How to obtain tourist residence permit in Turkey

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For everyone who wants to obtain a tourist residence permit in Turkey, here is this article,

through which you will find a comprehensive and complete guide to all the information you want to know,

starting  from the costs that you must pay, until the date of receiving the residence permit,

in addition to a lot of notes that help you to submit a safe and acceptable application,

as well as the answer of the most famous questions we received about how to obtain a tourist residence permit in Turkey??.


tourist residence permit in Turkey

Touristic residence permit in Turkey is one of the legal procedures that grant the holders residence permit in the state of Turkey.

This residence permit is issued through a request submitted by those who wish to obtain it, to the Immigration Department in Turkey, and this is done by booking an appointment to submit the application through the website, and after identifying the site, the interview is conducted and through it the person submits the papers that have been requested from him.

The Government usually grants this residence permit for a period not exceeding one year, with the possibility of renewal, but after applying several conditions that will be identified during the next paragraph. 


Tourist residence permit in Turkey and its benefits

Every person who carries Turkish tourist residence permit enjoys several important elements and advantages, and the most important of these advantages are what we will mention during the following lines:

  •       Anyone who obtained the Turkish tourist residency became entitled to travel to the state of Turkey, without needing a visa, in order to be able to enter it.
  •       A T Tourist residence permit in Turkey has allowed its holders the possibility of opening a bank account in all Turkish banks and international banks also located on the territory of Turkey .
  •       The tourist residency holder has the right to open and register meters related to gas, electricity, water and the Internet.
  •       Real estate ownership in all its forms has become available to anyone who carries the tourist residence permit, but provided that he is one of the nationalities allowed to own real estate in Turkish territory.
  •       The tourist residence permit holder has the ability to buy and own a car and obtain a Turkish driving license.
  •       Children whose parents have tourist residency are entitled to free education within all public schools.
  •       The tourist residence permit holder is now entitled to a Schengen Visa to all EU countries.
  •       If you want to get a work residence permit in Turkey, or establishing a new company, the prerequisite is that you get a tourist residence permit in Turkey.


Ways to book a tourist residency appointment in Turkey:  

If you would like to apply for a tourist residency appointment, there are several ways you should follow according to the following steps:

  •       Open the official website of the Ministry of Immigration through the link for the ministry, then choose the language that suits you.
  •       At the top of the screen you will find multiple options linked to the available languages, choose from the top of the screen what you want from it.
  •       Fill in the required fields on the link sent to you and enter the verification code you received via the message.
  •       After completing the previous procedures, you will be directed to one of the new pages to choose the type of stay you want, then choose the type of stay that is short term.
  •       Press the next button after you have completed filling in the sections.
  •       A new screen will then be opened for you to schedule an interview.
  •       Once a date has been set, you should make sure to print out the paper that has been recorded, which contains the date of the interview and the place where it will take place.


How to verify tourist residence permit approval :

 Anyone who has submitted an application for  residence permit can identify through this number 157 the stage reached by the application.

There is a so-called answering machine answerer who can speak more than one language, so that he can answer your questions in the language you speak.

If you call this number, you must place all papers,

such as your passport and residence receipt, in order to that the employee can receive the correct information,

which will make it easier for him to reach the correct result.


Duration of tourist residency in Turkey:

The Immigration Department is responsible for the first tourist residency period,

as well as being related to the duration of health insurance, and the validity of the applicant’s passport.


It can be said that tourist residency is granted once a year and is renewable,

and it can be extended for two years, but this happens in some cases,

 there are some states that grant tourist residency for a period exceeding six months during the first time,

 the second time it is renewed for only one year.


Conditions on the basis of which tourist residency is renewed 

There are several controls and important task that the State of Turkey

has set as one of the conditions for renewing the tourist residence permit in Turkey for foreigners who reside in its territory,

and it is necessary that these special procedures for renewing the residence permit

start sixty days before the end of the old residence permit.


As for the application papers, they are the same ones that were requested for the first time,

but there are some minor differences, which are:

  •       Bring the residency application form.
  •       Submit a certified copy by the notary, of the passport.
  •       It is necessary to bring a copy of the previous residence card.
  •       It is necessary to bring 4 new photos and submit them with the rest of the documents .
  •       The applicant must have health insurance covering the entire length of the stay, and it must be valid.
  •       It is necessary to bring a copy of the receipt for payment of the finance application fee.
  •       There must be proof of residence with the rest of the required papers.
  •       bring a copy of the residence of the parents or legal guardian of minor children.


Documents required to apply for tourist residency :

There are some papers that you must have if you want to obtain a tourist residence permit inside the country of Turkey, which are :

  •       You must have a residence application form available and must sign it through the applicant.
  •       In the case of minor children, a family record must be issued and translated by an interpreter certified by the notary, and the parents sign the request on behalf of the child.
  •       Proof  of residence, such as the lease of the house where the applicant for tourist residence resides, must be brought.
  •       you have to get the original passport.
  •       The passport must be translated into Turkish, and it has been certified by the notary.
  •       4 recent photos.
  •       The tax number must be extracted, through the tax department.
  •       You must bring a copy of the receipts for payment of the finance application fee.
  •       A health insurance must be issued, the value of which varies depending on the age of the person applying.

Thus, we have reached the conclusion of our topic

in which we have answered to you about how to obtain tourist residence permit in Turkey,

and for more information about the laws and regulations in Turkey,

you can follow our website continuously or communicate with our real estate consultant.

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