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Istanbul is one of the most important cities and states of Turkey, which is famous for its unparalleled economic renaissance locally and globally!

Real estate investors come from various states of Turkey and from all Arab, foreign and European countries in order to buy real estate and apartments for sale in Istanbul within the different regions and neighborhoods.

Real estate and residential and independent projects attract investors, tourists and residents from all over the world in particular due to the combination of all the ingredients and factors that encourage investments and secure a high standard of living for residents and investors!

We will mention in the following words offers and options for cheap apartments for sale in Istanbul Turkey from the Asian and European sides… These apartments have high-end advantages despite their competitive and relatively low price values!

Learn about the location of Istanbul, Turkey

Regardless of the neighborhoods and borders, you should know that Istanbul is known as the city of the two continents, as it extends over the two continents of Asia and Europe together, and the famous Bosphorus Strait separates between its two parts, the Asian and European, which is known as one of the most important global trade routes since ancient times and one of the most prominent natural tourist attractions in Turkey and the world.

This wide and rich extension gives Istanbul residential real estate a lot of real estate diversity. Within Istanbul there are real estate and apartments at various prices that suit all residential and investment classes and segments.

The importance of cheap apartments for sale in Istanbul Turkey

There are offers of cheap apartments for sale in Istanbul within most of the regions and cities of Turkey, and we will discuss in detail the most important areas that include offers of apartments for sale in Istanbul at cheap prices…

Apartment offers at cheap prices target investors with relatively modest capital and residents who want to settle in Istanbul Turkey!

Where can you find cheap apartments for sale in Istanbul Turkey?

There are many areas that include cheap apartments for sale in Istanbul Turkey, especially on the Asian side of Istanbul….

The Asian side of Istanbul Turkey is characterized by the great and clear price competition for the real estate of the European side and its equivalent in specifications and ingredients, and the reason for this is due to the following factors:

-The apartments offered for sale that lie in the Asian side of Istanbul are being far from the civil and shopping centres of the city.

– The locations of these apartments are far from crowding , and the modern transportation!

-The lack of general development in the Asian regions of Istanbul compared to the European side of Istanbul, where Asian Istanbul is characterized by a relatively calm natural atmosphere, far from noise, abundant gardens, virgin nature and pure ambiance….

All these factors make Istanbul Asian real estate, especially apartments for sale in  Istanbul, competitive and cheap!

In general, all Istanbul properties, including apartments for sale in Istanbul within both the Asian and European sides, are characterized by competitive and cheap prices compared to the prices of similar properties and apartments in Europe for example, this explains the increasing number of investors towards them!

Here are the most important areas in Istanbul, the Asian side, that you can choose in order to buy or invest cheap apartments for sale in Istanbul, Turkey

There are several important and suitable areas in order to buy cheap apartments for sale in Istanbul within the Asian part, and the most prominent of these areas are Kadikoy, Uskudar, Kartal, Bandik, Sultanbeyli, Sile, Princes Islands, Maltepe and a number of other areas..

Kadikoy district in Asian Istanbul

Kadikoy is located between Uskudar, Atasehir and Maltepe, and is close to the unique Bosphorus Bridge in its location.

Kadikoy is classified as an attractive and very famous tourist area within Istanbul, the Asian side. Therefore, tourists come to visit it from all sides, especially as it  has a distinctive geographical location and a wide green space, among which there are many gardens, farms, and so on..

Kadikoy region is also distinguished by its ancient history and the presence of many historical and ancient tourist places, including museums, mosques, churches, and … especially since many ancient civilizations and ancient peoples made Kadikoy their home!

Within Kadikoy you can find a lot of real estate and offers cheap apartments for sale in Istanbul that suit your desires and aspirations!

Maltepe district in Istanbul, the Asian side

Maltebe is one of the most prominent areas of relatively modern Asian Istanbul compared to its other areas. The Maltepe Istanbul area overlooks the coasts of Marmara and the beautiful Princess Islands, which gives Maltepe real estate and various apartments a wonderful view of beauty at a competitive price!

Maltepe is characterized by its very distinguished strategic location and suitable for housing, stability and real estate investment in Istanbul, where Maltepe is only 26 km from Sabiha Airport and close to the center of Istanbul Taksim, where it is only 30 minutes away by car!

Maltepe is an ideal place filled with offers of apartments for sale, especially cheap apartments for sale in Istanbul!

Uskudar tourist area in Istanbul Asian side

The Uskudar area is characterized by a unique strategic location, where the area is surrounded by hills and plateaus and overlooks a landscape directly open to the sea!

The urban area and the Kadikoy area surround the Uskudar region within the Asian Istanbul, which increases the vitality of its location

The coasts of Uskudar are characterized by the presence of many large and diverse investment spaces that attract investors and residents from all parts of the world… We add to these advantages the availability of real estate diversity, which guarantees the presence of cheap apartments for sale in Istanbul and the pleasant and suitable climate for investment, housing and stability!

Kartal district in Istanbul, the Asian side

Kartal extends on the shores of the Marmara Sea between the regions of Maltepe and Pendik within Istanbul, the Asian side…

Real estate and apartment offers for sale in Kartal Istanbul are gaining importance due to this strategic location and attracting hundreds and thousands of investors who want to buy real estate in Turkey and live and settle in Istanbul, the Asian side…

These are the most prominent and most important areas of Istanbul, the Asian side, that may contain offers of cheap apartments for sale in Istanbul…

There are many places in the European section of Istanbul, which in turn is full of cheap apartments, and one of the most prominent and important of these areas is the offers of apartments for sale in Esenyurt Istanbul!

There are also cheap offers in Beylikduzu and others….

Real estate companies in Istanbul are the ideal place for anyone who wants to search for cheap apartments for sale in Istanbul, Turkey

Our real estate company offers its clients and all investors wishing to buy real estate in Turkey a lot of services and provides them with the latest new real estate offers that Arab and foreign investors are looking for who want to establish their real estate projects in Turkey by buying and investing apartments for sale in Turkey or villas for sale in Turkey or lands

Our leading real estate company in the real estate sector helps you with the issue of preparing papers and real estate transactions and extracting the official documents required for owning real estate or transferring its ownership or obtaining residence in Turkey with its various types of tourism or real estate and securing real estate offers and real estate that is appropriate to buy from the term to obtain a Turkish citizenship  through real estate investment in Turkey and within a  short period of time.

Our humble team is distinguished by its rich and long experience in the real estate investment sector in Turkey and its rich network of relations with all real estate agencies inside and outside Turkey, with embassies, tourist facilities and official institutions, which makes the issue of real estate investment in Turkey and buying real estate easy and Simple and fast!

Do not hesitate to visit our real estate company headquarters or its official website and request various general and legal real estate consultations at any time you want.

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Cheap apartments for sale in Istanbul

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