Apartments for sale in Istanbul by the sea

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Istanbul is a historical and cultural city with many aspects of art and beauty, and this is reflected in the apartments in it. You can see all the manifestations of luxury spread throughout it, in addition to the unique and beautiful urban style of its buildings, so many investors aspire to buy apartments for sale In Istanbul by the sea.

Apartments for sale in Istanbul by the sea:

If you are a lover of the sea and tranquility and dream of living in an exceptional and unique apartment in Istanbul, you should take an exploratory course, in order to search for the most beautiful and comfortable apartments in that city, to enjoy living in a place where wonderful nature converges with beauty and luxury, That is why we decided to talk to you about the issue of apartments for sale in Istanbul by the sea so that we can help you choose the best apartments according to your desires, so follow us..

Distinctive places to live in Istanbul

The housing areas in Istanbul vary, which made it the destination for everyone looking for excellence and sophistication.

The modern urban renaissance attracted them.

And others their attention got caught by the giant economic renaissance.

Not to mention the successes that Istanbul witnessed in a large number of projects and distinguished it from others in the real estate sector.

The choice between apartments depends on the requirements of each family that comes to live in this big city; But in any case, Istanbul, with its European and Asian parts, is considered one of the preferred cities for investment, The increased demand has led to a significant increase in the purchase and sale of real estate and apartments within the city of Istanbul, which has led to the increasing growth in their prices after the increased demand for apartments in it.

Recently, some recent statistics issued by the Turkish Statistics Authority were published in an agency, which reported that there has been an increase in “real estate sales in Istanbul, by a huge percentage over previous years.

The best areas of Istanbul to live:

Istanbul meets the requirements of its residents, as it is a coastal tourist city, characterized by high-rise buildings, beautiful and picturesque nature, and the most prominent and important real estate projects in Turkey.

According to the Istanbul city location, it is divided into two main parts, the first part being the European part and the second being the Asian part. The European section is located to the west of the Bosphorus Strait, so it can link the Black Sea and the Sea of ​​Marmara, and it is bustling with life.

As for the Asian section, it is located east of the Bosphorus Strait, and has great geographical importance, and is considered by the residents of Istanbul as the best option, due to its calm, serenity and antiquity.\

The most prominent European regions of Istanbul:

There are a number of areas located in the European section, among which there is a race and competition, about the best apartments for sale in Istanbul by the sea, and sales are constantly increasing, in addition to the high profits of investors, due to the diversity and abundance of coastal areas, and we will address some of these areas in the following lines:

 Basaksehir area

It has a developed infrastructure, with distinguished services, such as high-end schools and universities and high-rise towers, In addition to its geographical location near airports and bridges.

 It is classified among the most important areas of Istanbul for buying apartments, as it is the new center of Istanbul! It is characterized by calm and tranquility, and next to it there is a large lake, with high-end health and educational services, which has recently become the first destination for investors, foreigners and Arabs, which has led to an exaggerated increase in real estate prices in that area.

 Atakoy District:

It has many high-end apartments that are characterized by the character of exaggerated luxury, overlooking the Marmara Sea, and it has vast green spaces, as well as wonderful engineering architecture; This makes it the best area to buy apartments for sale in Istanbul by the sea, characterized by modern buildings, abundant gardens, and restaurants along the sea.


It is characterized by a wonderful green nature, in which the art of modern architecture is evident, characterized by a calm atmosphere and distinguished services of high quality, with many homes surrounded by private and public gardens, real estate experts are often advised to buy apartments in it, it is one of the most important and most desirable stations for investors, as it is one of the preferred areas for housing, so real estate prices are constantly rising, in addition to its huge projects that are constantly increasing.

Halkali District:

It is characterized by a significant acceleration in its investment growth, as it is located on the ancient lake or Küçükçekmec Lake. It is distinguished by its many modern real estate projects, which have been built according to innovative technologies, and it has become one of the best areas for housing in Istanbul. Everyone who wants a quiet and stable life lives in this city.

Bahcesehir District:

It includes many luxury complexes, equipped with security and comfort facilities, a large number of health and social facilities, many commercial complexes and international stores.

It has advantages that make it a dazzling future within the best housing areas in Istanbul, and it has recently turned into an important center for real estate attraction, and it is expected that during the coming periods there will be a huge increase in real estate prices by a large percentage of up to 50%.

After the completion of the metro line project that connects it with the central areas of the city, in addition to its proximity to the new Istanbul Canal, Which will have a great impact on changing the future of this region in particular on the urban level and Istanbul in general.

Beylikduzu District:

It is characterized by the extension of its beaches on the Sea of ​​Marmara, and the development of services in it as well as its containment of historical places, which contributed to the recovery of real estate purchases in it, and made it a destination for everyone who wants to own and invest. It has been placed within one of the fastest developing areas in Istanbul.

It includes a group of the most powerful and largest real estate projects in Istanbul, all of which are modern, upscale and distinct.

The most important regions of the Asian side of Istanbul:

It is an authentic part of the city, and it is also the best area to live in. Its residents enjoy comfort, tranquility and appreciation from the people of the country. It is characterized by its charming green nature, as well as the high quality of the services provided, and the relative calm in it from the European side, in addition to the large number of tourist places and its classic neighborhoods.

Which makes it a destination for a huge number of investors and owners, thanks to the good services and the strong infrastructure of transportation, hospitals, schools, and luxury stores.

Uskudar region:

The most prominent neighborhoods on this side is known as the Land of Tourists, because of their privileged location near The Maiden’s Tower, which is one of the most famous tourist attractions, with advanced infrastructure projects, such as huge transportation, public facilities, parks, hospitals, and the international airport. This made the Asian part one of the best places to invest in Istanbul.

In conclusion, we must point out some of the many advantages that can be obtained when searching for apartments for sale in Istanbul by the sea, whether you want to live in them or invest, most notably obtaining abundant profits through them, and what you do not know is that their prices are constantly and significantly increasing as a result of the demand for them on the one hand. On the other hand, due to the small number of options offered for sale in front of the desirable to buy.

All indicators confirm the importance of investing in real estate that has a view of the sea, where a large and distinguished return can be obtained, especially during the tourist seasons. You can contact us now and get the best and most distinguished opportunities.

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