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When you search online for real estate for sale in Turkey, you will get a full list of various options that satisfy all tastes and suit all budgets and community groups and with international specifications as well, this is apart from the advantages you enjoy when you buy a property in Turkey, and we will learn about it through our article.. We wish you a pleasant and useful reading.


Features of searching for real estate for sale in Turkey:

Today, we find huge numbers of investors and foreigners who want to buy a property in Turkey,

and there is no doubt that the reason behind this is the multiple advantages that the owners enjoy, and through the following paragraph we will provide you with the most important of those advantages:

First-Obtaining Turkish citizenship:

Among the incentives that foreigners have received is the possibility of obtaining Turkish citizenship, which has become one of the most important and strongest nationalities in the world, if they buy a property in Turkey, the value of it reached four hundred thousand US dollars or more, and you should also commit not to sell it for at least three years.

We note that the person who  going to buy a property and obtain Turkish citizenship must have a clean legal record and do not pose any danger or problems to the public security system in the Turkish state.

Second-Obtaining real estate residence permit:

When buying a property within the borders of the Turkish state, real estate residence permit shall be granted regardless of its specifications, location or even its area, but what is important in this thing is its price, as it must reach seventy-five thousand US dollars if the property is located in luxury and vital cities such as Istanbul, Ankara and Antalya, but if it is located in a cheap city that is not crowded with services, it must be priced at a minimum of fifty thousand US dollars.

Third- Staying in Turkey:

Since you have purchased a property in Turkey and have the luck to obtain a real estate residence permit,

you can stay in Turkey and wander among its states legally,

and you will enjoy the landscape spread throughout Turkey,

it is known to be one of the most beautiful countries in the world,

and it is also worth mentioning that the cost of living in Turkey is not high,

but it is moderate if we want to compare it with living expenses in one of the European countries.

Fourth- Achieving a high percentage of profits:

Searching for a property for sale in Turkey means that you will make a great fortune through the profits that you will receive if you invest it in more than one way that is most popular to buy a property and after a certain period,

such as one year and two years, has passed, you can offer it for sale at a higher price.

We inform you that the real estate located near tourist sites and historical and archaeological monuments,

the financial value resulting from their rent is higher because of

the high demand that the property will receive from foreign and Arab tourists.

Fifth-Benefiting from tax exemption:

What contributed to the revival of the real estate market in Turkey is the tax exemptions and deductions provided by the Turkish state to foreigners, which played an effective and positive role in motivating foreign investors to acquire real estate in this country.

Sixth-Excellent educational services

The issue of owning one of the properties in Turkey does not depend on housing and stability,

but rather gives your children a golden opportunity to receive education

in one of the Turkish schools or universities that provide the curriculum with the latest educational methods and techniques.


Types of real estate in Turkey:

What distinguishes the real estate market in Turkey is that it contains many types of ordinary and luxury properties. The following are the most important of these types:

First- ordinary  apartments:

Apartments of a normal character are found in Turkey, especially in ordinary neighborhoods, and they are always within a building. In fact, ordinary apartments do not contain a lot of services,

but there are sometimes electric elevators, surveillance cameras, and cleaning service to clean drawers and corridors.


Villas are one of the most luxurious types of apartments in Turkey because of the large number of diverse services provided for their owners, such as the associated parks and swimming pools, as well as their large areas that provide you with many profitable investment opportunities, and they are also diverse, including ordinary villas, including the historical ones that bear Turkey’s ancient history and the last type of tourist villas that attract huge numbers of tourists and investors.

Third-Residential Complexes:

Housing in residential complexes is quite different from housing in other properties, as it provides modern protection services such as surrounding the residential complex with high walls that are difficult to penetrate and surveillance cameras spread around it, as well as the presence of security personnel at its doors to prevent the entry of strangers without the consent of the residents of the complex. This type of property also provides many recreational services

such as the presence of Turkish bathrooms, walkways, grading, car garages and many others.

Buying real estate in Turkey is a golden opportunity that countless investors, foreigners, and entrepreneurs seek to enjoy the advantages of ownership in this country.

In order to get more information about the real estate market in Turkey, you can contact our real estate consultant to provide you with the help you need.


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