The impact of tourism on the Turkish real estate sector 2022

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When we describe a country as a tourist, you should know that it is witnessing great development in various fields and at all levels, especially the economic sector, where it is a great supporter of it.

Did you know that tourism was an essential element in the success and superiority of real estate investment in Turkey, as it witnesses the arrival of millions of tourists and foreigners every year.

In the next article, we will present the issue of tourism and its impact on the real estate field in Turkey, and we will also indicate the methods that can be followed to obtain high and abundant profits in these seasons.

Reasons why Turkey is an important tourist destination:

Have you ever thought about taking a tourist trip in Turkey? This country is considered one of the most distinguished places in the world in the field of tourism, as it possesses all the elements of ideal tourism.

These are the most important destinations that tourists can visit in Turkey, which was a major reason for attracting them to it:

– Gardens, parks and forests.

– Mountain and coastal places.

– Hot springs, which are one of the elements of medical tourism.

– A suitable place for winter tourism.

Did you know that one of the most important advantages of tourism in Turkey is that its costs are very appropriate, unlike the costs that you need to pay in the European Union countries.

It should be noted here that there are no specific seasons for tourism in Turkey. You can find tourists coming to it throughout the year and even in the winter, but the real overcrowding of tourists is in the summer season because it is the time of vacations and holidays.

A close relationship between tourism and real estate in Turkey:

1 – The real estate sector and its success depends largely on tourism, as the number of people looking for real estate for sale or rent increases.

2 – The increase in the number of tourists in a country automatically indicates an increase in the number of real estate sales.

3 – It is expected that the Turkish state will witness in the coming period busy tourist seasons with all the facilities provided by the Turkish government.

4 – Also, the facilities provided by Turkey in the field of buying real estate greatly contributed to the decision of tourists to buy real estate in this country, where they can stay during their stay in Turkey and benefit from renting it in the rest of the seasons.

Learn about tourist properties in Turkey:

If you want to obtain abundant profits through real estate investment in Turkey, you should choose properties that are classified as tourism, as this guarantees you great profits in a short period, and below we review the types of these properties in detail:

1 – Tourist villas:

Many tourists prefer to stay in villas during their stay in Turkey so that they get a large space of privacy, independence and comfort.

The villas are suitable for large families or tourist groups, and according to the reports presented on this subject, the demand for villas in some Turkish states during the last tourism season was very large, such as Antalya.

2 – Hotel apartments:

As for this type of real estate, it provides the tourist with a luxurious and distinguished accommodation, but the prices are very high, so it is the preserve of the wealthy, businessmen and VIPs.

3 – Tourist apartments:

What is meant by this type of apartments that are close to tourist places or that are located in tourist areas, and if you want to buy an apartment in order to rent it to tourists, be sure to choose distinctive specifications such as overlooking the sea or the green spaces.

These apartments provide you with very high returns because they are filled with tenants throughout the year.

4 – Hotels:

You can invest your money in hotels, as they are the first thing that a tourist usually chooses, which assures you of the importance of this type of real estate is the continuous increase in the number of foreigners and tourists in Turkey.

This is not only the real estate that is considered tourist, as the malls and shops that are located in the tourist areas, restaurants and cafes are all places frequented by tourists.

The most important tips to get abundant profits in the tourism seasons:

– Make sure that your property is close to historical or natural landmarks.

– You must keep it up-to-date by constantly making adjustments to it and fixing any defects in it.

– It should be close to service facilities such as markets, malls and transportation networks.

– It is preferable to have a distinctive view of the sea or green places such as forests or parks.

– Furnished apartments are the most in demand, it must provide everything a tourist might need.

Which Turkish cities are best for investing in tourist real estate?

What judges the success of your real estate investment is the city in which you choose to buy a property, so we will mention to you the most important states that guarantee you success and excellence due to the influx of large numbers of tourists to it.

1 – Istanbul:

This city occupies the forefront among the most important tourist cities not only in Turkey but also in the world because it contains many important tourist, historical and natural attractions such as: (museums – mosques – parks – forests – palaces – churches – temples).

2 – Trabzon:

It is one of the most charming cities in Turkey and has earned the title of Bride of the Black Sea for its vast green spaces and important archaeological landmarks. It is the perfect place for a great vacation.

Many real estate investors in the world choose to buy real estate in it because it guarantees them a profitable and distinctive investment.

3 – Antalya:

As for this state, it witnesses busy tourist seasons, which many Russians, Germans and Arabs accept, and it is crowded with tourists throughout the year due to its beauty and the charm of its nature, beaches and mountains.

Also, Bursa, Bodrum and Izmir are all important tourist states that host many tourists of different nationalities every year, as it includes many distinctive landmarks.

In this context, it is important to point out that Turkey is the real safe haven for abundant profits, especially as it is planned that the number of tourists will increase during 2023 and reach more than 75 million. Keep in mind that in light of all the development that Turkey is witnessing in all its fields, real estate investment is the best project ever.

Do not look for your investment opportunity far away. You can contact us to provide you with many options, many details, and provide you with the most important tips and advice that will help you achieve the results you dream of obtaining.

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