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10 March، 2022

A comprehensive comparison between real estate investment in Turkey and the Gulf

After you have found a safe investment that guarantees you the preservation and development of your money, it remains for you to find the appropriate country for this that has the full ingredients in order to grow and record high profits.

Today in this article we will put you in front of two possibilities in order to build your profitable real estate investment in Turkey and the Arab Gulf states. We will provide you with many details related to both sides, and after you finish reading to the end, you will be able to make the right decision.


Here is a comprehensive comparison between real estate investment in Turkey and the Gulf:

Before deciding in which countries your real estate investment will be, you must know all the pros and cons that are related to them.

The real estate market in the Gulf countries Real estate market in Turkey
– At the outset, it must be noted that the real estate markets in the Arab Gulf states have witnessed many changes in real estate prices, sometimes with high prices and at other times with low prices, and this is what made the investor hesitate to invest his money in it.

– Opinions differ about real estate markets in the Arab Gulf, some say they are stable and others say they are changing.

– As for what prompted many investors to go to Turkey, because it is witnessing great economic growth.

– The real estate market in Turkey is the most attractive to foreign capital.

– It contains many and varied real estate options, most notably the luxurious and modern residential complexes that ensure that you live in a different and elegant atmosphere.

According to all the data, we can show that the real estate market in Turkey is a promising market par excellence, and add to your information that it can stand in the face of any crisis that has been modernized without being significantly affected, as is happening with some real estate markets around the world, and this is what it has proven during the health epidemic (Corona).

The Turkish government is working to take care of the infrastructure in particular, so it is keen to launch many important development projects that positively affect the real estate sector, and the most important of what it has provided:

– Istanbul new airport.

– The new Istanbul Canal.

– highways.

– Modern transportation lines.

– Tunnels + bridges.

– Developed medical cities.


The geographical location of the Turkish state and the Arab Gulf states:

Turkey is characterized by a unique geographical location in the middle of the world and overlooking the most important seas and bodies of water, and the city of Istanbul spans two continents at the same time (Asia and Europe) and the Bosphorus Strait separates the two sections, and this made it a destination for many people, students, workers, investors, tourists and many other groups.

Did you know that the investor in Turkey has an opportunity to link his business in the East and West, which enhances his chances of obtaining more profits.

As for the geographical location of the Arab Gulf states, it is not such a strategy. Despite that, many investors and businessmen choose to go to them.


Which is easier to buy real estate in Turkey or in the Arab Gulf countries?

The investor is always looking for a country that offers him more facilities and whose laws are more flexible. Although the Arab Gulf states have provided many facilities for foreigners on their land who want to buy real estate, they have not reached the facilities provided by the Turkish government as they are:

– It abolished the reciprocity law and everyone could buy real estate in Turkey with the exception of only five nationalities (Syria – Cyprus – Cuba – North Korea – Armenia).

– The procedures for buying real estate in Turkey are easy, and a foreigner can own a property in a short period of time.

– In Turkey, a foreigner can bequeath real estate to his children.

In the Arab Gulf states, there is a specific period that ends foreign ownership of the properties they have purchased, which usually ranges from 49 to 99 years.


Real estate prices between Turkey and the Arab Gulf countries:

Before deciding whether to invest your money in Turkey or in one of the Arab Gulf countries, you should take a good idea of ​​real estate prices in all places, which one offers you the most profits with the lowest costs?

Real estate prices in Turkey are known to be moderate and suitable for many people and also suit different tastes. In this regard, they have outperformed many European countries and the Arab Gulf countries, and this is one of the most motivating investors around the world to turn towards, as the appropriate prices met with high quality.

Did you know that in Turkey there are many distinguished real estate offers that are still under construction, and this is due to the great demand for buying real estate in it.


Where are the profits greater in Turkey or in the Gulf?

There we have come to the question that every investor asks. In the end, what matters to him are the profits and returns that he will obtain, so where are they greater?

In Turkey, the investor can get huge returns, as there are many ways to invest in real estate, and here are the most important details about this:

– Real estate can be rented to obtain abundant profits, especially in the tourist seasons, due to the increased demand for real estate in this period of the year.

– It is possible to take advantage of opportunities and buy real estate at reasonable or low prices and then wait for a period of time before reselling it again to take advantage of the price difference that results between the buying and selling stages.

– It is preferable to choose commercial real estate if you are looking for high profits.

– Residential apartments that are suitable for tourists are one of the important options for real estate investment.


Important tips about real estate investment, whether in Turkey or in the Gulf:

In both cases, you lack a lot of information, whether you choose the Gulf or Turkey, and therefore you need a real estate expert to accompany you and give you the necessary tips and important advice.

Before you make the decision to search for a property for sale, you should get the most important information about the real estate market that you intend to enter.

It is also important to determine your financial budget accurately and look for the costs that must be paid so as not to be surprised by things that were not calculated.

In this article, the editorial team at Hana Real Estate has prepared the most important information you need about real estate investment in Turkey and the Gulf, and now you can decide which of the two places is better (Turkey or the Gulf).

If you have chosen to invest in real estate in Turkey, contact us so that we can put the most important real estate opportunities in your hands and provide you with the necessary consultation.

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