How to get the best homes for sale in Istanbul

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It is apparent to us and to everyone that Turkey in general and Istanbul in particular was able, in a short period of time, to prove to the whole world that it is one of the first countries in the world in the field of real estate investment, with the great opportunities it provides for all investors from all countries of the world in investing their money and making huge profits from it. , and facilitating ways to obtain real estate, so it was necessary to explain in detail the question that increased requests to answer, how to get the best homes for sale in Istanbul???, so we decided to answer it in the following lines, so stay with us.

How to get real estate for sale in Istanbul

During the previous periods, the real estate sector inside Turkey was able to achieve many huge successes, it also presented many great developments, in order to advance the Turkish economy, in addition to advancing the wheel of progress in the country, which made the attention of all investors and those wishing to obtain real estate from Arabs, foreigners and Turks themselves, to the idea of ​​owning and buying a property within the state of Turkey, and there is no doubt that this process includes many procedures that must be taken, so we decided to collect for you in these following paragraphs the steps through which you can get the best homes for sale in Istanbul.

Steps to get homes for sale in Istanbul:

There are several steps based on choosing the best homes that achieve a huge return on investment, or achieve certain goals for those wishing to own real estate in Turkey, especially Istanbul.

Take a tour to learn about the property’s features and location:

In the beginning, if you want to buy houses for sale in Istanbul, you must carefully choose the location of this property, in order to make sure for yourself of the quality of this property or the building in which the property you want to buy is located, as well as the quality of the building materials that have been built. Also, the person wishing to purchase real estate must ensure that all specifications that have been agreed upon between both parties to the contract (the owner and the buyer) are met, in order to guarantee his full rights, or to seek the assistance of a specialized real estate company,

In order to take him on a periodic field tour of the properties available for sale in Istanbul.

Dealing with a trusted real estate company:

As we have previously mentioned that one of the most important and best steps that must be followed is to choose one of the real estate companies known for its elegance and professional honesty. 

And providing them with many real estate services, from the moment of arriving in Turkey, until the property is purchased, and then registered in the name of the buyer.

The reason for hiring real estate companies:

 Using real estate companies when owning real estate in Turkey is not a waste of time, because these companies can save you a lot of effort and time.

It displays all the options of apartments and real estate that suit the desires of investors, and through it you can get answers to all your real estate advice by the best real estate specialists and experts in Turkey.

In addition to the huge numbers of lawyers who work day and night to follow up all legal procedures related to the real estate, and preserve your rights and secure your money so that you are not exposed to embezzlement or deception.

Property tax number:

The real estate tax number must be obtained, and this is a very important matter, as it is not valid to purchase a property without obtaining this tax number, provided that this is done through the Real Estate Department, and this number is given to every person who does not have Turkish citizenship, this is in order to facilitate all government procedures, and without this number the buyer cannot own real estate or apply for Turkish citizenship.

Bank account

It is also necessary for the buyer to open a bank account in a Turkish bank in order to transfer all the funds required to purchase the property from the buyer’s home country, where it is required that the value of the property be paid through a Turkish bank.

 Terms of signing the purchase contract

After completing all the above-mentioned steps, comes the important step, which is the signing of the purchase contract between both parties to the contract (the buyer and the real estate company), and this contract must be drawn up in both Turkish and the language of the buyer, after which a down payment must be paid, the value of which is from 5% to 10%, of the total value of the property, to the real estate company, as a deposit to reserve the property in order for the title deed to be issued by the Title Deed Authority

Documents required to obtain a property title deed

A copy of the buyer’s passport must be available, with the need to translate it, and it is necessary that it be certified by a notary public.

Bring two personal photos, and a copy of the project building permit.

Bring a copy of the original title deed to the property before it is transferred to the buyer.

Paying the property tax

Both the seller and the buyer must pay the tax imposed on the property, which amounts to 4% of the total value of the property that has been purchased, and is paid in equal parts, that is, 2% on the seller and 2% on the buyer, and it is paid only once and is not Periodically, there are also several costs required in order to pay the tax, which are as follows:

The passport related to the buyer must be translated, and the fees for obtaining the new title deed must be paid, and the fees related to submitting a request to transfer the ownership of the property to the new owner must also be paid, in addition to the amount payable annually, which is called municipal fees, and it can be worth 0.0003% of the total value of the property.


Advantages of buying real estate in Istanbul

One of the most important advantages that a property buyer in Istanbul obtains is obtaining Turkish citizenship and also a Turkish passport, provided that he buys a property worth 400,000 US dollars, or the equivalent value in Turkish lira, with the need not to sell it for a period of three years.

The decline in real estate prices in Istanbul is also a good feature. Despite the development that Istanbul has witnessed, real estate prices are still lower than other properties in European countries.

Living life in Istanbul is also characterized by cheapness, and this does not apply to real estate only, but these licenses include all aspects of life, from the availability of transportation, products and services, which you can get for a small amount of money, and this is what attracts many people, for stability in Turkey.

The best offers of homes for sale in Istanbul We are keen to present it to you at Hana Real Estate constantly in accordance with your goals, desires and financial budgets. You can contact our consultants to get the best and most important opportunities ever.

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