Advantages of real estate investment in Esenler Istanbul

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Real estate investment in Turkey has become one of the most successful and sought after investment projects by investors. The investor who uses his money in order to achieve profits in the short or long term and increase his financial wealth, is always striving for the right direction and choosing the most successful projects, and the Turkish real estate market has become a destination for many investors, especially the Istanbul real estate market because of its advantages that attract and fulfill the desires of most local and foreign investors.

Real estate investment in Istanbul:

What distinguishes the Turkish real estate market most is that it is a competitive and strong market and is considered one of the huge global markets. It is classified as the second most active real estate market in the world and the city of Istanbul occupies an important piece in this market. Real estate investment in Istanbul provides investors with many advantages and opportunities to make a profit and build various real estate investment projects In this city, Istanbul is the Turkish economic capital, and it is one of the huge Turkish cities that receive government attention by providing modern services such as public and recreational facilities, transportation, and everything that would encourage the tourism sector and activate the real estate market and investment in it, it is the tourist interface that most Arab and foreign tourists go to because of the tourist areas it contains. And archaeological landmarks, a mild climate, and modernity in urban developments and designs.

The most prominent feature of the real estate market in Istanbul is the huge diversity of available properties that meet most of the desires and requests of investors, including villas, modern apartments, and others. Istanbul has been divided into many regions, so we find the European section, which owns luxury and modern apartments with innovative designs similar to European homes, as well as its Asian section, which owns real estate, luxury apartments and modern complexes.

Esenler Istanbul

It is one of the areas located on the European side of the Turkish city of Istanbul, as it is characterized by a great strategic value according to its location in the center of the European section of Istanbul, as it is about 5 km from the city center, It is located in the northwestern part of Istanbul, where it is bordered by Zeytinburnu district in the southeast, and it is bordered by Bagcilar to the west, while to the south and Gungoran, while it is bordered by Gazi Osman Pasha to the north. This special location of this city makes it located on the pivotal line of transportation in Istanbul, which makes you move easily and arrive in short times to other sections of Istanbul such as the Asian section or reach its suburbs.

Esenler is considered one of the most densely populated areas in Istanbul, as it is considered one of the areas that receive government interests in the service sector. It has a variety of service packages to meet the needs of residents from special means of transportation (metro), public parks, parking lots, playgrounds, public and private schools, hospitals and medical points, mosques, and many private and public investment projects,

This would encourage the investor to make his decision to invest in real estate in order to obtain high and abundant profits.

Esenler Tourist Istanbul

The Turkish state of Istanbul is the preferred tourism destination for most of the world’s population because of its tourist centers and areas. The city of Esenler in the state of Istanbul is famous for the presence of many tourist sites. Many local residents or those coming from outside the country would like to visit, where the Sultan Dawood Pasha Bakery is located. It is a historical bakery that is one of the historical buildings built by Sultan Abdul Hamid. And it met the needs of bread for each of the military barracks, and the surrounding area for many years.” It also contains the Sultan’s Palace, Daoud Pasha’s barracks and many historical archaeological areas of the Ottoman Empire.

It also has many shopping centers and malls that include hundreds of shops, making it a destination for many tourists from all over the world. Especially in order to shop for Turkish fabrics and clothes that are famous in the world, the markets of the Esenler region contain the most famous local and international brands, which meet the needs of the residents in this region. And those coming from abroad to visit the city and shopping, and the most important of these centers are Soylu Mall, Istanbul Center, Amin Center, Yagislar Mall.

These tourist features that this region enjoys enhance the idea of ​​real estate investment and have worked to attract foreign investors and businessmen.

Real estate investment in Esenler Istanbul:

If you want to get an apartment, or investment.

– Or you would like to live and stay in Istanbul.

– Or if you are looking for the right place and want to get most of the government services.

– Or you want an area with the most important shopping centers in Istanbul.

– Or you want to own your own dream house.

– Or your dream was to have a house with contemporary and modern urban designs similar to European homes and homes in terms of advanced technologies.

– Or obtaining contemporary decorations and finishes, and that the building materials conform to international specifications.

Be completely confident that the Esenler area is the most distinguished and suitable option for you and to achieve your investment goals.

 The real estate investment movement in this region witnessed an increasing demand by investors and those wishing to live and reside, which made an increase in real estate investment projects in recent years, which means attracting more investors and businessmen.

Real estate prices in Esenler

By the way, the prices in this area are distinguished compared to other areas in that city. Istanbul’s real estate market is characterized by a high character compared to other Turkish cities.

 The prices of real estate in Esenler are suitable for different requests, as the price varies according to the type of property required. If a luxury apartment is required, then the price of the property must be high. Whereas, if the demand is to obtain an apartment within residential complexes, the price of the property will be very suitable for living, as the city of Esenler contains many of these complexes, especially the simple popular ones.

In addition, it contains modern residential complexes, in which the price of the property is higher compared to its competitor.

Whether you want to invest in Esenler Istanbul or in other areas of Istanbul, you can contact our consultants at Hana Real Estate to provide you with the most important and available opportunities that suit your goals.

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