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The Turkish passport is one of the common goals of many people around the world, and there are many questions that are raised about it. For this reason, the editorial team at Hana Real Estate decided to answer through the following article about the most important information and details related to the Turkish passport, such as its costs – advantages – its kind.

Turkish passport :

It is the official document granted by the State of Turkey to Turkish citizens or to foreign or Arab investors who have obtained Turkish citizenship and under certain conditions, to allow them to travel and obtain entry visas to other countries using this document, it is issued by the General Directorate of Population and Nationality Affairs of Turkey – Immigration and Passport Department, the first Turkish passport was issued in 1950.

There are four types of Turkish passport that can be obtained, but for each passport there are special requirements that are different from the other. The citizen applying for his passport must fulfill the requirements to be granted one of the four types.

 The Turkish passport holder can travel to most countries of the world without entry visas (Visa), and the reason lies in the strength of the Turkish passport, which ranked highly in the global ranking.

 The Turkish government’s policy and methodology give it more strength. Turkey’s strong and stable economy also gives the Turkish passport strength and distinction, which indicates the possibility that the Turkish passport will advance multiple ranks in the global ranking in the coming years.

Features of Turkish passport 2022

One of the most important features of the Turkish passport is the international classification of the passport among the passports of other countries. It is in the highest ranks in terms of its strength, the speed of issuance with which it is characterized. The Turkish passport can be obtained after several days of submitting the papers to the Immigration and Passport Department. You can also extract a passport that only needs to be renewed once every 10 years.

 The passport holder has full Turkish citizenship rights. You enjoy free government health and educational services, which include schools, universities, government hospitals and other services provided by the Turkish government.

You can obtain a Turkish passport and do not have to give up the original citizenship (dual citizenship), A foreigner or an Arab who holds a Turkish passport can benefit from free government services like any Turkish citizen, and he can also benefit from the special government retirement program where what applies to the Turkish citizen applies to him, and the holder has the right to participate in the Turkish elections.

According to the facilities that the Turkish government makes to encourage real estate investment in Turkey, it has taken a set of legal procedures and instructions that allow investors to obtain Turkish real estate residence or Turkish citizenship and obtain a Turkish passport, which prompted many investors to travel to Turkey, invest and obtain the most powerful passports in the world.

The cost of obtaining a Turkish passport

 The fees to be paid for obtaining a Turkish passport vary, according to the validity period of the passport, you will pay the fees. If you want to obtain a passport with a validity of six months, you will pay the price of the passport book, which is approximately 180 Turkish liras plus the validity fees equal to 309 Turkish liras, or if you want to obtain a validity period of one year, you will pay 180 Turkish liras. (The price of the book) plus 452 fees for the passport. Either if you want to obtain a two-year validity, you will pay 180 Turkish liras (the price of the book) plus 1048 fees for the passport.

Either if you want to obtain a validity period of 3 years, you will pay 180 Turkish liras (the price of the book) plus 1294 fees for the passport.

While obtaining a validity period of 4 years, you will pay 180 Turkish liras (the price of the book) plus 1714 fees for the passport.

The person applying for a Turkish passport can pay the fees for the passport in a Turkish bank, with the need to keep the bank receipt for the payment process in order to obtain the Turkish passport.

Steps for obtaining a Turkish passport:

If you want to obtain a passport, you must follow a set of procedures and a sequence of instructions for the Turkish government.

You must book an appointment to obtain a Turkish passport by calling the number 199 or visiting the website of the Turkish registry department. After that, you must go to the Turkish Post Center and pay the extraction costs, go to the appointment that was previously taken with personal papers from (personal identification – a copy of personal identity). Payment receipt – Residential address with a document proving it – Old passport, if available – Square personal photos number 2) After that, a form is obtained from the Department of Souls to fill in the required data fields and hand it to the employee with all the required papers, waiting for several days until the passport is issued and sent to the address attached with the required papers.

Types of Turkish passports:

The Turkish government grants several types of its own passports. An ordinary Turkish citizen or a foreign investor with Turkish citizenship can obtain a normal or red passport. It also grants another type called a sealed Turkish passport (the gray Turkish passport)  which is granted to national athletes, affiliated with the Red Crescent, members of the Turkish Aeronautical Association, citizens who work in international organizations, It grants a third type of Turkish passport, which is the Turkish passport (the green Turkish passport) and is granted to mayors, retired public service employees, the husband or wife of special Turkish passport holders, the fourth type is the diplomatic Turkish passport, which is granted to members of the National Assembly and ministers, Plenipotentiaries, diplomats.

The child can be given the Turkish passport for non-adult children after the approval of the parents.

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