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If you are interested in the real estate sector in Turkey and Turkish citizenship, we advise you to follow this article prepared by the editorial team at Hana Real Estate to be comprehensive about the latest amendments to the law on obtaining it.
Important details and many answers to your questions are presented to you now. We wish you an enjoyable reading and an interesting follow-up.

Check out the latest developments in obtaining Turkish citizenship:

On the morning of Friday, May 13, 2022 AD, the Turkish government issued a decision to amend the law on obtaining Turkish citizenship in exchange for real estate investment and raised the minimum from two hundred and fifty thousand US dollars to four hundred thousand dollars, but the decision has not yet been implemented, as it will be worked on in June 13, 2022 AD, about a month from now.
(What we must note in this regard is that the opportunity is not lost yet and you still have time to seize the opportunity and get it at the old price, but with one condition, which is to take a step now and apply to buy a property worth two hundred and fifty thousand dollars and apply for it).

In this context, let us tell you that the Turkish government always issues decisions to amend laws related to Turkish citizenship, for example, in late 2018 AD, it issued a decision reducing the amount required to obtain it for real estate investment from one million US dollars to two hundred and fifty thousand only.

There is an important question that you must have in mind (Are there any other conditions that must be met with the right property to obtain Turkish citizenship in exchange for real estate investment, other than that its price should be 400 thousand dollars)?
Certainly, there are many other conditions that must be met, and through the following paragraph we present them in full:
– Commitment not to sell it before the lapse of three years.
– To be purchased from a Turkish citizen or a Turkish construction company.
– The property must not have been used previously to obtain it.
– It must be paid for through a Turkish bank (i.e. not paid in cash).
You might be wondering what if you paid for it in cash? And if you bought it from a foreign citizen? Or had it been acquired earlier through this property? You will not be able to apply for citizenship because it has violated the stipulated conditions.
One of the important information that you should take into consideration is that obtaining this citizenship through real estate investment is the best way for several reasons, the most prominent of which is that it is easy to own real estate in Turkey and complete all the procedures, and also if you do not want to live in it, you can use it by investing during the years that you are not entitled to dispose of it to get high returns.
There are those who wonder if, after the passage of three years, he will recover his capital as it is or not. Will it decrease, increase, or maintain its current status? In this regard, you must be reassured, as real estate prices in Turkey are constantly rising, and this is only a sign that your capital may double.

Modifications to other methods of obtaining citizenship:

In 2018, many decisions were issued regarding obtaining Turkish citizenship through other methods, and they were certainly positive amendments and in the interest of the investor or foreigner, and the following are the most important of them.
1 – For those who wish to obtain it through financial investment, the required amount has been reduced from 2 million US dollars to five hundred thousand dollars only.
2 – As for those who wish to obtain it through a bank deposit, the amount was reduced from three million dollars to five hundred thousand only, with a commitment not to withdraw it before the lapse of three years.
3 – It can be obtained in exchange for establishing a business and employing at least fifty Turkish people, while earlier a hundred people had to be employed.
It should be noted that to obtain this citizenship there are many other ways, such as marrying a Turkish citizen, but it is not possible to submit an application to obtain it before the lapse of at least three years in order to be sure that this marriage is real and not only intended to obtain it. Also, the foreigner must not pose any danger to public security.
Also, any foreigner under the age of eighteen can obtain this citizenship if he is adopted by a Turkish family, provided that he does not pose any threat to Turkish national security.
You can also apply for it in the event of belonging to the Turkish state through the affiliation of assets, and this must be proven by papers and documents.
Some people can also obtain it in an exceptional way in some cases, for example: (in the case of providing scientific or technical achievements that contribute to the development of the Turkish state).

Learn about the general conditions for obtaining citizenship:

It is not possible to disagree that Turkish citizenship can be obtained easily and without many complications and arbitrary laws, but this does not negate the existence of some general conditions that must be met by the person wishing to obtain it, and through the following paragraph you can view it in full.
– He should not be under the legal age (i.e. he must be at least eighteen years old).
– He must be of sound mind and not suffer from Alzheimer’s disease or dementia.
– To be in complete health and not carry any communicable disease that threatens public health.
– Not to pose any danger to public security in Turkey and his judicial record will be checked.
– To reside in Turkey for at least five years.
– To provide evidence that confirms the sincerity of his intention to settle in Turkey.
– To be familiar with the Turkish language enough to communicate with the people of the community.

Advantages of Turkish Citizenship:

Many foreigners and investors around the world did not randomly choose Turkish citizenship, but this was a natural result of all the advantages that can be obtained in return, and below we will talk about it fully and in detail.

First: Ease of completing transactions:

Whoever holds that nationality can complete all the official transactions or extract the papers he needs with great ease, while foreigners will suffer from the difficulty of completing them, most notably (passport renewal – registration of the newborn) and so on.

Second: The Turkish passport:

After you obtain citizenship, you can directly apply for a Turkish passport, which is considered one of the most important and most powerful passports in the world, and according to the platform for classifying passports in the world, during the current year 2022 AD, it ranked 41.
By obtaining this passport, you will be able to enter more than 61 countries around the world without the requirement to obtain a visa, and there are more than 45 countries that grant an automatic visa to the holder of this passport at the moment of access to it. There are also 8

countries that grant the visa electronically, thus saving him time, waiting, effort and money.

Third: Obtaining dual citizenship:

The law on obtaining Turkish citizenship does not impose, as many European countries, the condition that the foreigner renounce his mother nationality in exchange for obtaining it, and thus he will become dual nationals and can benefit from both of their advantages.

Fourth: Distinguished job opportunities:

This nationality gives the foreigner the right to work in both the private and government sectors, and there is no problem in obtaining a job within the state’s departments and without the need to obtain a work permit. He can also practice professions that the foreigner is prohibited from working in, such as veterinary medicine, law, pharmacy and customs clearance.
In addition to all of the above, a person who holds that nationality can benefit from all the rights enjoyed by a Turkish citizen, such as:
– Advanced medical services for free and at reduced prices.
– Educational services and enrollment in schools and universities.
– Benefit from the retirement law for the elderly over the age of 65.
– Run for Parliament and vote in elections.

Other advantages for a Turkish citizenship holder:

The advantages that you will get by obtaining Turkish citizenship are not limited to the above, but there are many other positives and motives that we will refer to below.
1 – Ease of integration with Turkish society without feeling discriminated against and the ease of learning the Turkish language.
2 – The geographical location of the Turkish state, which is in the middle of three continents and is close to the Arab world.
3 – The strong relationship between the European Union countries and the Turkish state, which is an important advantage for investors as they can link and develop their businesses and projects that exist between them and enhance their chances of obtaining more profits.
4 – The prosperity of the Turkish economy, especially in light of expectations that during the coming period it will be ranked fifth in the world, surpassing many important countries.

Negative aspects of obtaining Turkish citizenship:

There is no doubt that obtaining this citizenship is one of the golden opportunities that a foreigner may have, but what you must bear in mind is that there are many negative aspects (some may find defects and others not).
1 – Whoever obtains Turkish citizenship will be obliged to perform military service if they did not perform it in their home country or if they obtained it before reaching the age of 22, knowing that the duration of military service in Turkey is only one year and work is being done to reduce it to only nine months.
2 – He will not be able to benefit from the temporary protection law or obtain scholarships in Turkish universities.
3 – The bearer loses the right of asylum to a third country.

Can a foreigner lose Turkish citizenship?

Among the common questions that are asked by those interested in obtaining citizenship (is there any possibility that the citizenship will be withdrawn from those who hold it after obtaining it)? Yes, but only in four cases, which are as follows.

First case:

In the event that the person does business for foreign countries and works to serve them in a way that does not coincide with the interests of the Turkish state, but what should be noted is that it is not withdrawn directly, but rather is given a three-month opportunity in order to undo the work he is doing if he does not respond, it will be withdrawn.

The second case:

If a person who holds Turkish citizenship voluntarily works for the interest of foreign countries between them and the Turkish state in an official war without obtaining an official permit or permission to do so.

Third case:

If a Turkish citizen voluntarily joins military service in a non-Turkish country without obtaining an official permit, his citizenship will be withdrawn.

Fourth case:

If the Turk commits one of the crimes stipulated in the Turkish Penal Code that disturb the security and stability system in Turkey.
In this regard, it must be noted that a foreigner who obtains Turkish citizenship loses it if it is discovered by the authorities that it was obtained illegally or by circumventing Turkish laws.

Hana Real Estate Services for those wishing to obtain Turkish citizenship:

Among the diverse and wide range of services that we offer to our clients wishing to own real estate in Turkey is assistance in obtaining Turkish citizenship, as follows.
– Inform you of all the laws related to it and the latest updates to it.
– We provide you with suitable properties for the conditions of obtaining it.
– We guarantee that all acquisition procedures are carried out in a proper and legal manner.
– A lot of advice and information you get through our advisory and legal team.
– You obtain citizenship legally without any possibility of wrongdoing to revoke it.
– We supervise all legal steps and prevent you from entering into details that you are not aware of.

You still have the opportunity to obtain Turkish citizenship for only 250 thousand US dollars, so what are you waiting for after taking a step now without any hesitation and be one of the winners and ahead of time, all you have to do is contact us and leave the rest to us to take the lead to offer you the many benefits and assistance you are looking for.

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