Advantages of real estate investment in Sariyer Istanbul

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Real estate investment in Sariyer Istanbul is one of the most important options for investing money, as it is one of the most important areas of the city at all and is located on the European side, which gave it more importance. It is distinguished as one of the largest neighborhoods in terms of its real estate prices, which are rather high.

In this article, we discuss the most important details related to this area, and we will highlight its most prominent advantages, especially real estate investment. After you are done reading, you will be able to decide whether it is suitable for you or not?

We wish you a useful reading.

The importance of real estate investment in Sariyer Istanbul:

– What supports your decision to invest in real estate in Sariyer is that it ranks third among the most luxurious and prestigious areas of the city.

– Sariyer is one of the safest areas of the city from earthquakes and natural disasters, as its buildings are designed according to the highest international quality standards.

– Did you know that Sariyer is a safe haven for celebrities, stars and artists?

– This area includes many luxury real estate and high-rise buildings.

– It contains the most important historical Ottoman palaces that attract tourists from everywhere.

– This area has a wonderful view of the Bosphorus.

– It is a luxury yacht marina.

Advantages of buying an apartment in Sariyer:

If you want to buy an apartment in this area, you must know the advantages that you will get from this matter, so we chose to present you with the most important details as follows:

– This area includes a lot of service and recreational facilities such as schools, universities and hospitals.

– We have already mentioned that it has many important tourist places.

– It contains commercial centers and malls.

– It is one of the most important areas for housing and stability because it is characterized by calmness and sophistication.

Did you know that the more vital and service facilities increase in a region, the more suitable it is for real estate investment, housing and residence, because its abundance means that it will witness a great foreign turnout because it represents the basic necessities of life.

Transportation in Sariyer:

Certainly, you know that the availability of transportation lines has a large and important role in raising the investment value of the area. Transportation is widely available in Sariyer, which made it possible to move from one place to another easily without having to spend time, effort and fatigue.

Sariyer is located near Yavuz Sultan Selim Bridge and Fatih Sultan Mehmet Bridge, and the most popular means of transportation are sea ferries. Do not forget that Sariyer is located near the new Istanbul Airport and is only 40 minutes away from it.

Important information about Sariyer Istanbul:

When you know the information that we will provide immediately, your desire to invest in real estate in Sariyer will increase more, so we made sure to provide you with it:

– The location of this area is exceptional in the European part of the city.

– Great view of the Bosphorus bridge and strait.

– It includes large areas of the famous Belgrade forest.

– It extends over an area of ​​161 square kilometers.

– The population of the region is 300,000 people.

– It is a tourist center for many people around the world.

– Mountains surround the area from everywhere.

– Near it there is the Sisli area – Eyup Sultan – Besiktas.

The most important neighborhoods of Sariyer district:

– KumKoy.

– Gazibeci.

– ZekeriyaKoy.

– Resid Pasha.

– YeniKoy.

– Istinye.

– BahceKoy.

– Buyukdere.

The most famous tourist attractions in Sariyer Istanbul:

If you want to take a tourist trip to a special place, you only have to choose Sariyer, where all the important historical and natural landmarks meet, and it has prompted tourists to visit it from everywhere, and the following are the most important ones:

1 – Emirgan Park:

– This park is considered one of the most beautiful and finest parks in Istanbul.

– In the past, it was the destination chosen by the sultans of the Ottoman Empire.

– It contains a lot of different types of flowers, which numbered 120 species.

– It is famous for its tulips, which are available in different colors.

– It also includes many rare and distinctive tree species such as pine and eucalyptus.

2 – Istinye Park Mall:

This is one of the most important malls in the city. It includes many shops and various goods that meet the needs of the residents, as well as many restaurants and cafes – contains a gym – a high end theater – cinemas – more than three hundred shops.

3 – Belgrade Forest:

This forest is one of the most famous and most beautiful natural places in Istanbul, visited by many tourists and locals, where the visitor can practice many different activities such as walking, riding a bike or enjoying the various aspects of nature, and also contains many small lakes.

4 – Rumeli Fortress:

In this region there is one of the most important castles of the Ottoman Empire at all, and it gained a lot of fame because of its wonderful view of the Bosphorus. This castle was known to have been built in just four months.

Rumeli Fortress is distinguished by its high towers and many tourists come to see it in reality. It is an archaeological edifice that witnessed an important historical period, which is the conquest of Constantinople.

In the context of talking about the Sariyer area and the importance of real estate investment in it, it must be noted that the real estate character that dominates it is the high-end residential complexes.

Some may think that it is not possible for people with low budgets to buy real estate in Sariyer or start a real estate investment in it, but the truth is otherwise, as real estate is available to everyone and suits different financial situations, those who cannot pay the price of the property in one go can go to the properties under construction, where they can pay the value of the property for parts and stages.

There are many projects that are still under construction in this area that provide you with reasonable and acceptable prices and international high-end specifications.

If you dream of living in a luxurious area in Istanbul, you can now realize your dreams. Just contact us to offer you the most important real estate and investment opportunities that guarantee you a high and abundant profit.

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