Residential complexes in Turkey, a successful investment option that has no limits

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What do you think of residential complexes in Turkey? Have you seen its advantages and the advantages of real estate investment in it? It has become a popular real estate option lately because the demand for it has increased significantly, according to some reports, it has been found that it is the most demanded at all.
Residential complexes are a different, sophisticated and elegant lifestyle that suits everyone, and for the importance of this topic, we have dedicated this article to you in the Hana Real Estate Company to be comprehensive about it for you to know about it.


What is meant by residential complexes in Turkey?

Before deciding whether the residential complexes are suitable for you to buy real estate or not, you should familiarize yourself with their concept and general structure.
These complexes are several blocks of buildings surrounded by an external wall where they feel completely separated from the outside world (similar to a small city where all the necessities of life are available).
Apartments and real estate within these complexes are available in different and varied styles, where you can find regular apartments, villas, and others.


The importance of real estate investment in residential complexes:

One of the main reasons that prompted foreign investors to invest in real estate within these complexes is that the demand for them is great, and therefore it is easy to find tenants for them or to resell them again when you want to do so in the future.
But the question here is why the demand for these complexes is great? This question is what we will give an adequate answer to in the following paragraph.

1 – A quiet and stable life away from the noise:

If you are a lover of a life of calm and tranquility, you should choose to live within these complexes for a reason because the outer wall isolated it from the world around it, and only the owners of real estate and apartments or those who have the most important connection with them enter it.
The residents of these complexes get a lot of comfort, privacy and independence, and this is one of the first reasons that prompted many people and foreigners to choose to reside and live there.

2 – Security and protection around the clock:

Among the most important advantages that you will get if you choose to live in residential complexes in Turkey is a safe life, due to its reliance on more than one security method, such as: guarding the external gates, where they make sure of the identity of everyone who wants to enter them, and there are also surveillance cameras distributed everywhere and alarms that Monitor any movement.

3 – Availability of all residents’ requests:

You will not have to leave the complex until it meets your requirements and supplies, as these complexes are provided with everything the residents may need such as (playgrounds – sauna – Turkish bath – steam rooms – jacuzzi – swimming pools – walking paths – cycling paths – children’s play areas – restaurant – cafe).
In some complexes a school – mosque – shops are provided.

4 – Location and distinctive view:

Construction companies choose distinctive strategic locations in order to build these complexes, so you will find transportation means near them that make access to any place easy, as well as the most important public and private schools and universities, hospitals and health centers.
It often overlooks the sea or forests and green spaces.

5 – Exquisite designs and high quality:

The design aspect of residential complexes is given great attention, as you notice this from the tremendous distinction that you will find, and this includes both the external and internal levels, as construction companies race among themselves in order to provide the best specifications in order to attract investors who are looking for real estate for sale and also the use of high-quality building materials ( They are designed to be earthquake-resistant, heat- and sound-proof.)

6 – Few responsibilities, great comfort:

Living in these complexes does not require a lot of commitment and responsibilities as if you live outside them, because there is periodic maintenance in order to maintain its elegance and modernity, and there are also continuous cleaning services, and therefore residents will not be responsible for all those details.
Also, the periodic meetings that are organized in order to solve all the problems or negatives experienced by the population must be adhered to.


Can I find apartment complexes in Turkey easily?

After we have provided you with the most important information related to these complexes, we must point out that you can find what suits you quickly, as there are many special offers, especially if you are looking in major cities such as Istanbul and their presence is concentrated in the city center (you have to search in Basaksehir – Beylikduzu – Esenyurt – Uskudar – Kadikoy) and others.
What we can say in this regard is that there are many plentiful offers with varied and different designs to suit all tastes. As for real estate investment, through it, you can get more abundant profits than investing in other types of real estate.


Are there downsides to buying apartment complexes?

Certainly, there are some negative aspects that you will encounter when you choose to invest in real estate within these complexes, and this is what we will talk about in the next paragraph.
One of the most prominent things that you will face when buying real estate in residential complexes is that it is far from the city center because in order to build it, large areas and distinctive supervision must be available.
Also, its price is high compared to other real estate prices, in addition to the fact that there are a lot of monthly returns that must be committed to paying, which averages about fifty US dollars.

In this context, you should know, because not all complexes provide the same services. The matter varies depending on the state in which it is located, whether it is located in the center of the city or on its outskirts, as well as the service and recreational facilities provided inside and near it, and other details.

All you want to know about residential complexes in Turkey we have provided in this article. If you want to get what suits you and matches your budget, you only have to contact us to provide you with the required assistance.


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