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Deciding to buy a property in Istanbul, you have obtained many advantages, especially if you chose a wonderful area such as Maltepe, which is located on the Asian side of the city.

If you want to get acquainted with this area, you can follow this article in which we will provide all the detailed information about the Maltepe area and highlight the importance of searching for real estate for sale in it.

We wish you an enjoyable and interesting reading.

Why are you looking for real estate for sale in Maltepe Istanbul:

Before deciding whether its properties are suitable for buying real estate or not, you must familiarize yourself with the importance of its advantages and the characteristics that relate to it, so everything that concerns you we will include in the following paragraphs:

The importance of searching for real estate for sale in Maltepe Istanbul:

– Many people prefer to live and settle in this area, as it includes many charming tourist places that give you the opportunity to enjoy and stroll at any time.

– Did you know that any area that is characterized as a destination for tourism will therefore be one of the most important real estate investment areas due to the large influx of foreigners and tourists to it.

– This area has a wonderful view of the sea, so it suits you if you love the sea and live near it.

– In Maltepe, you will find real estate and apartments at low and reasonable prices, and therefore the cost of living will be low as well, and with this, the area is suitable for people with low budgets.

– It is a safe and stable area for living with the family, especially with the availability of all the basic services that the individual needs in his life, such as schools – universities – hospitals – health centers – recreational places.

Based on all the characteristics of Maltape, we can say that it is suitable for building a successful real estate investment in order to obtain abundant profits. In this region, there are many offers that are suitable for obtaining Turkish citizenship, so you will not have obtained a distinguished investment and Turkish citizenship, meaning you will have two goals at the same time.

In the context of talking about real estate in Istanbul, Maltepe, it must be noted that this region is witnessing a great real estate diversity, such as luxury residential complexes and studio apartments, and also contains commercial properties and hotels.

There are many different and distinctive offers in this area, where there are many modern real estate projects.

Geographical location of Maltepe Istanbul:

– It is located on the Asian side of Istanbul.

– It is located between Kadikoy and Pendik regions.

– It consists of 18 neighborhoods.

– Its population reached about 480 thousand people.

– The area is two sections separated by the E-5 motorway.

The most famous places in Maltepe:

Below we will mention to you all the famous places in the Maltepe region that you can visit and that have contributed to increasing its importance.

1 – Maltepe Park:

It is considered one of the most important parks in Istanbul, its area has reached 200 thousand square meters, in which you will spend a wonderful time and you can do many activities and exercise. This park contains many restaurants and cafes.

2 – Buyukada:

It is one of the largest and most famous islands in Istanbul, with a large area, calm and clean air. It is visited by tourists from all over.

3 – Al-Jumhuriya Mosque:

Did you know that this mosque is one of the largest mosques in Istanbul in terms of area? It is distinguished by its circular architectural design, with four minarets, and from the inside it is decorated with mosaics.

4 – Tuzla Marina:

There are restaurants, cafes, shops, shopping centers and parks, where you will spend a wonderful and special time.

Educational institutions in Maltepe Istanbul:

This area contains many schools, universities, educational institutions and institutes, and education services are available for all levels of education, from kindergarten to university.

In it you will find public and private schools such as: (Astek School – Ulugbai – Atalar School).

As for the universities, it includes one of the most important universities in Istanbul (Maltepe Private University), which includes all university levels from bachelor’s to diploma and master’s, and it has achieved an advanced rank at the local and international levels.

Nearby there are many important universities such as Marmara University.

Health institutions in Maltepe:

This region does not lack health centers or hospitals, as they are available, both governmental and private. Residents of the region receive comprehensive medical services.

Markets and malls in Maltepe:

Also, this area contains the most important markets and some malls that give life a great vitality and activity, among which we mention (Maltepe Park Mall) and (Retam Istanbul Mall).

It is worth mentioning that the infrastructure in this area is distinguished and strong, as we have seen, it has all the elements of an ideal life that everyone is looking for, and this prompted foreigners and investors from all over the world to search for real estate for sale there.

After all the information that we gave you about the Maltepe area, it turns out that it is no less important than any other area in this city. The developed infrastructure and the availability of service facilities, and construction companies have gone to build many luxury residential complexes that encourage you to buy an apartment in it.

Fully trust that we offer you the best region that provides you with offers with high end specifications and reasonable prices that you cannot find in any other area in Istanbul.

In this article, we provided you with the most important information related to the Maltepe district in Istanbul. If you liked it, contact us to provide you with the most high end real estate options that suit your goals and correspond to your financial budget. We are keen in Hana Real Estate to provide you with all the details that interest you.

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