Important Warnings for Those Who Want to Buy a House in Turkey

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If you want to search for houses for sale in Turkey, there are a set of tips and information that you should consider in order to ensure that your choice is correct and you are away from real estate fraud and loss of money.

Tips when buying a house in Turkey:

There are some important tips and points for buying a house in Turkey and it is in your interest to review them:

First – you have to slow down, even if you get bored:

The most deadly thing for buyers is impatience, as many of them quickly get bored or frustrated when they miss an opportunity or two and fail to achieve a suitable deal for them, so they begin to lower their ambitions and give up some property specifications, and this behavior can only be described as wrong because the real estate market in Turkey is a strong market and it has many competitive offers, so you must be patient, wait, and go through more than one experiment to search and investigate to get the property you dream of, without making any concessions.

Secondly, the location of the house causes an investment boom:

The location of the house is very important, whether it is for housing or investment. Turkey is characterized by its extension on the continents of Asia and Europe and its view over many important water bodies and the well-known Bosphorus Strait. Hence, the characteristics of real estate houses vary according to the location that must be chosen very the success of real estate investment depends on choosing a vital city with activity and movement to be the home of your house.

Usually the prices of houses in the city center are more expensive than those far from it, so be careful to buy a house on the outskirts of the city, although its price is attractive, but it will cause you many problems in the future due to the lack of schools, universities, health centers and various services, in addition to the difficulty of transportation to and from it.

This, in turn, will negatively affect the percentage of demand for it, so you will find the success rate of investing in it is very small, even if your budget prevents you from choosing a house in the city center, it is preferable to buy by installments than to buy in its outskirts.

One of the biggest mistakes that the buyer, especially the foreigner, falls into is that it depends on the current situation of the region, because many areas lose their vitality and value in light of the growth of their families.

To make it clear, we will mention to you a simple example that is reflected in the Beylikdüzü area, which was a remote and popular area few years ago, but once the Turkish state started building a line in it, the metro bus would pass to its center and the urban renaissance taking place there, so that its real estate became of great importance and was a cause of real wealth for many investors and foreigners.

Third – Do not be surprised by the different procedures between the states of Turkey:

Your success or failure in buying a property in one of the cities of Turkey does not mean that it will be repeated in the rest of the cities, the laws may be the same, the procedures and the transactions are almost the same, but the difference is in the time that every state takes to give approval to own a property in it on the one hand, and the ease of conducting official contracts on the other hand and the buying and selling process smoothness.

Fourth: Asking Experts for Help

The idea of ​​relying on your information in the Turkish real estate market is not preferred. No matter how familiar you are with its news, you should use a real estate agent or real estate company, especially if you are a foreigner or a new investor in the real estate sector, because you will face a lot of fraud because you are ignorant of Turkish real estate laws.

Fifth: Going on field trips

It is desirable that you take an exploratory tour of the houses nominated for you by the construction companies and their prices, so that you may find your request. And do not rely on the photos of the house or the videos sent to you by the seller, as there is possibility that he took them from an angle where only the positives of the house appear, leaving you surprised with its flaws when you see them in real.

Sixth: Stay away from old house

 You may be tempted by the price of worn-out houses, but they need a lot of maintenance work to make living in them somewhat acceptable. If you combine the price with the cost of maintenance work, you will find that it will cost you more than ready-made houses, but as a compromise, you can buy a property by installments or under construction if your budget is an obstacle between you and modern real estate, but do not take such a step if you are not a resident or located within the territory of the Turkish state to avoid incurring losses and being exposed to fraud.

Seventh – Do not neglect that there should be real estate appraisal report

Having a real estate appraisal report is a necessity that is not limited to investors who apply for Turkish citizenship only, but it has become one of the most important documents you need to complete the purchase process in Turkey due to the importance of what it contains of all the information related to the property such as its location, area, price and general surroundings, in addition to the borders and restrictions and legal status of the property.

Procedures for buying a house in Turkey

Here are some of the procedures and steps for buying a house in Turkey:

First – Determine the purpose of the purchase

Not as soon as the idea of ​​buying a house came to your mind, implement it immediately, as you must have a goal that you seek to achieve through this client, ask yourself first of all why do I want to buy? And act according to your answer.

Second – Choosing the construction company

The construction company is considered as an investment partner, so choosing the right company is the most important point in the list of steps for real estate ownership in Turkey, and it is important before knowing the purchase process to make sure of the construction company’s reputation and experience in the Turkish real estate market.

Third – field tours in Turkey:

The third item in the list of steps to buy a house in Turkey is to make luxury real estate tours to various real estate projects in order to verify all the projects that the client has seen through photos and videos.

Fourth – Freezing the real estate price

When you like a house, do not hesitate to pay a deposit to the owner of the house to ensure that it does not get lost from your hands, and at the same time, the owner cannot change the price later.

Fifth – Signing the purchase contract

After preparing the documents required to buy a house in Turkey, you must hold a meeting between you and the owner to sign the contract and receive the possession title.

In order for your experience of buying a house in Turkey to be a pioneering experience, which satisfies you, and make you feel its importance, you should commit to avoiding the warnings we gave you previously, and remember that caution is a required trait in such a step.

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