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Are you a fan of living in front of the sea to wake up and fall asleep to its beautiful appearance? What do you think of which Turkish regions and cities should start your search?
You can very easily find apartments for sale in Turkey on the sea because it is surrounded by four seas (Mediterranean Sea – Marmara Sea – Aegean Sea – Black Sea).
In this article, we will talk about the most prominent Turkish cities and states that overlook the sea and are suitable for searching for apartments for sale.

Where do I look for apartments for sale in Turkey by the sea?

The Turkish patch is not small in area where you can easily find what you are looking for, so it is difficult to start your search journey without having any idea in advance what you will find.

1 – Apartments for sale by the sea – Antalya:

It is one of the most important major states in Turkey. It has been able to attract thousands of tourists annually from different countries of the world due to the beauty of its nature – its warm climate – its archaeological and historical features – and also contains modern tourism attractions such as the aquarium, which lovers of water and the sea world prefer to visit.
It is known for its wonderful view of the Mediterranean Sea and has many beaches and coasts.
In it, you can find a lot of apartments for sale as construction companies turn to it to build their luxury residential complexes and projects.

2 – Apartments for sale by the sea – Istanbul:

There is no difference in the importance of this city and the importance of it being your destination to search for apartments for sale in Turkey, which is characterized by its geography that extends over the continents of Europe and Asia, and is the only city in the world that has acquired this privileged location.
It has wide options for buying real estate, as the number of its districts has reached 39, distributed on both sides, separated by the Bosphorus Strait.
For example, if you want to buy an apartment overlooking the Marmara Sea, you can choose the Beylikduzu – Silivri area, as well as the Arnavutkoy area, which has a view of the Black Sea.
Sariyer and Uskudar area overlooking the Bosphorus, the most important modern real estate projects, you will find there. Construction companies seek to compete with each other to provide better and more distinguished specifications in order to meet its population density.

3 – Apartments for sale on the sea – Sakarya:

If you want to buy an apartment in Turkey overlooking the Black Sea, you should choose Sakarya, which attracts many tourists annually thanks to its beautiful nature, unique climate and beautiful view.

4 – Apartments for sale on the sea – Trabzon:

Trabzon has been called the Bride of the Black Sea for its beauty and charm, which is represented in every part of it. Tourists and visitors come from different countries of the world, where the beauty of nature and its great diversity.
The importance of real estate investment cannot be overlooked, since it is an important tourist destination, which is constantly visited by visitors from everywhere.

Advantages of buying apartments by the sea in Turkey:

In your opinion, what drives a large group of people to search for apartments overlooking the sea in Turkey?
1 – First of all, there is no one who does not like to wake up every morning to the wonderful view of the sea.
2 – A winning opportunity for real estate investment, the prices of this type of real estate are constantly increasing due to the increased demand for it and the lack of offers available for sale because the area overlooking the sea is limited.
3 – Due to its high value, it is suitable for obtaining Turkish citizenship (it is easy to find what its specifications match with the conditions for obtaining it).
4 – You can invest it in more than one way, the most important of which is renting it to get a profitable monthly return, or reselling it at a higher price than it was purchased at.
5 – It is suitable for those who like to live quietly, away from the noise and hustle of the city.
6 – These areas receive a lot of government attention, as they seek to constantly develop their infrastructure, because they are an important tourist destination, and most tourists prefer to reside there.
7 – This type of apartment is not affected by crises or low prices and maintains its value, and this encourages the investor to choose it because it achieves his first goal, which is to preserve his capital.

How to find apartments on the sea in Turkey?

Construction companies are keen to build luxury and high-end residential complexes with international specifications with a distinctive view of the sea or the green spaces, so you will have bought a modern apartment and got a beautiful view.
It is necessary to use a real estate company with experience and comprehensive knowledge of everything related to the real estate market in Turkey in order to provide you with the best offers and opportunities in a short time without having to do so by effort or fatigue.

In the context of talking about apartments with sea views in Turkey, you should know that there are some negative aspects to them and they must be taken into account, First, the price is high, and this will not be suitable for everyone. It is also built in places far from the city center, meaning that you will be far from vitality, activity and public services, but we can say that this problem has been solved with the development of public transportation means and networks.

Is someone who does not have enough credit to give up his dream of living and residing in an apartment with a sea view?
If you have part of the amount, you can look for installment offers, as the building companies offer a lot of great offers and high discounts, so you can wait for the market to get the most suitable opportunity.
Do you want to search for apartments for sale by the sea in Turkey? Let us provide you with the required assistance. Our wide range of relationships with the most important construction companies makes it easy to get your dream apartment in the best and most prestigious residential complex suitable for you and your goals.

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