Istanbul Canal and Its future benefits for the real estate sector

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If you are one of those aware of the latest economic and political news, you definitely
have heard about the beginning of the implementation of the Istanbul Canal project, Which

is called the “Project of the Century”.

But what you do not know is its advantages in the real estate sector, as the project reflected
positively on investment in Turkey and the real estate market in Istanbul in a big way. 

Information about the Istanbul canal

When was the proposal to build an Istanbul canal?

The idea of establishing the Istanbul canal was proposed for the first time in Turkey in the
era of the Ottoman by Ottoman Suleiman  Kanuni, so it was in the 16th century, and believe
it or not, the idea was reinstated nearly seven times since then.

Finally, the Turkish government has been studying the feasibility of establishing the artificial
So Implementation began in 2013. and Excavation work is expected to be completed by 2023,
so the canal will be ready for ships’ movement by 2027.

Dimensions of Istanbul canal:

_45km its length.

_25m its depth.

_375m its width

According to a report published by Daily Sunday Express British newspaper.

What is the function of the Istanbul Canal and this affect Turkey?

The canal connects the Black Sea with the Sea of Marmara, thus naturally reaching the
Aegean Sea and the Mediterranean Sea, which will run parallel to the Bosphorus Strait in Turkey.

It aims to reduce the burden on the Bosphorus daily mandate of approximately 160 ships daily.

Also according to the Turkish Prime Minister’s statement “Benali Yıldırım” stated that the canal
will not be subject to the “Montreux” agreement, probably this’s the main reason behind the establishment of the Istanbul Canal project.

Because the annual investment return of the Bosphorus Strait subject to the treaty has reached
a loss of $10 billion, and this is what Turkey, of course, does not want.

What are the benefits that Turkey will get from the establishment of the project?

_ Strengthening Turkey’s political and economic position, especially in the waterways sector. As we mentioned above, the canal will be comp-compensated the losses of the Bosphorus canal subject to the Montreux Agreement.

_Work to strengthen trade relations between the Turkish state and the rest of the world.

_ Helping the Bosphorus Strait in terms of mitigating the risk of overloading and reducing
environmental pollution emitted from ships, in addition, to avoiding the water currents in
the Bosphorus that pose a real danger to ships, and it is planned to protect the Bosphorus
Strait as an archaeological place and turn it into a tourist area free of ship clangor.

_ As a reflection of economic development, the demand for both tourism and the desire to
obtain Turkish citizenship will definitely increase.

_Providing a huge number of job opportunities and reducing unemployment due to the
increase in investment projects, especially real estate investment projects, which gives the
investor a large return on investment in the areas through which the new Istanbul Canal
passes, as a result of diversification in real estate within real estate portfolios.

What does the Istanbul Canal project include?

The project will include several ports and artificial islands, as well as eight bridges to facilitate
movement between the two sides of the canal, in addition to smart cities that contain commercial
centers, malls, and educational and medical centers.

Of course, it will guarantee excellent housing places for both investment and residence,
which we will talk about shortly, due to the rush of the largest undertaking and construction
companies to establish complexes and seize the opportunity before construction completed.

What is the expected annual return of the new channel?

The Turkish government expected to achieve 8 billion dollars in annual investment return for the Istanbul Canal, where the ship transit fees will be 6 dollars per each 1 ton. The total cost of the project has been estimated at 25 billion dollars. It seems that the government in Turkey is seeking to make Istanbul a global and financial center.

What is the impact of Istanbul Canal on the real estate sector?

Certainly, any property in the world is mainly affected by its location. The more important location is, the higher the real estate price will be, so our real estate experts at “Hana” predict that real estate prices in Turkey near the Istanbul Canal will soar as soon as the canal is opened.

So if you want to take advantage opportunity and benefit from the prosperity of the real estate sector, we are pleased to offer you ideal proposals in real estate investment and housing in places near the Istanbul Canal, which is expected to achieve impressive prosperity.

N 1 – Küçükçekmece

It is one of the strategic areas of great importance, located in the European section of Istanbul, and occupies the entire bank of Lake “Küçükçekmece” on the other hand, this lake will be part of the Istanbul Canal, as it mediates the three most important roads in the city, Which ( E5, E80, Bassin Expres )

It is characterized by excellent infrastructure, and it is a densely populated area that led to the presence of many commercial, industrial and educational centers.

The region includes one of the most important investment projects in Istanbul

What is the The second Istanbul project ?

The project is characterized by large green spaces suitable for children to play and run, and it consists of 137 residential buildings distributed over 5 floors. The project also includes 70 luxuriously designed villas

It Is characterized by excellent infrastructure, and it is 1 minute away from the highway, 3 minutes away from the nearest metro station, and 35 km away from Istanbul International Airport. That means you only need 25 minutes to reach it.

In general, the project is directed at those who are looking for a lifestyle. It is directly in front of the E80 road.

Also, it includes an Olympic swimming pool and gyms, as well as tennis, football, and basket Stadiums, as also several medical centers and hospitals Months of Tema Hospital, educational centers such as the University of Iden, along with several schools and kindergarten for children, of course, there are malls, restaurants, and leisure for families, in short, Tema Istanbul project What the family needs for the perfect life.

The project It is a good option, but not the best compared to the rest of the Istanbul places suitable for real estate investment, as it is more suitable for housing and obtaining Turkish citizenship.

But if you insist on this project, you can invest in the real estate by renting، not selling.

N 2 – Başakşehir

Başakşehir is located in the northern section of European Istanbul, and one of its advantages is that it is the closest city to Istanbul’s new airport.

The Istanbul Canal project passes through its lands.

One of its most important features is the “Başakşehir medical city” project, which is one of the most important medical complexes in Europe.

Also, it includes many vital tourist facilities, the most famous of which is the gigantic botanical garden in Europe. Which managed to attract many investors interested in investing in real estate, and most importantly, the region succeeded in attracting many real estate developers, Başakşehir includes the largest project in Turkey, and it is supposed to be delivered in 2024 in June.

What is the project?

The project contains 60 apartments distributed over 6 buildings, and each building consists of 5 floors, so it’s very suitable for familis.

Also it contains all the luxury services that come to mind, such as a sauna, steam bath, swimming pools, restaurants, parking lots, etc., and the real estate in this project is characterized by its design elegant.

The project Is only five minutes away from the metro station, about 19 minutes from Mall of Istanbul, 30 minutes from Istanbul International Airport, and only 10 minutes from the Medical City.

 The project Is very suitable for these things:

 _Real Estate Investment

_ Obtaining real estate residence

_ Obtaining Turkish citizenship

 _ For living

Third – Spartakoli

It is located in the European section of Istanbul, and about twenty projects have been established in the area in the last 7 years. It is only 3 km away from Istanbul.

Because it is located exactly between the canal and the Marmara Highway, so it has a real strategic location par excellence.

It Is also very close to the third airport. Its infrastructure, of course, is very good as Istanbul cities are close to metro lines and routes to the TEM. The Spartakoli area has one of the best folk projects from Istanbul Channel.

One of the most prominent projects under construction in Istanbul. The project is 40 km away from confidence in this specific project is an Adamps company, as they carried out about 10 projects in the same The area is committed to all and has never been lagging, and according to studies conducted by experts, profit and investment return will reach at least 35% and will be delivered in 2024 away from Istanbul Airport for 40 minutes and E5 main road for 15 minutes. Featuring a project The project has Everything you need to live a comfortable and luxurious life, it has a sports club and a closed swimming pool as well as many stadiums, cafes, and shopping malls such as Akti Mall, 6 minutes away.

Project suitable for:

_ Real estate investment

_ Access to Turkish nationality

 _ housing

The Importance of land investment near Istanbul Canal

If you think this is all that you can benefit from, then you are wrong, because there is something more important than all of the above, which is real estate investment in lands. Although investment in lands is one of the most expensive investments, it is the most important one, and since we are still talking about the new Istanbul Canal, let us tell you about the best areas that you should benefit from investing in, in addition to the areas that we mentioned previously and also the Avcilar region, but the most important of them is the Arnavutkoy region, where you can benefit from real estate investment.

It Is located in the European section of Istanbul and overlooks the Mediterranean Sea. When we talk about the Istanbul Canal and its connection to real estate investment, we have to mention Arnavutkoy because the canal will pass through it originally, and this region in particular will witness a terrible rise in prices. What is remarkable about this region is the cheapness of land prices in it, in this deal  Winner, real estate will be sold at the most expensive price you can get at the cheapest price, and who says no to such deals?  Nobody, of course.

The area contains all kinds of services such as restaurants and hotels, and let me make it a little special for restaurants, as they serve the most delicious types of dishes in Turkish cuisine, especially seafood dishes.

Here we have concluded our article. We hope that you have benefited from this information, and if you need free advice related to real estate investment or obtaining Turkish citizenship, you can contact us.

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