The difference between Turkish and European nationalities and how to obtain them

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You may be interested in the topic of foreign nationalities and how to obtain them, so the editorial team at Hana Real Estate chose to talk to you today in this article about a group of European nationalities in addition to Turkish citizenship, and the features and characteristics of each of them will be highlighted.
The difference between Turkish and European nationalities, the most important information related to this field, and many answers to your inquiries can be found in the following lines.

Importance of nationalities of European countries:

When you think of foreign nationalities, the nationalities of the European Union countries are among the first things that will come to your mind as a natural result of the characteristics of these countries and in addition to their global status and position.
A foreigner who holds the nationality of one of the 28 countries of the European Union gets a huge number of advantages and positives, the most important of which are:
– It grants him the right to reside in Europe legally.
– Excellent job opportunities can be obtained.
– Have a care system rated as the best in the world.
– The ability to travel to most countries of the world without obtaining a visa.
– The right to protection as any European citizen.
– live in it permanently.
– Can establish any business and own real estate.
Do you think obtaining one of the European citizenships is easy? Given the importance of these countries, many foreigners and Arabs dream of acquiring one of the European nationalities, but their ideas may remain dreams because of the difficulties and obstacles that the laws and regulations of those countries place before them.
What should be noted here is that there are many ways in which these nationalities can be obtained, the most famous of which is marrying a citizen with European citizenship or when obtaining a work contract or starting an investment project, and also you will get them in the case of asylum and immigration.

Can you become a European citizen?

Despite the importance of these nationalities, they are not easy to obtain, and there are many obstacles that prevent this, and it takes a long time and a lot of effort, in addition to the fact that it is required to learn the language.
After acquiring European citizenship, it is not certain that you will be a European citizen and not all the rights of a European citizen will be available to you.
One of the easiest ways to obtain the citizenship of a European country is through descent.

Obtaining some European nationalities:

Through the following paragraph, we will talk about a group of European nationalities, which are somewhat easy to obtain.

How to obtain Portuguese citizenship?

The Portuguese laws stipulated in the Constitution are flexible compared to other regulations imposed by other countries. A foreigner can obtain this citizenship after five years of coming to Turkey. Residency is not required during those years. It is sufficient to visit it for two weeks each year.
Among the most important advantages that you will get through this citizenship is the ability to enter more than one hundred and sixty countries around the world without the requirement of obtaining a visa.
After the five years have passed, you will be able to apply for it as follows:
– Learn the language well.
– Starting an investment business or buying a property with a value of at least 350 thousand euros.

Obtaining Latvian citizenship:

If you wish to obtain citizenship of one of the European countries, Latvia grants citizenship to foreigners easily and under reasonable conditions.
– You must purchase a property worth one hundred and sixty thousand euros in addition to five percent of the property value as an application fee.
– You do not have to stay there, it is enough to visit it once a year.
– Before you can apply for it, you must reside there for 12 consecutive months.
– You must master the language.
– You cannot have dual citizenship and choosing it means giving up your first citizenship.

How about obtaining Greek citizenship:

In order to obtain Greek citizenship, you must enter the real estate investment sector with a value of at least two hundred and fifty thousand euros. There is no problem if it is only one property or a group of properties. There is no requirement that you reside in the country, but it is necessary to be fluent in the language.

Obtaining the citizenship of (Cyprus):

This nationality is considered one of the desirable nationalities for foreigners and Arabs, and you must invest in the real estate sector with a value of not less than 300,000 euros, and there is another condition that must be met, which is that (the property should be new).
It is also noted that most countries require that the foreigner have real estate investments, but Cyprus allows the real estate to be in the name of the wife or children, since they are among the beneficiaries.
The foreigner must be present once every two years, and before submitting an application for it, he must reside for a period of 12 months, as well as provide evidence confirming his sincere intention to settle there.

What do you think of obtaining Turkish citizenship?

Turkish citizenship has been classified as one of the most important nationalities in the world that can be obtained easily and has gained its advanced position as a result of all its advantages and the multiplicity of ways to obtain it.
Among the information that it is important to know about this citizenship is that it can be obtained through real estate investment – financial investment – marriage – adoption – proof of assets – exceptional citizenship – bank deposit, and the following is a detail for each of them.

Conditions for obtaining Turkish citizenship through real estate investment:

Investing in real estate is one of the most important and fastest ways to obtain Turkish citizenship, and the following are the most important conditions.
– The value of real estate or the total real estate owned by the foreigner must not be less than two hundred and fifty thousand US dollars.
– The property should be kept for at least three years.
– Pay its value through a bank in Turkey.
– The seller of the property must be Turkish, whether it is an individual or a company.
– The property must not have been used to obtain citizenship earlier.
– That the price of it be sold in foreign currency to the Central Bank through one of the banks operating in the banking sector.
– The real estate appraisal document must be extracted (because it determines its value and controls real estate prices).
It should be noted that the Turkish government in late 2018 issued a decision to reduce the value of the property suitable for obtaining citizenship from one million US dollars to two hundred and fifty thousand dollars only.

Obtaining citizenship through financial investment:

It can also be obtained by investing at least five hundred thousand US dollars for a period of three years or by purchasing shares with a commitment to continue in this business for three years.

Obtaining Turkish citizenship through bank deposit:

One of the famous ways to obtain this citizenship is to deposit the sum of five hundred thousand dollars in a bank in Turkey with a pledge not to withdraw any part of it before the lapse of three years.

Turkish citizenship through marriage:

Marriage to a Turkish citizen allows you to obtain citizenship easily after three years have passed since the date of the marriage, provided that it is not fake and also that the foreigner does not pose a threat to national security in the country.

Applying for Turkish citizenship through adoption:

Any foreign citizen obtains this citizenship when adopted by a Turkish family, but it is required that he be under the age of eighteen and not be a source of threat and danger to public security in the country.

Turkish citizenship by proof of assets:

Any foreigner whose assets extend to the Turkish state can apply for it, but only after submitting documents and evidence confirming this.

Nationality by employing fifty Turks:

When establishing a business and employing at least 50 people, you can apply to the relevant authorities to obtain it.
*Note: Before the amendments issued by the Turkish government, the number of employees should have been 100.

Check out the general conditions for obtaining Turkish citizenship:

There is no difference that Turkish citizenship can be obtained easily, but at the same time there are some conditions that you must abide by, which are stipulated in the Turkish Constitution and are as follows.
– The foreigner must be of legal age and be of sound mind.
– Not to be a carrier of any disease that threatens public health, such as highly transmissible or contagious diseases.
– It must not be a threat to the public security of the country.
– To be well versed in the Turkish language.
– To provide evidence that confirms the sincerity of his intention to settle in Turkey.
– Residence in Turkey for five consecutive years.

What is the importance of being a holder of Turkish citizenship?

In the event that you obtain that citizenship, there are many privileges that will be yours, and the following are the most prominent details.

1 – Citizenship is granted to all family members:

It will not only be obtained by the foreigner, but will be granted to the wife and children as well as those who have not reached the legal age. If the foreigner is married to more than one woman, she can only obtain one.

2 – Take advantage of the strength of the Turkish passport:

According to a report by the authority concerned with classifying passports in the world, the Turkish passport ranked thirty-seventh in the world among the most powerful and most important passports.
– Its holder can enter more than 61 countries without a visa.
– More than 40 countries grant the holder an automatic visa upon arrival.
– 8 countries grant the holder an electronic visa.
It is expected that the progress of the Turkish passport will continue during the coming period with the economic recovery witnessed by the state and the stability of the political and security conditions.

3 – Dual nationality:

Unlike many European nationalities, as we have seen above, the Turkish Nationality Law allows its holder to retain his first citizenship and thus he will be able to benefit from both of their advantages.

4 – Obtaining Turkish citizenship rights:

Whoever obtains this citizenship will be able to enjoy all the rights that a Turkish citizen enjoys, the most important of which are.
– Obtaining employment opportunities in both the public and private sectors.
– Participation in political life and elections.
– Benefit from medical and health services.
– Benefit from the retirement program for the elderly over the age of 65.

The importance of obtaining Turkish citizenship through real estate:

What has been noticed is that a large group of people who buy real estate in Turkey aim to obtain Turkish citizenship, and according to statistics, more than forty percent of those who bought real estate in Istanbul during the past year 2021 AD, this was their goal.
There are those who believe that the capital in which the property was purchased to obtain citizenship will freeze during the three years in which the property cannot be sold or disposed of. Is this true?
Certainly not, as real estate markets are constantly fluctuating and do not remain unchanged for a long time, especially in a country like Turkey that is witnessing a great urban acceleration and the spread of urban transformation projects, along with the luxury of real estate.
Real estate can be rented to benefit from the monthly return or resold after the lapse of the three years at a price higher than the one you bought it in. Be sure that 3 years is not a short time, but the capital may double during it.

Other reasons for obtaining Turkish citizenship:

In addition to all of the above about Turkish citizenship, its importance and advantages, there is another set of privileges that prompted investors and foreigners to obtain it, such as.

The unique geographical location of the Turkish state:

Turkey’s location is exceptional as it is in the middle of the world and is close to the Arab world and is surrounded by four seas (Mediterranean Sea – Marmara Sea – Aegean Sea – Black Sea) and in addition to that, it is close to the African continent and extends over the continent of Europe and Asia.
This country is characterized by a moderate climate throughout the year, and it is not the cold Siberian that European countries suffer from, nor the heat of the Arab Gulf countries.

Witnessing an economic and industrial renaissance:

According to many insiders and observers of Turkey and the latest developments in it, during the current period it is witnessing an unprecedented renaissance. Today, when we talk about the Turkish economy, we refer to one of the most important and prominent economies in the world. It is racing for the first five positions and is expected to be ranked by 2030 Fifth globally.
It supports the export of products made in Turkey to all countries of the world, thus turning it into a first-class exporter.
The Turkish government is working to digitize all its systems in order to provide an ideal and comfortable life for citizens.

The most important strategic projects include:

It contains the most important infrastructure projects that had a great impact on all sectors of life, especially the real estate field, as it contributes to a significant increase in prices.
Among the most prominent of these projects (Istanbul New Airport – New Istanbul Water Canal – Bridges – Tunnels – Hospitals – Universities – Parks – Gardens) and others.

We have provided you with a comprehensive report on everything that concerns you about Turkish citizenship and many nationalities of European countries, and we have highlighted the advantages – the positives – and the points of difference.
Visit our website frequently to get everything related to the real estate market in Turkey and the latest news about Turkish citizenship.

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