The path to success begins with real estate investment in Turkey

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There is no doubt that real estate investment is one of the most successful, safe and distinguished forms of investments, and the reason for this is that it is not affected, like others, by crises, wars and difficult economic conditions, especially if we are talking about a developed, sophisticated and modern country like Turkey that has all the ingredients that help its success and distinction.
If you are curious to know everything related to the field of real estate investment in Turkey, we advise you to follow the following article, which will be comprehensive about it.

Why invest in real estate in Turkey?

What do you know about this type of investment in Turkey? Have you ever seen its most important privileges? What benefits will you get? Through the following paragraph, we will talk about all its aspects.

1 – Many profits are constantly increasing:

If you decide to invest your money in Turkish real estate, you have chosen the right place, because it has all the ingredients that make your investment profitable and distinct, due to the significant increase in demand for real estate, especially in the tourist seasons, where the demand for renting homes and apartments increases.
What we can say in this context is that real estate investment is always the best because the value of real estate is constantly increasing and therefore your capital will double without effort or fatigue.
But there are those who wonder if there are fixed foundations and rules that must be followed to reach the ideal profit?
Certainly, there are some notes that should be taken into consideration, which are as follows:
– Be sure to buy a property at a special price and high specifications.
– It should be rented at a high price or if you want to sell it again make sure to sell it at a higher price than when you bought it.

2 – Your chance to obtain Turkish citizenship:

Which made Turkey an investment destination for many owners of capital and businessmen, that you can obtain Turkish citizenship if the price of the property is two hundred and fifty thousand US dollars or more.
But is it necessary to obtain this citizenship to adhere to a specific type of property? No, where you can buy a villa – an apartment – a shop or other types of real estate, only the issue of the price must be adhered to and also a pledge not to sell it before three years have passed.
In this context, we must point out that real estate is one of the best means to obtain Turkish citizenship and is also the fastest, as it is issued within only three months.
Thus, you will not only have a profitable investment, but also Turkish citizenship, that is, you will hit two goals in one throw.

3 – A wide real estate diversity that attracts attention:

In Turkey, you will not be governed by a few types of real estate, as the Turkish market is characterized by the presence of a large abundance commensurate with all tastes and budgets, and the reason for this is the expansion of Turkey’s area and its extension on two continents at the same time.
This diversity is not limited to residential or commercial real estate only, but of all types and is considered one of the main reasons that made the foreign investor choose Turkey over other countries in the world.

4 – encouraging real estate prices:

If you look at real estate prices in Turkey, you will find that they are moderate in price and appropriate compared to prices in other countries, especially in European countries or in some Arab countries.
Will I get poor quality as a result of the low prices of real estate in Turkey? Certainly not, as it adheres to international quality standards in its design, as it is earthquake-resistant, heat- and sound-proof.

5 – An abundance of real estate offers:

Some may think that they will find it difficult to find real estate for sale in Turkey, but the truth is otherwise, as the demand for buying real estate in Turkey has increased, construction companies have increased the number of their projects so that everyone can find opportunities.
It also allowed installment offers for those who could not pay the value of the property in cash in one payment, and it was an ideal solution for those with low financial budgets.

6 – Large government facilities:

Flexible Turkish laws motivated many foreigners to invest in real estate in Turkey, as they provided many facilities, including:
– Foreigners are exempted from paying the value added tax.
– A foreigner, his wife and children under the age of eighteen can obtain real estate residency.
– They can obtain Turkish citizenship if the property value is two hundred and fifty thousand dollars or more.
– The government issued a decision that the real estate appraisal document must be extracted, which made the investor feel that he will not be a victim of fraud.

7 – The future of real estate in Turkey:

One of the first details that a foreign investor will look for before deciding whether Turkey is suitable for him or not is the direction in which it is going. Will it rise or will it remain stable?
According to expectations, real estate prices in Turkey are expected to increase this year by 20% to 30%, for many reasons, including:
– High demand for real estate purchase.
– The growing population and its reception of thousands of foreigners annually.
– The change in the value of the Turkish lira against foreign currencies.

Among the advantages that encourage the investor to invest in real estate in Turkey, in addition to the above:

– economic recovery.
– political stability.
– temperate climate.
– Geographical location.
– Sophisticated infrastructure.
– Ease of real estate ownership procedures.

And add to all the information mentioned that Turkey is an ideal environment for housing and stability, especially in light of the crises in the Middle East and the difficulties imposed by European countries.

Make your journey in the field of real estate investment in Turkey start with us as we seek to provide you with the most important real estate offers and options that are suitable for you and that suit your aspirations and goals.

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