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There are many advantages to using real estate in Turkey, foremost among which is obtaining citizenship, as well as obtaining a Turkish passport with its many advantages, as well as investing money and making profits, as well as completing studies in international universities in Turkey, in addition to tourism and visiting archaeological sites and historical palaces. , or staying in one of the cities of Turkey, and then enjoying the wonderful atmosphere and suitable climate, beautiful landscapes, low costs of living, advanced infrastructure, and many other advantages that everyone who owns a property in Turkey gets.

What do you use the property for in Turkey?

The uses of real estate in Turkey are varied, after buying a property in Turkey during the recent period has become one of the best forms of investment in the country of Turkey, as the real estate market has become famous beyond its borders to reach all parts of the world, this is due to the advantages offered by Turkey’s real estate that open up horizons for foreign and Arab investors who own real estate in Turkey.

 One of the most important features of it is the diversity that Turkey’s real estate enjoys, and we can say that this diversity applies to all aspects that include real estate, starting with its prices that can provide the greatest variety of opportunities to own real estate, whatever your budget.

Thus, it was able to open a wide field for all investors from all over the world, with their different levels and classes.

This huge diversity of real estate in Turkey also includes the different forms of these real estate, as it varies between residential and commercial real estate, and varies between cheap and luxury real estate, and thus it was able to include all what the investor is looking for in the Turkish real estate market.

One of the most prominent forms of this real estate diversity is the uses that can be used when buying a property in Turkey, as there are many investors, and each of them has his own goal, and several different aspirations he seeks to achieve, by purchasing these properties.

The reason for the huge demand and customers for real estate in Turkey is also due to the fact that these properties are able to benefit the largest number of investors.


The purpose of buying a property in Turkey

We cannot deny the fact that the most important goals that attract foreign and Arab investors alike are profits, and the possibility of achieving investment returns, as the most important goal of buying these properties is to enter the real estate investment sector in various regions and cities of Turkey.

 In addition to the various investment opportunities Turkey can achieve, it can greatly contribute to attracting a huge number of foreign investors year after year.

Where these properties in Turkey can be allocated for investment in all its forms, in the case of buying a commercial property for investment, and through it the investor can determine the form and type of investment that suits him, that he desires, or has already developed a plan for its implementation, By opening an office, project, commercial company, shop, hotel, or even a city of games, and more, which indicates that there are multiple and diverse options, and always open to investors.


Use of the property for housing or settlement

The use of real estate for housing is one of the most prominent and important goals that we reap from buying real estate in Turkey, in addition to the desire of foreign investors to obtain citizenship through investment, in order to be able to reside in Turkey and permanently settle in one of its cities, this is because Turkey’s real estate enjoys all the international specifications and details that are of high quality.

Where it has the ability to provide a luxurious life and absolute luxury, starting with the distinguished architectural designs, which were built according to the best trends of modern forms, in addition to using the finest types of building materials.

As well as the huge attention that is employed in the external and internal cladding processes when building the property.

Also, the distinguished geographical location enjoyed by various real estate in Turkey, as well as its ability to provide distinctive and diverse views of the charming sea views of the Mediterranean Sea, the Black Sea, the Marmara Sea, the Aegean Sea, and many other bodies of water and seas scattered throughout Turkey.

In addition to the green spaces and nature parks with their various terrains of mountains, plains, rivers, and many other tourist attractions with their scenic views.

What is the reason for buying a property in Turkey?

Turkey has been able to achieve many successive successes in the various fields between tourism and investment, and it has also reached the seventh place in the world in the field of tourism.

It also contributes to the largest mega projects for the year 2023, which led to a very large increase in real estate prices, especially in Istanbul, which contains the largest airports in the world, and many other projects.

In addition to the great diversity of real estate options that the construction sector is witnessing in Turkey, in order to create features that, in turn, raise the level of comfort and luxury for residents.

Why choose to invest in Turkey?

As we mentioned earlier, what distinguishes Turkey most is its strategic location, as it is located between the Asian and European continents.

In addition to the facilities and legislation enacted by the Turkish government for investors, which play a major role in stimulating investment within Turkey.

As well as the advanced infrastructure in all fields, especially in the areas of transportation and communications.

What are the types of apartments in Turkey?

There are different types of apartments in Turkey, each of them differs in terms of shape and area, and this is what we will learn about in the following paragraphs.


It is an apartment on the upper floors of a building or group of buildings. The penthouse is distinguished from others by luxurious features.

It is located in the heart of cities and capitals, and has distinctive views of parts of the city through glass walls, has a private elevator, and a swimming pool.

Duplex apartments

It is a two-storey apartment, characterized by wide options and spaces that make it more like villas.

Triplex Apartments

It consists of a unit of three floors, and it is an apartment spread over 3 floors, one of the floors can be used as an office or a gym.

studio apartments

It consists of a single room and a bathroom, the place was divided for several uses, such as a kitchen area, a living room and a place for distributing furniture in ways that suit the space.

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