Turkish citizenship and its importance for each investor

جدول المحتويات

Are you curious to know about Turkish citizenship?

This nationality has become a hot topic among those interested in searching for the advantages of strong nationalities, especially investors, businessmen and capital owners In order to give you accurate and adequate answers to all the questions that revolve in your minds, the editorial team at Hana Real Estate has chosen to present you with a detailed report on them.
If our topic interests you, follow these lines with us.

Why is Turkish citizenship a dream for every investor?

Are you interested in knowing the reasons that drive investors around the world to obtain Turkish citizenship? And why this one over the other nationalities?
Through the following paragraphs, we will present to you the most important advantages that will be enjoyed by investors in Turkey when they obtain Turkish citizenship.

1 – He will get many facilities:

– All transactions can be accomplished with easy procedures and without taking a lot of time, effort and fatigue.
– It can be obtained for two hundred and fifty thousand US dollars instead of the million dollars it was previously.
– Despite the many ways to obtain this citizenship, Buying real estate in Turkey is one of the best ways ever.
– The property must be kept for three years.
– During these years, you can benefit from the property by renting it out to get a rewarding monthly return.
– After the three years have passed, the property can be resold to take advantage of the profit that will result between the buying and selling stages.

2 – Charming nature and luxurious life:

– The investor in Turkey gets a life of luxury and comfort.
– It includes many wonderful nature landmarks that are distributed in its various cities.
– There are many places to visit to have a wonderful and special time.
– All aspects of high life will be available to you.

3 – Sedentary life:

– Turkey is witnessing stable political and economic conditions that have a positive impact on various sectors of life.
– The Turkish economy has managed to surpass the world’s most important economies, and it is expected that in the coming years it will be in the first places in the world.
– Turkey has close relations with the most important countries in the world at the political level.
– The most advanced educational services that Turkish citizens can get can be obtained.
– You will also live in a safe environment where all the means of protection that many countries in the world lack.
– You will receive medical care in the best centers and hospitals at affordable or free prices.
– The cost of living in Turkey is low compared to other European countries.

4 – Advantages of the Turkish passport:

– Among the important advantages that the investor will get when obtaining Turkish citizenship is the Turkish passport.
– It is considered among the most important passports in the world and ranked among the first 20 passports.
– Its holder can enter more than 77 countries around the world without a visa requirement.
– Also, there are about 44 countries that granted the holder of this passport an automatic visa upon arrival.
– Nearly eight countries have granted Turkish citizens electronic visas.

5 – Obtaining the rights of a Turkish citizen:

– You can vote and run for distinguished jobs.
– You can get all the jobs that a foreigner is prohibited from practicing, such as pharmacy – law – veterinary medicine.
– Buy real estate easily without waiting for the security approval.

6 – All family members get it:

– One of the advantages offered by this citizenship is that it is granted to all family members.
– If the investor is married to two women, only one can obtain it.
– Only children under the age of eighteen can get it.
– Children can get it if they have special needs, even if they are over the legal age.

What conditions must an investor have to obtain citizenship?

Despite the ease of obtaining this citizenship, there are some conditions and laws that must be met by the investor, and this is what the Turkish Constitution stipulates:
– He must be over eighteen (i.e. the legal age).
– It is important for him to be in his right mind.
– He must be fluent in Turkish enough to be able to interact with Turkish society.
– He must not carry any contagious or dangerous disease in order to maintain public safety.
– It will be ensured that he does not have a criminal record in order to maintain public security in Turkey.
– The foreigner must have a stable and sufficient source of income for himself and his family.
– He must reside in Turkey for five consecutive years.

Other ways to obtain Turkish citizenship:

1 – This citizenship can be obtained when starting a commercial investment in Turkey (the amount must not be less than five hundred thousand US dollars).
2 – You can get it by marrying a citizen of the Turkish state, but the date of the marriage must pass three years before you apply for it (the marriage must be real and not for the sake of obtaining it).
3 – In the event that a Turkish family adopts a foreign citizen who is under the legal age, but he must not be a source of threat to public security in Turkey.
4 – When proving Turkish origins and affiliation by submitting all papers and documents that confirm this.
5 – Citizenship is granted as an exception to some people (in the event that a foreigner submits a scientific or technical achievement to Turkey or establishes a business that contributed to the support and development of the Turkish economy).
Based on all the information we provided in this article about Turkish citizenship, it was important for all investors and capital owners. If you have any questions, do not hesitate to contact us. Our real estate consultant is always waiting for you.

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