What is the difference between real estate residency and Turkish citizenship

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One of the most frequently discussed topics among foreigners and investors in Turkey is the issue of Turkish citizenship and types of residency, especially real estate residency, which is one of the most important means of staying in Turkey in a legal way without being subject to a violation.
Both citizenship and residency give the investor many advantages and positives, but what is the importance of each and what are the differences between them?
In this article, we will talk about the most important information related to both of them. If you are curious to see the dimensions of the matter, follow these lines with us.

Take a look at the details of real estate residence in Turkey:

Real estate residency has been classified as one of the best and most important types of residency in Turkey, based on the many privileges it grants to its holder, which we talk about in detail in the following article.
1 – It can be obtained easily without being restricted to the value or type of the property.
2 – Short term, but it can be renewed annually.
3- It grants its holder the right to travel to and from Turkey without the requirement of obtaining a travel permit.
4 – He can move between the Turkish states comfortably and without any restrictions.
5- Benefit from medical and educational services.
6 – Granted to the wife and children who are under the age of eighteen.
7 – After 8 years of obtaining real estate residency, it is possible to apply for permanent residency.

Documents needed to obtain real estate residency:

First, you must choose the right property for you in one of the Turkish states, and then the title deed must be extracted.
You must schedule an interview, go on time, and pay all applicable taxes and fees.
The property owner must be personally in Turkey and his passport must be valid for a period of no less than six months.

Pros of obtaining Turkish citizenship:

This nationality was able to be among the most important and prominent nationalities around the world thanks to the many advantages it offers to those who hold it, as well as to the ease of obtaining it.
One of the most common ways to obtain Turkish citizenship is to invest in real estate, in exchange for the value of the property being two hundred and fifty thousand dollars, and the property must be kept for three years and not be sold.
Among the conditions that must be met in order for the property to be suitable for obtaining it, is to extract the real estate appraisal document and also pay its value through a Turkish bank.

Check out the most prominent advantages of this nationality:

1 – It is granted to the wife and children who are not over the legal age, as well as those who have special needs can obtain it after the lapse of three years, even if they are over the legal age.
2 – It gives you an opportunity to be dual nationals and enjoy the benefits of both nationalities.
3 – Obtaining all the privileges and rights enjoyed by the Turkish citizen.
4 – Obtaining a prestigious job opportunity in one of the public and private sectors.
5- It can be obtained within a short period not exceeding three months.
The most prominent other ways to obtain Turkish citizenship:
The importance of obtaining this citizenship is that it can be obtained by more than one means and method, which are as follows:
– Commercial investment of five hundred thousand US dollars.
– A bank deposit of five hundred thousand dollars.
– adoption.
– Proof of Turkish origins.
– Exceptional nationality.

What are the reasons for foreigners to obtain real estate residence or Turkish citizenship?

There must be reasons and motives that encourage the foreigner to want to obtain Turkish residency or citizenship, so what do you think? We’ll talk about this in the next paragraph.

1 – The geographical location of the Turkish state:

Turkey is distinguished by its exceptional location as it is:
– Close to the Arab world.
– It spans two continents at the same time (Asia and Europe).
– It mediates the world and is close to the African continent.
– It is surrounded by four seas (Mediterranean Sea – Black Sea – Aegean Sea – Marmara Sea).

2 – Economic importance:

The importance and strength of the Turkish economy and the global position it has reached, of course, all thanks to government plans that seek to maintain its steady and stable growth, cannot be overlooked.
When you look at the future of the Turkish economy, you will realize how important it is for you to choose Turkey, as it ranked second in terms of growth speed directly after China, and also according to a European study, it is expected to rank fifth by 2030.

3 – An ideal environment for living and stability:

All the data indicate the importance of choosing housing in Turkey, according to its adoption of the principle of development and modernity, which seems clear in various fields and sectors.
Real estate can be purchased easily and with simple procedures, and the cost of living is low. If you look closely, you will find that everything available in Turkey cannot be achieved in other countries, whether in the European Union or the American countries.
This country includes many wonderful recreational places such as swimming pools – playgrounds – parks – gardens – game cities – coasts – beaches – forests.

4 – Building a profitable real estate investment:

It has become clear that whoever buys real estate in Turkey does not only aim for citizenship or residence, but also wants to enter the world of real estate investment, as Turkey is considered a safe haven for its success and superiority.
One of the most important reasons for any investor to invest in real estate in Turkey is that it is a tourist destination visited by millions of tourists from different countries of the world every year.
It has a developed and modern infrastructure and contains the most important projects that had a positive impact on the price of the property.
Whether you want to obtain Turkish citizenship or a real estate residence permit, you can contact us to help you extract it and provide you with all the information you want to know.

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