The best time to buy a property in Istanbul

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There are many and differing views on the most appropriate time to own a property in Turkey, and this depends on the main purpose of buying this property,

It is possible that the purpose of it is to spend the summer vacation period, and it may be permanent settlement and housing in the property, but in the case if the purpose of buying the property is trade or investment, it will be completely different at this point, therefore, we decided to discuss with you through this article about the best time to buy a property in Istanbul, so follow us.

We wish you an enjoyable and useful reading.

What is the best time to buy a property in Turkey?

In fact, not all segments of society came together on one opinion, so there must be several points of view, differing according to the desires and mentalities of everyone who wants to buy a property, Economists and real estate investment experts from each country should be consulted.

One of the real estate investment advisors stated that real estate should be purchased at the present time within the state of Turkey, and the reason for this is that Turkish real estate prices are on the rise and their profits are on the increase.

 They also expected that, in the future, real estate in Turkey would become the first leader in this field.

As for the opinion of the economists, they instructed those wishing to buy real estate several decisions, the first of which is not to be reckless and buy any property during the current time, due to several reasons, including that the real estate market in the current period is not stable, and it is possible that buying real estate in that period will lead to heavy losses and loss a lot of money,  and everyone who wants to buy real estate at the present time should avoid this, because keeping his money in his hands is much better and guarantees more than turning it into real estate.

In addition, real estate consultants have a completely different point of view, which is that they should buy during this period, because buying real estate at this time for those who own the full price is a successful investment because they will receive a discount that may range from 10 to 20 percent of the total value of the property these offers were made by some construction companies.

According to what was reported to us about the studies that were conducted on the results of this topic, it has become clear to us that the advice given by real estate consultants has had a broader resonance and its results were also positive.

Indicators that determine the price of real estate in Turkey

It is clear to us that real estate within the state of Turkey, like all real estate in various parts of the earth, sometimes increases, and sometimes decreases.

And when we want to draw attention to real estate in Turkey, we will see that these real estates have a turbulent situation, sometimes with a rapid rise similar to successive leaps, and after a while if you want to sell this property that you purchased, you will make about half the price profits along with the original price of the property .

With the wave of projects linked to the establishment of several new properties in Turkey that has spread recently, we can say that it is in a state of gradual decline, but if it is controlled, it will lead to its dilution, and this will reflect positively on the real estate market in Turkey, where prices are stable. , 

After another period of time, it is possible that another leap will occur, in which case the bottom line is to make this investment a success.

Which seasons of the year are the most suitable for real estate ownership?

There is one of the seasons of the year in which real estate is in a state of stability and lethargy, and the demand for real estate also decreases. As for Turkey, winter is the most suitable season for buying real estate, due to the low number of people who come to buy real estate in it.

In addition, the number of properties offered for sale in Turkey is few, as well as the lack of competition between investors, so you can buy real estate at this time of the year at the right price for you.

There are also several other factors, namely the speed of transfer of ownership of the property from the seller to the buyer, provided that the transfer of ownership is done in a very short time, This is due to several reasons, foremost of which is the officials’ dedication to this issue, and if we examine more closely about the reason for this, it will become clear to us that the truth lies in that the vast majority of real estate sales that occur in the winter season are forced and for special reasons related to the seller only, so we find that Many of those who want to sell their real estate hide these desires until the summer and spring, in order to make profits on a larger scale.

Should I buy a property in Turkey now?

Inside Turkey there are some groups that if you ask about the right time to complete the real estate investment process in Turkey, they will answer you that this is the right time, and that taking this step at that time has no risk of the money that will be paid in this property, 

The reason for this is that the Turkish real estate project is taking organized steps on a well-studied detail map.

Factors contributing to the formation of the appropriate time to invest:

In the beginning, and as we mentioned to you earlier, choosing the appropriate season from among the seasons of the year has a great impact in determining the results of this topic.

If you are looking for a profitable property during the selling season, you will find many offers available to you that you can choose from, as well as what fits your budget.

 If the spring and winter seasons are suitable for you to buy the property you desire in Turkey, you must know the best option in each of them. If you want to buy during the spring, you will enjoy the many offers, as well as the various options, But if you want to buy a property during the winter, you will find yourself in front of some few and limited options, through which you can choose good opportunities in peace and order.

Is good timing to buy real estate enough?

It is clear to everyone that choosing the right and appropriate time alone is not enough to get a successful and profitable property.

Therefore, the buyer must first, not be deceived by the low price offered to him in the property.

It is necessary to search for the specifications of the property and its location, and the services surrounding it as well as a good transportation network, with the need to ensure that this property is free of all defects or whether there are any problems related to it or not.

Hence, we must believe that the factor of choosing the right property for you is a very important necessity, in order for this property to become successful and profitable, starting from the best time to buy a property in Istanbul, and even internal or external specifications.

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