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Istanbul is considered one of the most important real estate investment areas in Turkey, especially Istanbul with its European part, given that it has all the necessary ingredients for the success of real estate investment, and Basin Express is one of the European Istanbul regions that occupies an important position in real estate investment.

In our article today, we will talk about all the reasons and components that gave Basin Express its real estate importance.

Basin Express location  in Istanbul:

The Basin Express occupies a very important location in Istanbul, constituting the highway from Istanbul city center north to Atatürk International Airport in the southern part of Istanbul.

In addition, it is the link between two highways of the metro line, one in the southern part and the second in the north of Istanbul, and therefore the Basin Express site is one of the most important reasons that characterized it, and it increased the importance of that area.

The importance of the Basin Express location in real estate investment:

The Basin Express neighborhoods are located in the vicinity of the Basin Express Highway, which is one of the most important roads in Istanbul, and the axis connecting the north and the south.

This is the main reason that increased the importance of the Basin Express properties, and led to an increase in the movement of construction in its various neighborhoods, and the urban movement included the diversity of luxury buildings and office buildings in addition to the various residential buildings and various shops.

This rapid development clearly augurs well for a promising investment future in real estate and various other areas.

Therefore, Basin Express has become the focus of attention for real estate investors on the one hand, and those wishing to stay in a vital area on the other hand.

Advantages of real estate investment in Basin Express:

The real estate investment in Basin Express is characterized by many elements that increase its importance and drive it to fast progress, among these advantages:

  • Transportation Network:

Various Basin Express neighborhoods are located next to the very important Basin Road in Istanbul.

In addition, it is a connecting node between the coastal road, the E5   highway and the intercontinental TEM.

In addition to its proximity and connection to the Marmara Highway

As a result, Basin Express’s transportation ranges from public transport to metro and railways, as well as maritime transport by the Marmara Sea.

The importance of transportation is not hidden from real estate investors

It is one of the most important factors linking the bassin Express to the different areas of Istanbul, and makes travel to and from it very easy

It increases the vitality of the region and the trend of population advance towards it.

  • Proximity to Istanbul third Airport:

Basin Express is located near the most important airports in Turkey, and the most important international airports, and in view of the importance of the international airport, the value of real estate investment has increased in all areas adjacent to it, and Basin Express is one of those areas whose real estate included in the importance of investment.

  •  :Proximity to Istanbul Canal

The Basin Express location is also close to Turkey’s largest project, the Istanbul Canal, which is expected to change the map of maritime traffic and its direction towards Turkey, this project will increase the importance of investment in Turkey

Of course, he will jump by investing neighboring areas with many degrees in one jump.

  • Basin Express Residential Complexes:

The residential complexes of the Basin Express are new and sophisticated.

Adopting the best and latest architectural design methods, taking into account international standards in construction, as well as adopting the smart home system that made Basin Express properties one of the most important and modern properties in Turkey.

Construction companies were also interested in building buildings with hotel regulations

Its luxury and investment importance are the preferred type of tourists and entrepreneurs.

  • Tourist turnout:

Bassen Express is characterized by its distinctive nature and its proximity to the tourist attractions in Istanbul, so its tourism movement has been very active.

  • Rising property prices:

Basin Express properties are experiencing an increase in their prices as a result of the high demand by Turkish and foreign real estate investors.

Ownership of a property in Basin Express promises to double the capital soon.

  • Rental properties.

Basin Express is characterized by the spread of office properties, which are a suitable option for companies that go to it to open new branches within it.

Office properties are characterized by high wages compared to apartments and other properties, so owning this type of property in Basin Express will ensure double and guaranteed profits in a short time.

In addition to the high wages of the common hotel apartments, which are easy to rent and have guaranteed returns.

Together, these factors play a very important role in increasing the interest of real estate investors in Basin Express properties and directing them towards it.

Services available at the basin Express:

Basin Express, like other areas of the European part of Istanbul that have received great attention from the Turkish government, given its great investment importance resulting from its proximity to the most important and largest Turkish projects.

The Government turned its services to these areas, including:

  • Educational services

With regard to schools, Basin Express houses many public schools as well as international schools, as well as numerous private and public universities.

One of the most important reasons for choosing the region for residence or real estate investment is the availability of educational services in that region, which is available in the Basin Express area.

  • Health Services

Health services are also very important in the real estate investment of a region or in residing in that region.

Basin Express features many private and public hospitals, as well as international hospitals.

It also features health centers, various clinics, and pharmacies scattered throughout the Basin Express neighborhoods.

  • Hotels & Banks:

The proliferation of hotels and banks demonstrates the high demand by investors to invest in Basin Express, which in turn has led to an increased need for hotels and financial exchanges through banks.

Basin Express features large and luxurious hotels

In addition to the many important branches of Turkish banks, this shows the vitality of investments in that region.

  • Basin Express Shopping Malls:

Basin Express houses the most important shopping malls and malls in Turkey.

which plays an important role in increasing the population density in the region.

Basin Express is one of the richest areas of European Istanbul with various services that increase the value of its properties and their importance in various investments.

Advantages of Bassin Express Residential Complexes:

The Basin Express logicis one of the old areas that have been demolished and the construction of new and modern buildings in it. These buildings, including residential complexes, enjoy many of the advantages of modernity, including:

  • The architectural design is distinguished by its elegance and modernity.
  • Ensure that residential apartments are exposed to sufficient and equal sunlight.
  • Adopting a residential apartments isolation system that gives its residents more privacy.
  • Adopt weatherproofing from heat and cold, as well as noiseproofing.
  • Equipping residential apartments in a way that ensures the highest availability of various services.
  • Attention to the recreational aspect of life, and the provision of recreational services such as swimming pools, playgrounds and spacious gardens that ensure the highest level of well-being.

Basin Express, like other areas of Istanbul, which are important for real estate investment, makes owning a property a good option for investment.

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