Is there an opportunity for Syrians to own real estate in Turkey?

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After the bloody events in Syria, its citizens began to search for new investment alternatives, and in light of the swings and fluctuations in the situation, Turkey was in a wealth of its progress, so the Syrians own real estate in Turkey, but are they really entitled to it? Or did they choose it in vain? Here are all the points about this in this article.

Syrians own real estate in Turkey:

Syrians aspire to own real estate in Turkey  because it is considered one of the safest options, but did the Turkish government classify Syrian nationality as one of the nationalities that have the right to own property in Turkey or not? In 2012, the Turkish Parliament issued a decision to grant foreigners the right to own real estate in Turkey, but when this was applied by foreigners, they found that there are some laws that negated a category of nationalities. Among these nationalities was the Syrian, meaning that he can not own directly a Syrian resident in them. Turkey still applies this law despite the fact that it has abolished the principle of reciprocity, but the ban still exists on citizens of the Syrian state.

Ways for Syrian to own  real estate in Turkey:

The Turkish government has not completely deprived the Syrians of real estate ownership. It has provided them with many ways that can be exploited, namely:

First- Obtaining Turkish citizenship:

A Syrian citizen who obtains Turkish citizenship has the right to buy real estate in Turkey, thus winning the strongest nationality and the best real estate legally and without any obstacles, especially since thousands of Syrians obtained Turkish citizenship by a decision of the President of the Republic, and the naturalization plan for Syrians in Turkey is still in force, and expectations indicate the naturalization of very large numbers in the coming period.

But how can the Syrians obtain Turkish citizenship? They can do this by following one of the following methods:

  • Provide jobs:

Providing them exclusively to Turkish citizens and their number must not be less than fifty employees.

  • Financial Investment:

Like putting 500,000 $ in a Turkish bank as a deposit and not withdrawing it until three years later, or you can invest the same amount by buying shares in a company.

  • Marriage to a Turkish citizen:

A Syrian citizen can obtain Turkish citizenship when he/she is a citizen who holds citizenship. We note that it is not that easy and fast. He/she must wait until three years have passed since marriage and after making sure that he/she is not only based on a desire for naturalization, but that his/her intention must be good and he/she wants to establish a family.

Second- Establishing a company in Turkey:

Turkish law gives the right to grant the Syrian citizen Turkish citizenship upon its establishment, through which he can own a property in the name of the company as a Turkish legal person entitled to own real estate in Turkey, but it must be proportional in terms of price and area to the size of the capital of this company that was established, and one of the advantages of this method is that the Syrian citizen can establish without the need for a Turkish partner.

Unfortunately, this method does not provide Syrians in Turkey with the rights that ordinary real estate owners receive, for example, they are not entitled to obtain real estate residence or Turkish citizenship, but this method is nevertheless an emergency solution for Syrians wishing to own real estate in Turkey.

Third- Own a property in the name of a Turkish citizen:

It is a partnership with a Turkish citizen who is reliable and reliable to ensure that his rights are preserved without any fraud or fraud. There are also procedures that guarantee the rights of Syrians, the most common of which is the placing of a mortgage on a property in favor of the Syrian citizen. It is also possible through signing a contract between the Syrian and Turkish parties.

Why are Syrians forbidden to own property in Turkey?

Because of the dispute between the Turkish government and the government of the French Mandate in Syria in 1939, after a referendum conducted by the Iskenderun Brigade, where the mandate was removed from the authority of the French Mandate and the annexation of the state of Hatay to the territory of the Turkish Republic, which was met by the Mandate government to seize the property of the Turks in Syria, the Turkish government prevented the Syrians from owning real estate in Turkey, and in 1939 Syria also confiscated the assets and funds owned by the Turks and annexed them to the property of the state, which made Turkey do the same, and what prevented the citizens of each country from owning real estate in the other’s country.

Ownership of multinational Syrian real estate in Turkey:

A number of years ago, laws were issued regarding the Syrian refugee file as a result of the racist attacks on Syrian refugees in the capital, Ankara. The head of the Aliens Department of the General Directorate of Land Registry and Survey issued a circular, which includes many amendments to the articles related to the ownership of real estate by multinationals.

The Turkish government confirmed that the Syrian who possesses Turkish citizenship is a Turkish citizen, and therefore they have the right to own and dispose of real estate, and the Turkish government does not have a deficient citizenship or a second degree, as this decision includes only Syrians who have obtained Turkish citizenship, but other nationalities have not yet been issued decisions.

Do Syrians with dual nationality have the right to inherit their property:

Certainly, they can inherit their real estate to their children and grandchildren, provided that they are also holders of second passports, except for the Syrian passport, and the prohibition to inherit real estate to the Syrians is due to preventing them from owning it as well, but if, for example, the father is a Syrian Turk and his children are Turks, they get their father’s real estate automatically without conditions.

Why do Syrians own real estate in Turkey?

There is no doubt that there are reasons and encouragements for them to buy real estate in Turkey. The most important of these are as follows:

First – Wars and unrest:

The crises that have erupted in Syria have led to fluctuating economic conditions and thus have become an environment that is not suitable for real estate investment, which has made Syrians buy real estate in Turkey.

Second- Geographical location:

Due to Turkey’s proximity to Arab countries, especially Syria, Syrian citizens sought refuge there for ease of access and the absence of any obstacles while moving across the border.

Third -The Syrian community in Turkey:

There are a large number of Syrian citizens in the Turkish state, as their number exceeds thousands, so some of them still migrate to it because they can adapt very quickly, especially since their customs and traditions are very similar to those of the Turks.

We have reached the end of our lines in which we highlighted the situation of the Syrians by owning real estate in Turkey and quoted tremendous information about some of the laws related to their matter. We hope you will make your minds useful.

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