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Turkey has provided a lot of facilities for those who wish to obtain Turkish citizenship, and after it has recognized the possibility of obtaining it by buying real estate, foreigners have not been late in seeking to search for real estate that matches the stipulated conditions.

Foreigners were encouraged after the Turkish government reduced the amount from one million US dollars to two hundred and fifty thousand dollars only. If you would like to know more details about this topic, you can read the following article, in which we will provide the most important information related to this nationality.

250 thousand dollars will enable you to obtain Turkish citizenship:

– The price of the property must be two hundred and fifty thousand US dollars or more.

– You must pledge not to sell it before the lapse of three years from the date of its purchase.

– The property must not be located in a security or military area.

– The foreigner must make sure that he does not hold one of the nationalities that are prohibited from buying real estate in Turkey.

– The price of the property must be transferred through a Turkish bank to the seller or the construction company, and then obtain receipts for that.

What are the conditions for obtaining Turkish citizenship?

It cannot be overlooked that obtaining Turkish citizenship has become available to everyone, but this does not negate the absence of specific conditions that the applicant must meet, which are as follows:

– The applicant must be over the legal age (age 18).

– He must be of full mental capacity.

– It is important that he has the ability to speak Turkish.

– He must have a stable source of income that suffices him and his family.

– He should not be carrying any communicable disease in order to maintain public health.

– It is important that he not have a judicial record in order to maintain public security.

– He must have resided in Turkey for five consecutive years without interruption. He can leave Turkey for no more than six months in exceptional circumstances such as studying.

What is the importance of obtaining citizenship through real estate?

Surely you know that Turkish citizenship can be obtained through several methods, including investment, bank deposit and marriage to a Turkish citizen, but real estate is the most distinguished and fastest way.

Some, especially investors, may think that by buying a property to obtain this citizenship, his money will be frozen for three years without being able to dispose of it, and this leads to his loss but why not look at the matter from the other side, where the property can be invested in several ways, the most prominent of which is renting it to get a monthly return or resell it after the passage of three years and take advantage of the price increase that will result, the prices of real estate in Turkey are constantly increasing.

Also, real estate prices in Turkey are moderate. A high quality property with unique specifications and many advantages can be purchased for 250 thousand dollars, while you cannot get a similar one in one of the countries of Europe.

It is worth mentioning that the foreigner is not bound to buy a single property at this price, rather he can own more than one property, but the total of their price must not be less than what is mentioned.

Did you know that it is very easy to own real estate in Turkey, as the Turkish government has eased the required procedures, reduced property taxes, and imposed on them obtaining a real estate appraisal document report that guarantees their rights and keeps them from falling into real estate fraud.

What are the advantages of Turkish citizenship?

Due to the characteristics of Turkish citizenship, it has become one of the most important nationalities in the world. This is one of its most prominent advantages:

1 – Did you know that Turkish citizenship is granted to all family members under specific conditions, which are:

– That the children be under the age of 18. In the event that one of the children has special needs, he will receive it after the lapse of three years, and it will not be considered if he is above the legal age.

– The owner of the property must not be married to more than one wife.

2 – Turkish citizenship allows its holder to have dual citizenship and not to give up his first citizenship.

3 – He can benefit from all the rights that a Turkish citizen benefits from, the most important of which are:

– Participate in elections, vote and run for important jobs.

– Take advantage of the retirement program.

– Benefit from medical and educational services in government and private institutions.

– Professions that a foreigner is prohibited from practicing, such as pharmacy, law and veterinary medicine, can be practiced.

– Obtaining the Turkish passport, which provides him with a lot of facilities in travel and transportation to the countries of the world:

– He can enter more than seventy countries around the world without a visa.

– Forty countries in the world granted the holder of Turkish citizenship an automatic visa upon arrival.

– Eight countries in the world granted the visa to the holder of this nationality via the Internet.

Important information when obtaining Turkish citizenship:

Obtaining Turkish citizenship means that you have become a citizen of the Turkish state, which means you must understand the nature of this society and take into account many aspects and you should know that it is very easy to integrate with Turkish society and also the Turkish language can be learned easily.

Life in Turkey is completely safe and stable, which prompted many Arabs specifically to obtain citizenship in light of the fluctuating conditions and circumstances in their country on both the political and economic levels.

Turkish citizenship is no longer restricted to anyone. You can contact us to help you choose the right property that complies with the conditions of obtaining Turkish citizenship, bearing in mind that your property with us will not only grant you this citizenship, but will also provide you with a successful real estate investment.

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