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Owning a property in installments is one of the best options for buying a property in Turkey, and it is considered one of the successful financing options. It helps you own a property with a deferred sale contract, in which you pay the available amount as a down payment and deducted from the property price, after that, you pay the rest of the payments in installments at the periods agreed upon with the seller.

 We will talk with you about luxury properties for sale in Istanbul in installments, over the following lines. Follow us.

Real estate in installments in Istanbul:

There are several reasons that push investors to favor the option of owning and buying real estate in Istanbul, according to the options presented, as Turkey occupies a strategic position on the world map, making it a destination for investors and those wishing for citizenship, as well as tourists

Foreigners have the right to buy real estate in Istanbul:

Foreigners have the right to own real estate in installments, without any restrictions preventing the right to own property, and following the same conditions that must be applied if the payment is in cash.

They can also buy a property in installments in various Turkish states.

The issue is limited only to the agreement between the two parties to the contract (the buyer and the construction company) or the bank, because it is he who will undertake the real estate financing based on what is stated in the contract, and also determine the first payment, in addition to other payments and their value, and also the time period during which the remaining payments are paid on the buyer.

Steps to buy real estate in installments

There are two installment methods through which you can buy real estate in Turkey:

1- Purchase from the construction company:

This purchase is made by organizing a formal sales contract between the buyer and the construction company

In this contract, the price of the property, the time period and the value of the payments are determined.

The buyer must be obligated to pay these payments on time and in the agreed-upon amounts. The construction company also makes several commitments, especially if the property is under construction. As it committees to deliver the property ready for occupancy on the specified date and with all the specifications agreed upon in the contract.

Construction companies offer multiple options for selling real estate in installments, when real estate is under construction, especially in the early stages of construction, and the company also benefits from these payments in financing construction.

It is circulated that as the date of delivery of the property approaches, its price becomes higher. For example, when comparing the purchase of a property in the first phase of project construction, And between buying a property in the same project and with the same specifications, but shortly before the completion of construction, or after its completion, the price in the first phase will be low by about 20-40%.

2- Buying a property with a bank loan:

In the case of obtaining a mortgage from a Turkish bank, it is considered a suitable choice

Because the bank buys this property and then sells it again to the buyer, with a mortgage sign on the sales contract, and if all installments are paid, this sign is raised.

The first installment must be paid at a rate of 30-40% of the total value of the property, and often the installments are monthly, which is less than the monthly installments paid by the buyer when buying a property in installments from a construction company, and this is because the banks set a long period in order to pay the value of the installments, Which ranges from 5 to 10 years

The price of the property in the bank is more than the usual price, which made the reliance on mortgages to buy real estate in installments in Istanbul less.


Investing by buying real estate in Istanbul:

There are many opportunities that are reflected in real estate investment in terms of low prices for real estate, so you can find the right choice for you from the apartments available for sale in Istanbul in the best areas to buy real estate.

 And in the case of your search for real estate in Istanbul for sale in installments, do not place your full focus on some of the famous areas in Istanbul, but you should go to all investment areas or new areas witnessing continuous real estate construction, and promising opportunities such as the following areas: Beylikdüzü,  Basaksehir , Buyukcekmece

It is also necessary to determine your desire for housing. Do you want to live on the side in the Asian section, or in the European section, and you must understand well that each section has its advantages and disadvantages that distinguish it from other areas within the city of Istanbul, and most of the time it is recommended to buy real estate in Istanbul On the European side, this is due to the vitality of this aspect, and the diversity of real estate opportunities available in it.

Advantages of buying real estate in Istanbul:

There are several advantages that make Turkey in general and Istanbul in particular, different from the rest of the world, and this is what we will explain to you.

* The important and distinctive strategic location of Istanbul and its connection between real estate through the Bosphorus Strait is one of the advantages that push you to invest in real estate.

* Also, the temperate climate in Istanbul in all seasons of the year.

* It provides a comprehensive, public and easy transportation network, linking you with all parts of the city.

* In addition to the existence of many statistics that show the extent to which Istanbul needs a huge number of new housing due to the huge expansion that took place in it.

* It contains many historical and tourist attractions that have added several advantages to it that make it different from any other city in the world.

*Turkey has many great investment advantages, but the prices of apartments for sale in Istanbul still do not match their real value, which made experts and specialists expect a huge increase in their price.

Some high-end residential areas have been created, in which there are many markets and commercial complexes, and which are also characterized by their proximity to the lively city center, Then another type of real estate appeared to us, which is smart homes, which are a modern, sophisticated and distinctive model, and equipped with many advanced capabilities, as they shorten time and implement the requirements for their owners, in line with modern artificial intelligence systems.

Important tips when buying real estate in Istanbul:

– Verify who is responsible for selling the property, and who actually owns the right to carry out the sale.

– Ensuring the integrity of the papers, and the absence of multiple owners, and that there is one owner and one buyer of the property who disposes of it.

Ensuring that the property is completely free of mortgage rights, rent, or any other right.

– It is necessary to visit the property’s website, and verify its suitability for use and housing, or for the purpose of work

The necessity of receiving a copy of the property contract, and making sure that the previous owner of the property has already transferred ownership, and also that there are no rights over the property.

It is necessary to ensure that the specifications, area and information are completely identical with the specifications of the real estate on the ground.

If you want to search for luxury real estate for sale in Istanbul in installments, you must contact us so that we can help you and provide you with the most important offers and options available in the real estate market in Turkey that most certainly correspond to your goals and desires

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