farm for raising animals, it can also be a domesticated or a livestock farm.

– A villa in a modern style or a farm can be built and used for personal purposes.

How to buy land in Turkey?

You must go through several steps in order to buy a land in Turkey, and this is what we will tell you about right away:

1 – Determine the purpose of the land purchase:

After you know the types of land in Turkey, you must determine your goal, is it for agriculture or for construction, which of the two options suits you best. You must set the goal so as not to choose wrongly.

2 – Determining the material budget:

One of the things that you should think about when buying a land in Turkey is the exact financial budget and whether it is available to you, or will you take a loan from the bank, or will you buy it in partnership with someone else.

Do not forget to look at the average price of land in Turkey and compare it with what you have of money.

3 – Find the right land:

The search for the land that suits you begins with defining the Turkish city that you want and then searching within it for the most distinguished area. You should know that the excellent location guarantees you a distinguished return on investment, so you must study the matter well.

You can search in more than one way, either by yourself or through the help of a real estate company.

You must make field tours to visit the most important real estate projects in order to determine the best. After you have found the right land, we will have reached the stage of negotiating the price.

It is important before you sign the contract of sale that you familiarize yourself with the legal status of the land, as there may be restrictions imposed on it or similar details.

4 – The required papers and documents must be prepared:

– The buyer’s passport + a copy of it, translated into Turkish and certified by the notary.

– The real estate appraisal report is issued within a short period (3 days).

– Personal photos of both the seller and the buyer.

– There are some other documents required by the municipality in order to determine the exact location of the land.

After that, the contract must be signed and the seller waives the ownership of it to the buyer, and this is in the real estate registry and in the presence of two witnesses. Either if the buyer does not speak Turkish, he must have an expensive translator with him.

By purchasing a land worth two hundred and fifty thousand US dollars or more, you can apply for Turkish citizenship, but it is worth mentioning here that it is not possible to obtain a real estate residence because it is only granted when buying residential real estate.

In this article, we have provided you with everything related to buying land in Turkey and highlighted the areas that you can benefit from and implement it. Any type of real estate you want to search for in Turkey, we can provide it to you very easily with distinctive specifications and competitive prices.

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