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 Istanbul Cevahir Mall or Sisli Center for Culture and Commerce, is one of the important shopping centers in Turkey, located in Buyuk Dir Street, located in the Sisli neighborhood in Istanbul, it was built recently and opened on October 15, 2005, and classified as the largest shopping centers located within the continent of Europe, due to the fact that its total area exceeds the largest malls in Europe, as well as being the best commercial centers in the world, so we decided to take you with us on a tour inside it to see the most important details and information related to it.


About Istanbul Cevahir mall :

Istanbul Cevahir Mall is Turkey’s best mall , and the largest mall in the world in terms of area, with an area of 58,000m. 

There are parks and places for children’s play inside Cevahir Mall , as well as Atlantis Recreational Center and the first closed entertainment center inside Turkey .

Cevahir Mall  has 6 floors, up to 6 floors that 280 shops, in addition to the parking spaces of this commercial center, which has a capacity of 2500 vehicles.

Cevahir Mall  was constructed on a plot of land with an area of 62,475 m, and the cost of its construction exceeded  250,000,000 USD.

The total area of the center has exceeded 420,000 m, of which 110,000 m is available for rent, and  this area contains 34 fast food restaurants and more than 14 exclusive restaurants.

It has a theatre dedicated to performances and events, as well as 12 cinemas, a bowling alley, cinemas dedicated to children, a small roller coaster, and a number of other leisure-related facilities. 

 Cevahir Mall  is surrounded by a glass ceiling of 2500m, with the second largest hour in the world, with high numbers of three meters.

The total area of the car park has exceeded 71,000 m, and it has been distributed over four floors.

It has a huge number of important restaurants, led by McDonald’s Restaurant, Çiçek ızgara Restaurants, Café Molinari Restaurant, Burger King Restaurant and many others.

In addition, it has jewelry and candy stores, electronics and computers stores, mobile phones, and cosmetics stores such as skincare and makeup products.


Important places inside Cevahir Mall  

There are 6 floors inside Jawaher Mall, and it contains more than 280 shops, which  vary between food and  food stores, entertainment and cinema stores, and other stores dedicated to selling clothes, the latest children’s games, mobile phones and electrical devices, and parking, and this is what we will learn about during the next period.  

FunLab Club 

FunLab, which has all the modern games for adults and children, such as electric cars, amusement parks, hammocks, as well as table tennis lounges for the elderly, and pool halls, so Art Lab clubs in Cevahir Mall has become one of the best recreational places for families.

Opal Opti Store

This store features the best and finest modern European eyewear and sunglasses, in addition to having the best Turkish medical glasses at the cheapest prices.

Villa döviz Store 

Through this mall dedicated to selling jewelry and changing currencies, you can replace the currency that you have easily, and buy a beautiful and rare Turkish jewelry event with ease

Kahvedar Coffee

KahveDar is one of the best places to eat authentic Turkish coffee inside Turkey, in addition to being a  special store to sell candy a Also, you can get the best types of sweets, coffee and many hot drinks, and it also works 24 hours, so you can visit it any time of the day.

Finspor Store 

It is a sports mall, it has a special location Cevahir Mall, where you can get advanced sports equipment, such as football balls, tennis rackets, ski shoes, bicycle helmets, sports walkers and many other fun and sophisticated tools related to sports.

Coffee Çaycı

Standing on the first floor, Çaycı Coffee enjoys great tranquility, so you can relax and relax while having hot coffee, after a hard day at work or hiking inside Turkey.

Calzedonia  istanbul Store 

Calzedonia  is one of the best stores for women’s clothing such as jeans, trousers, modern shirts, and high heels. If you are a fan of buying high-end clothes, you should visit Calzedonia’s shop located in Cevahir Mall.

Garanti Bankası bank

Garanti Bankası, located inside Cevahir Mall , flourished with confidence and safety, and became one of the most famous places in the mall, through which you can get many distinctive high-end services in all sides, as well as the protection and security that the customer enjoys from entering the bank since leaving it.

Arçelik Store

One of the most famous stores in Cevahir Mall  is cevahir store, which is famous for the presence of basic products of any family that are indispensable, such as modern TVs, washing machines and cookers, so if you want to buy advanced electrical appliances, you should visit this store.

The most important features of Cevahir Mall  

There are many advantages of Cevahir Mall  , which was the reason for its position around the world, which are as follows:

Cevahir Mall  is close to the ” Sisli” metro station, which is one of the best metro stations in Turkey, and through it, access to Cevahir Mall A has become easy, as it has been linked with all regions in Turkey.

Cevahir Mall  contains a huge number of banks, which are located on the first floor and the second floor of it.

It is also a very suitable mall for children, for various reasons, including its cafes and casinos, which are suitable for all adults and children.


In addition, Cevahir Mall is characterized by the presence of several direct exits, through which you can go to it , and then you will find yourself in the heart of Cevahir Mall directly.

As well as having a Parking only for mall visitors, it can house around 2,600 cars.

Inside the mall are 3 cinemas, equipped with 3D technology.

Istanbul Cevahir mall  is one of the most important malls that you may find in Istanbul, and if you want to see other important malls with many privileges, we advise you to follow our website to see the most important huge shopping centers that exist in this city.

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