Why is Turkish Citizenship one of the Strongest Nationalities in the World?

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Turkish citizenship has recently captured the attention of foreign investors around the world, especially citizens of Arab countries, who wish to invest in business, and aspire to the facilities established by the Turkish Nationality Law, which made travel and movement easy for them, and for this reason Turkish citizenship has become one of the strongest nationalities in the world.

Is the application for Turkish citizenship a safe experience?

It is worth noting that going into the experience of getting Turkish citizenship is a matter that is considered highly safe, does not contain much risk, and there is no room for losing money, you just have to own a real estate unit in the country, or any type of safe investment, or just a bank deposit.

Law for a foreigner to get Turkish citizenship :

It is a law issued in February 2010, No. 139 of the same year, and amendments to the law were issued in 2018, No. 5901, and the law recognizes the right to grant Turkish citizenship to a foreign investor in Turkey, through one of the following investments:

  • Owning a real estate unit in Turkey, provided that the minimum value of the real estate unit is 250 thousand US dollars, and it is stipulated that the real estate unit should not be sold for a period of three years.

It is worth noting that this law was amended in April 2022, so that the minimum value of a real estate unit is 400,000 $.

  • Bank deposit. This investment is made by depositing a sum of money in a Turkish bank. The minimum deposit is 500 thousand US dollars, and it must remain in a Turkish bank for three years.
  • Purchase of Turkish government bonds, provided that the minimum value of the bonds is 500 thousand US dollars.
  • Employing a number of Turkish citizens, by employing at least 50 Turkish citizens.

Is Turkish citizenship considered the best in the world?

In light of the conditions that occur in the region of wars and crisis economic conditions, the Turkish state has maintained its natural place in terms of the economic situation and military and political strength, and accordingly, Turkish citizenship is one of the strongest nationalities that you can obtain through investment.

Advantages of getting Turkish citizenship

  • Turkey’s strategic location, as the location of the Turkish state is distinguished by being a linking point between the European and Asian sides.
  • The distinct climate of the Turkish state throughout the year, as well as the amazing sea view, as the state overlooks many seas.
  • The speed of completing the procedures for getting Turkish citizenship, through investment, as the time period between the application for citizenship and its issuance does not exceed approximately three months.
  • The possibility of the foreigner, his wife and children under 18 years of age all at the same time and without waiting to get Turkish citizenship.
  • The possibility of getting Turkish citizenship permanently, for the foreigner and for his children, and for the grandchildren as well.
  • Turkish citizenship provides you with the ability to travel to a large number of countries without a visa, about 115 countries around the world, including Qatar, South Korea, Singapore, Japan, Malaysia, Brazil, and Argentina.

There are also countries that allow the holder of the Turkish identity to enter them with an immediate visa, including Bahrain, Kuwait, and Lebanon.

  • The possibility of maintaining the nationality of your home country, the foreign investor does not need to give up his original nationality in order to get Turkish nationality, and thus the foreigner becomes a dual national.
  • There is the possibility of free education in the country, where there are advanced educational institutions on a global level, starting from the primary level to the university level.
  • The distinguished medical and health system, where the Turkish state has a semi-free health insurance system, and this system is characterized by the medical staff at a high level, and the international medical devices.
  • The characteristics of the Turkish society, where the Turkish people enjoy love, affection and acceptance, and the Turkish people deal with foreigners with the aim of harmony, which makes the foreigner feel as if he is in his mother country and among the members of his community.
  • Turkish citizenship grants its holders complete protection and security inside and outside Turkey, as the Turkish state enjoys a military institution that is one of the strongest in the world.
  • Finally, one of the most important advantages of Turkish citizenship is the possibility of obtaining it online or remotely, by appointing a lawyer to carry out all the necessary procedures on behalf of the foreigner, and then obtaining the Turkish identity and Turkish passport from the Turkish embassy in the country in which the foreigner resides.

The status of European countries with Turkish citizenship

Some European countries provide the Turkish ID holder with the ability to enter their territories without a visa, and these countries include Russia, Albania, Belarus, as well as Kosovo and Ukraine.

Is it possible to get Turkish citizenship through marriage or parentage?

Turkish citizenship can be obtained through marriage, as follows:

  • A marriage contract with a Turkish person, and the stability of this marriage for a period of no less than three years.
  • Certified evidence proving the existence of a lineage of Turkish origins.
  • By adoption, i.e. in the event that a Turkish citizen adopts an underage child.

Other cases through which Turkish citizenship can be obtained

  • Residence in the Turkish state with a work permit for five years.
  • There is a so-called exceptional nationality, which is a nationality granted to some people on an exceptional basis, such as qualified foreign nationals coming to or residing in Turkey.

Procedures for obtaining getting citizenship

There are several papers required to complete the application for getting a Turkish identity, we explain them as follows:

  • A copy of the possession title of the purchased property, the so-called “tabu”.
  • The original receipt proving payment of the property value, stamped with the bank’s seal.
  • A report called the real estate appraisal, which is issued by one of the institutions affiliated with the Turkish government, and the validity period of this report is three months.
  • Receipt of receipt of the price of the original property, from the seller’s bank account, and it must be stamped with the bank’s seal.
  • A passport translated into Turkish, for all family members, including a wife and children under the age of 18.
  • A birth certificate translated into Turkish and notarized for all family members, including a wife and children under the age of 18.
  • A copy of the marriage contract translated into Turkish and notarized.
  • Family statement document translated and notarized.

Statistics of getting Turkish citizenship

Statistics reported that the number of foreigners who got a real estate conformity document amounted to 6,690 foreign citizens, from 2017 to 2020, and this document is the first step in getting Turkish citizenship.

It is worth noting that foreign investors who get Turkish citizenship through real estate ownership have only waited 90 days to own the real estate unit, and the procedures were really easy.

The most important stages of getting Turkish citizenship

The stages of getting Turkish citizenship go through several steps, as mentioned earlier, but the security study is the most important stage of getting Turkish citizenship at all, and through which the possibility of Turkish naturalization is determined or not.

In conclusion, we hope that we have explained in details how to complete the procedures for getting Turkish citizenship, and that we have answered questions about Turkish identity, and the reasons why Turkish citizenship is one of the strongest Nationality.

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