The Best Areas to Buy an Apartment in Istanbul

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Istanbul is a city of contrasts, offering a wide range of neighborhoods to choose from when looking for an apartment. If you are thinking of buying an apartment in Istanbul, you must first look at the most important areas in their city and its most important advantages and specifications.

In the following article, the editorial team at Hana Real Estate will provide a lot of important information about the areas of Istanbul suitable for buying an apartment.

Where to buy an apartment in Istanbul:

The city of Istanbul extends over two continents at the same time, the European continent and the Asian continent, each of which has its own features and characteristics that are unique to it. Do not forget that when you make the decision to buy an apartment in Istanbul, you will be in front of 39 areas for you through the following paragraphs, most notably:

1 – Buying an apartment in Istanbul, Kartal

Istanbul is a huge city with many different neighborhoods, each with its own unique character. If you are looking to buy an apartment in Istanbul, Kartal is a great choice. As Kartal is located on the Asian side of the city, it is a relatively quiet area compared to some other areas with high tourist intensity.

It is also well connected, with multiple tram and bus lines running through it. And of course there are plenty of great apartments to choose from.

2 – Apartments in Beylikduzu, Istanbul:

Beylikduzu is located in the European part of Istanbul, and is considered one of the most modern and orderly districts. The area provides easy access to many social amenities such as hospitals, schools and shopping malls. In addition, it is also one of the most important real estate investment centers in Istanbul.

The demand for apartments in Beylikduzu is constantly increasing due to its location and modern infrastructure. As a result, apartment prices in Beylikduzu are on the rise. However, there are still many affordable options available for those looking to buy an apartment in Beylikduzu.

Investing in real estate in Beylikduzu is a wise decision because the area is constantly developing and growing in popularity. With its convenient location and modern amenities, Beylikduzu is sure to remain one of the most desirable places to live in Istanbul.

3 – Apartments for sale in Beykoz, Istanbul:

Beykoz is a rapidly developing region in the Asian side of Istanbul. It is becoming more and more popular with young professionals and families looking for a more spacious and affordable option downtown. The average price for an apartment in Beykoz is around 150,000$, which is relatively reasonable compared to other parts of Istanbul. The area is well connected by public transportation and has a number of good schools and hospitals.

Real estate in Beykoz is a good investment opportunity as the area is growing rapidly and prices are likely to rise in the future, which makes it imperative for real estate investors to take a step towards earning profits in the future.

4- Buying an apartment in Uskudar

Uskudar is a beautiful and historical district of Istanbul, located in Asian Istanbul and famous for its traditional architecture and stunning views of the Bosphorus. The area is home to many important government buildings and embassies.

If you are thinking of buying an apartment in Uskudar, there are some things that you should keep in mind, including:

*Prices in the area are very high, so you will need a big budget.

*The process of buying real estate in Turkey may be somewhat complicated as a result, especially for those who do not know the Turkish rules and laws and the correct mechanism for buying, so it is important to use a reputable and experienced agent.

*Uskudar is a very popular area, so it is important to act fast if you find a property you like as it may not wait for you and be sold out quickly

*In general, buying an apartment in Uskudar is a great investment. The area is beautiful, historical and has great potential for growth.

5 – Buying apartments in Bahcesehir

Bahcesehir district is a great place to buy apartments for a number of reasons and here are the most important ones:

– Prices in Bahcesehir are generally lower than in other parts of Istanbul, so you can get great features for your money.

– The quality of construction in Bahcesehir is generally good, so you can be sure that you get a well-built apartment to benefit from in the real estate investment and make a big profit.

– Bahcesehir is close to a number of important amenities, such as shopping centers, restaurants and parks.

6 – Buying apartments in Esenyurt

Esenyurt is a growing district in the European side of Istanbul. It is very popular with families and young couples who are looking for affordable housing. There are many new developments in the area, and prices are still relatively low compared to other parts of Istanbul.

The majority of apartments in Esenyurt are newly built, most of them are located in large complexes with good facilities such as swimming pools, gym and children’s play areas. There is a wide range of prices depending on the size and location of the apartment.

7-Buying an apartment in Sariyer

One of the most important European areas of Istanbul is Sariyer, which is located on the European side and is characterized by developed infrastructure and includes many luxury real estate projects. This makes it an ideal place to invest in real estate, as there is a large and growing market for both buyers and renters.

The city is also well connected with an excellent public transport system and a number of international airports.

8 – Apartments in Basaksehir, Istanbul:

Basaksehir is a large and modern district located in the European side of Istanbul. It is one of the most important investment areas in Istanbul as it is still under development and many new projects are under construction. Basaksehir has become a very attractive area for real estate investors in recent years due to its convenient location, relatively low prices compared to other areas of Istanbul, and its infrastructure is the most developed. If you are thinking of investing in real estate in Istanbul, Basaksehir is definitely an area that you should consider.

9- Buying an apartment in Kayasehir:

The Kayasehir district of Istanbul is a great place to buy an apartment. It is close to the city center and has a variety of different apartment options. There are also many schools and parks in the area. Kayasehir is also a great place to live for families and young people.

10- Buying an apartment in Avcilar

The Avcilar district of Istanbul is a great place to buy an apartment. The prices are reasonable and there is a variety of properties to choose from. Apartments in Avcilar are generally luxurious and well-equipped, and the area is served by good public transportation. There are also a number of parks and green spaces in it, which makes it a great place to live for families with children.

11 – Buying an apartment in Bagcilar

Bagcilar is a large and popular district of Istanbul, located on the European side of the city and is well connected to other parts of Istanbul via public transportation. It is a great place to live for families and young professionals alike.

There are many apartment complexes and private homes available for purchase in Bagcilar. Apartment prices in Bagcilar can vary depending on the size, location and amenities of the apartment.

12 – Kucukcekmece, Istanbul

Kucukcekmece district of Istanbul is a great place to buy an apartment if you are looking for a bustling cosmopolitan area with lots of things to do. The area is home to a number of large shopping malls, as well as restaurants, bars and nightclubs. There is also a lively nightlife scene.

13 – Sultan Gazi District, Istanbul

Sultan Gazi district of Istanbul is a great place to buy an apartment. The prices are reasonable and the quality of life is high. There are plenty of amenities nearby, including shopping, restaurants and parks. The neighborhood is also well connected to the rest of the city, so it’s easy to get around and reach it.

14- Buying an apartment in Atasehir, Istanbul:

Atasehir district of Istanbul is a rapidly growing residential area located on the Asian side of the city. It is popular with families and young adults, as it offers a more suburban lifestyle than other parts of Istanbul while still being well connected to the city center.

There are many new residential complexes being built in Atasehir, where the demand for houses in the region, especially the modern ones, is high.

How to buy an apartment in Istanbul for housing?

Although owning real estate in Turkey does not require a lot of effort, time and money, there are certain foundations that you must follow when looking for apartments for sale in Istanbul, the most important of which are:

1 – You must choose the location carefully, as you have to choose the right place for you and your family. If you have children, it is preferable to have schools or universities and health and medical centers nearby.

2 – It is preferable to look for an apartment in Istanbul close to public transportation and transportation.

3 – Choose an apartment close to entertainment facilities and centers, malls, markets and other places that families need in order to secure their daily requirements.

4 – You have to focus well on the specifications of the interior of the apartment, its decorations and other details that negatively or positively affect your life.

How to choose an apartment in Istanbul for investment?

If you want to search for apartments for sale in Istanbul for real estate investment, you should know that there are many information and observations that you must take into account in order to ensure a profitable investment.

Here are the most important ones:

1 – First of all, you should choose small or medium-sized apartments, as the demand for them is greater than for large-sized apartments.

2 – Look for a distinctive view, such as the sea, forest or mountain, as this is in great demand, especially in the tourist seasons.

3 – You should choose the central areas close to the city center or the central areas, as these always record high prices.

4 – Most of the real estate investors looking for profits are looking for apartments for sale in Istanbul near important strategic projects such as the new Istanbul Airport, the new Istanbul Water Canal, highways and other projects that have a positive impact on the real estate sector.

This was a detailed report on all the information that interests you about the topic of buying an apartment in Istanbul and we have highlighted its most important areas and the details that encourage ownership in it.

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