Buying a house in Istanbul is a special investment opportunity

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The Turkish city of Istanbul is one of the most important cities in Turkey, and one of the most powerful tourist cities in the world, because of its advanced modern life, modern real estate buildings, not to mention the picturesque landscapes, and green spaces, which made the decision to buy a house in Istanbul a very special investment opportunity.

Advantages of buying a house in Istanbul

Obtaining real estate residence permit, where the owner of the property and all members of the family, including a wife and children, can reside in Turkey, and this residence permit can be determined every year for the duration of ownership of the property.

  • The important advantage is the possibility for the owner of the property to apply for Turkish citizenship, and the possession of a Turkish passport, which is the strongest in the world, provided that the minimum value of the real estate unit is 400 thousand US dollars, and provided that the house is not sold for three years.
  • The huge return on investment is one of the most important advantages of buying a house in Turkey in general and Istanbul in particular, based on the tourist attractiveness of Istanbul city, as it enjoys great acceptance among tourists, and the owner of the house can rent it throughout the seasons of the year, especially in the tourist seasons, in return for good money.
  • Luxurious and sophisticated living, it is also an advantage of buy a house in Istanbul, as the social situation in Istanbul is very sophisticated, and it combines sophistication with Eastern Arab customs, which makes the Arab expatriate feel familiar in Turkish society.
  • Appropriate living costs, as accommodation in Istanbul is relatively low cost, compared with  most other countries.
  • The availability of sophisticated and world-class infrastructure, as the Turkish government has endeavored to develop and modernize the infrastructure to suit the investment position of Istanbul, which has caused an increase in demand for the purchase of real estate units in the city.

Arrangements for buying a house in Istanbul by steps:

First, the buyer must come to the State of Turkey in order to sign the ownership contract, and he can bring someone on his behalf, in an official agency documented by the notary public, or notarized by one of the Turkish embassies.

Secondly, it is necessary to obtain the tax number, which is granted to all foreign expatriates in the Turkish state, in order to facilitate financial and commercial transactions, and this number is extracted in a very short time from the Tax Department.

thirdly, It is also necessary to bring a copy of the valid passport, translated into Turkish, and documented by the clerk of the Ministry of Justice.

Fourth, the sale and purchase contract must be registered in the Real Estate Registration Directorate, and then the new title deed must be obtained.

Finally, both the seller and the buyer must pay the property ownership tax, the value of which is halved between the seller and the buyer, and the value of that tax may exceed 4% of the total value of the registered property.

How do I find an assistant to buy a house in Istanbul?

If your goal is to buy a house in Istanbul, you have to do several steps, it gives you your demand, first you have to contact one of the real estate companies or real estate agents, it is the easiest and fastest way to search for a house in Istanbul, as these companies and offices have many opportunities that facilitate the search for a suitable house to buy.

You can also use some online property sales websites, which provide comprehensive information about real estate and housing units, giving you a complete picture of where you want to buy a home.

There are also some newspapers that publish advertisements about selling homes and properties, you can do a search in them in order to reach the property that is suitable for you.

It should be noted that each of these methods has cautions and precautions that must be taken, to avoid fraud or fraud, so it is preferable to deal with one of the secured companies with good reputation and high evaluation on the Internet.

How do I choose a house in Istanbul?

Choices in Turkey vary widely, with quiet places and loud places surrounded by markets, and the right place is chosen according to the need of the person wishing to buy a house in Istanbul.

In principle, the location of the required property or apartment must be determined, as the prices of units and apartments in Turkey vary according to the facilities and capabilities available in them. There are some areas that have witnessed a growth in the recent period, and those areas have a relatively lower price than others.

Also, the choices should not be limited to the famous areas only, but should be comprehensively researched and studied for all available areas, as most of them enjoy a new urban boom.

How do I win when I buy a house in Istanbul? 

A newcomer who wants to buy a house in Istanbul or Turkey in general can make a money profit through the purchase process, by buying a house within the real estate and modern buildings, where its price is relatively lower, and then there is a trend of rising real estate prices in Turkey, which achieves a guaranteed profit equation.

Variety of houses and apartments in Istanbul city

The buyer must make sure of his desires and priorities when buying a house in Istanbul, where the houses vary according to the population density, for example, there are some densely populated areas, and others are quiet and less crowded.

There are also areas of a predominantly tourist nature, where tourist centers and recreation centers are available, and on the other side there are areas of a predominantly industrial nature, where factories and their related, or commercial nature, where companies and commercial offices, and accordingly the buyer must determine his desires and objectives of buying a house in Istanbul or the state of Turkey in general.

The best places to buy a house in Istanbul

The most interesting question for foreign investors is the search for houses in Istanbul, especially the European part of it, because this part is close to the major projects implemented by the Turkish government, such as the projects near the E5 highway, and also some other highways, such as the coastal road, as it is expected that the prices of homes in these areas will increase, because they include many options for investment in them.

Rate of home purchase in Istanbul city

In 2018, Istanbul ranked first in real estate sales in the entire country of Turkey, where it tops the list of Turkish cities that sell real estate, with 235,055 residential homes, and the city of Istanbul reached 17% of the total sales of the real estate sector in the entire Turkish country.

There is no doubt that this increase in real estate sales in Istanbul is undoubtedly due to the ease of the procedures. The buyer or foreigner does not need much time or effort in order to own a house in Istanbul, but it has become possible to complete the process of buying the house and transferring its ownership in just one day.

In conclusion, we should emphasize the place of Turkish Istanbul in the real estate progress, and we hope that we have sufficiently and comprehensively clarified all the necessary information about the purchase of a house in Istanbul, and that we have provided all the answers to every foreign investor who wishes to invest in real estate in Turkey in general or Istanbul in particular.

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