The best place to buy real estate in Turkey 2022

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One of the common questions among many people, investors and those interested in the real estate sector in Turkey is (What is the best place to buy real estate in Turkey)?

Given the importance of this question and the desire to provide a guide on which to base our client, the editorial team at Hana Real Estate will provide you with a full and comprehensive guide on the most important places where you can look for apartments for sale in Turkey.

If this topic really interests you, we recommend that you continue.

Check out where to buy real estate in Turkey:

Through the following paragraphs, we will talk in detail about all Turkish cities or places within this country in order to buy real estate so that you can decide in an easy, fast and simple way and choose the right spot for you.

1 – Istanbul:

If you are interested in looking at the statistics issued by the Real Estate Survey in Turkey, surely you know that Istanbul is the best-selling city for real estate at all, and it has maintained this rank for a long time and over many years, and this is certainly due to its countless advantages, details, ingredients, etc…

It cannot be overlooked that the city of Istanbul is of great investment importance, and what you do not know is that real estate prices in it have risen significantly and clearly, and in some areas have increased by one hundred percent.

The areas that recorded the most increase in their prices are Beylikdüzü, especially after the metro bus line passed through it, which helped link it with all the city’s neighborhoods and regions with each other, and access to the city center is no longer a problem.

Also, real estate prices in the Basaksehir area have increased by a clear percentage during the last three years, reaching 45%, and it is expected that a greater increase will be recorded in the coming period due to the increased demand for that area on the one hand and on the other hand due to its proximity to the most important strategic projects in the city ( Istanbul New Airport – New Istanbul Water Canal).

Among the information that must be mentioned in this context is that real estate prices are expected to rise in the Esenyurt area, after the completion of the construction stages of the new metro line.

2 – Antalya:

If you are looking for the best place to buy real estate in Turkey, we recommend the city of Antalya, especially if your goal is real estate investment, because it is an important and distinctive tourist destination that attracts millions of tourists annually.

It must be noted that during the current year 2022 AD, the city of Istanbul is racing to attract the largest possible number of tourists, and you should also know that real estate prices in it are constantly and significantly rising.

The buyer can find many distinctive real estate options in it, as it does not lack the feature of real estate diversity and great urbanism that meets all desires.

In the matter of talking about real estate prices in that city, during the recent period, it rose by almost touching 25%, in light of the large tourist delegations that were received.

One of the best ways to invest in real estate in Antalya is to rent real estate to get a fixed and rewarding monthly return, especially during the tourist periods, and you should know that the tourists turn to this city throughout the year, due to its moderate climate throughout the year, which took many of its characteristics as a result of its location on the coasts of the Mediterranean.

3 – Ankara:

It is not possible to be in the process of buying a property in Turkey, and the Turkish capital, Ankara, is not at the top of the list and among your first options, there is no doubt that the advantages that will be yours when buying an apartment or property in it will be very large. According to some experts and specialists, its investment value is very high and no other city can compete with it, not only in Turkey, but also globally.

Do you think that since we are talking about the political capital of the country, real estate prices will be somewhat high? Certainly not. Prices in Ankara are much cheaper than real estate prices that you will find in other capitals around the world.

Many people and foreigners choose to search for apartments for sale in Turkey, Ankara, with a desire for housing and stability, as they provide all the necessities of life such as (schools – hospitals – universities – recreational facilities – tourist attractions) and others.

4 – Trabzon:

To the north of Turkey, specifically with a distinctive view of the Black Sea, is the city of Trabzon, with its overwhelming beauty and the charming nature that surrounds it from all sides. Add to your information that the city of Trabzon is very suitable for those looking for a quiet life far from the hustle and bustle.

Do you think Trabzon is really suitable for real estate investment? Certainly it is, as what encourages investment in it is the touristic nature that characterizes it, as it receives annually thousands of tourists who come to it wishing to learn about its beauty and the most important historical and archaeological monuments.

If you want to build a profitable and successful real estate investment in it, you can choose the properties that tourists usually visit, which are restaurants – commercial properties – cafes – shops – malls – apartments near the distinctive tourist attractions.

5 – Bursa City:

The Turkish city of Bursa is distinguished by its high investment value, as a natural result of its importance and tourism distinction. Do not forget that it is the first industrial city in Turkey, and the investor can obtain abundant profits.

It contains many important tourist attractions such as the cable car, which is classified as the longest cable car in the world.

One piece of information that we must point out in this context is that it is one of the cities with the most important job opportunities, and this has led to attracting job seekers.

The importance of buying real estate in Turkey:

In your opinion, why Turkey’s real estate in particular without other countries of the world or the real estate of European countries that are known for their distinction, sophistication and urban luxury, in fact we have a set of reasons that encourage and push foreigners to own real estate in it and through the following paragraph we will refer to them briefly and quickly.

1 – The possibility of applying for real estate residency in return for the value of the property being a minimum of 75,000 US dollars.

2 – Obtaining Turkish citizenship in exchange for a minimum property price of $400,000.

3 – Real estate prices in Turkey are very appropriate and appropriate compared to real estate prices in Europe and America.

4 – It is possible to buy real estate in Turkey easily, as the Turkish government did not hesitate to provide all the desires that the foreigner is looking for.

5 – An ideal environment for housing and stability due to the availability of all the services and facilities that a foreigner needs in order to live in peace and prosperity.

6 – Tax deductions and exemption from value-added tax for those who buy a property in Turkey for the first time.

The most important laws for owning real estate in Turkey:

We have a set of details and information about foreign ownership of real estate in Turkey that you must know and review before making a purchase, as follows:

First, you should know that among the facilities provided by the Turkish government is that it abolished the principle of reciprocity and now all foreigners around the world can buy and own real estate in Turkey, but this law did not include five nationalities:

– Syria.

– Armenia.

– Cuba.

– North Korea.

– Greek Cyprus.

It must also be noted that a foreigner is not entitled to buy and own more than thirty hectares in different parts of Turkey. Also, a foreigner is not entitled to buy a property in an area where the percentage of foreign property is more than ten percent, as the Land Registry Directorate issues a decision to prevent the granting of licenses.

Also, foreigners cannot buy a property within a security or military zone at all, in order to maintain public security in the country.

Steps for buying real estate in Turkey:

Below we will review together all the steps that you must follow when buying and owning real estate in Turkey.

First, you must determine the goal that you seek to achieve from the property. Do you want housing and residence, real estate investment or obtaining Turkish citizenship, with each goal and purpose the selection criteria are definitely different, for example, if you want to invest, there are many rules and controls that must be adhered to, to ensure that you achieve success, excellence and high profits.

In the second stage, you must monitor the financial budget available to you and determine whether you can cover all the costs incurred by you or will have to borrow. In this context, let us tell you that you have three main sources of financing for your project, which are as follows:

– Personal finance where you have saved your money earlier.

– Take a loan from a Turkish bank.

– Buying a property in installments and paying its price in the long term without facing financial pressures.

Later, you should seek help from a real estate agent in Turkey with experience, knowledge and full knowledge of everything related to the real estate market in Turkey in order to provide you with the best real estate and investment opportunities suitable for you and your goals without spending a lot of effort, fatigue and time in an unorganized or random search.

One of the important points that you should draw attention to is that you will find many real estate consultants and specialized real estate companies in front of you, so the choice will be somewhat difficult, and through the following points, the most distinguished real estate expert can be inferred:

– It must have a good reputation, wide fame and a long history in the real estate market.

– It should offer you many offers and options so that you can choose what suits you best.

– See the volume of real estate sales achieved by the company throughout the year or throughout the month.

– Take a look at the numbers of clients they’ve had before.

– You should check the level of services that are provided to customers.

– Make sure to choose the company that offers you the best interest and the right options to ensure that your choice is absolutely right.

Turkey real estate market options:

Among the important information that you should know about the real estate sector in Turkey is that it is full of diverse and important options that suit everyone without exception, and this is one of the main reasons that made it suitable for everyone, and through the following paragraphs we will review together the most important of them:

First, let us tell you that if you do not have the full price of the property to pay in cash, you do not have to give up on your dream of buying a property in Istanbul or Turkey. There are many options available from which you can choose comfortably, most notably apartments or properties under construction where they are cheaper than ready-made real estate in several stages, but after the completion of the construction stages, you will find that its price has increased significantly and exceeded seventy percent.

Many investors and foreigners resort to buying apartments in Turkey in installments and choose one of the first two options when going to the construction company directly and organizing contracts formally, and the buyer is given a long period until he finishes all the installments incurred by him.

As for the second method, it is choosing to buy an apartment in installments in Turkey through a bank. This method is characterized by giving the buyer a longer period to finish all the installments incurred by him, and it may reach up to ten years.

A large group of people and investors prefer buying real estate in Turkey by paying in cash, out of a desire to obtain a discount that may range between ten and twenty percent, and the title deed can also be obtained immediately.

There is a lot of important information about the real estate market in Turkey that we discussed in this article and we specifically mentioned the most important and best suitable places to buy real estate in Turkey.

If you have any questions and want to get a full answer, you can now contact our real estate consultant to get the most important information you are looking for, or you can visit our website and our social media platforms because we monitor the reality of the Turkish real estate market and inform you of the most important options and offers available that suit your goals and fulfill your ambitions.

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