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Nişantaşı is one of the districts of Şişli, located in the European side of Istanbul, and one of the most important, lively and crowded neighborhoods in it. For those who are looking for a luxurious and quiet life at the same time, they should head to Nişantaşı, the neighborhood that exceeds expectations in its elegance.

This article is to talk about everything related to the Nişantaşı neighborhood in Istanbul and the importance of buying apartments within it.

Apartments for sale in Nişantaşı, Istanbul for Residence:

Nişantaşı is considered one of the most luxurious neighborhoods in Istanbul, which provides its residents with a life of sophistication among the best strata of society. It is the neighborhood of the rich, famous and the nobles of society.

When you think of buying an apartment in Nişantaşı to live in it, you must be prepared with a high budget, because the prices of apartments in this area very high in relation to real estate prices in various other regions of Turkey, and you must also take into account the high costs of living in this region, but in return you will have an integrated and luxurious life to the highest degree and ensure that you provide the various needs that are related to the infrastructure of the region with various forms of basic services such as education and health, as well as the recreational services available in the abundance of exhibitions, cafes and restaurants in the area, in addition to the ease of movement provided by the transportation network within and around it.

There are also large numbers of commercial centers and markets that provide the different needs of its residents, in addition to their presence within one of the most beautiful areas in Istanbul, which provides them with a permanent tourist opportunity among the various tourist and historical attractions within it, which we will talk about in detail in this article.

If you have enough capital to buy an apartment in Nişantaşı, in addition to having a job that will bring you a continuous and high return, do not miss your opportunity to reside and live there.

Apartments for sale in Nişantaşı ,Istanbul for real estate investment:

This area receives great attention from real estate investors, especially foreigners, because real estate in this area has acquired a very high value within the real estate market in Turkey, and that value is linked to the importance of the tourist area and the nature of the classes of society that inhabit this area and wish to reside in it, in addition to the high-end style which can be observed in various aspects of life. These factors combined with the strong infrastructure that the region owns. Therefore, real estate in this region, especially apartments, is in great and continuous demand by tourists and those who wish to reside in it.

Therefore, it is characterized by a high rental return for its apartments, which achieve high profits for investors. And more importantly, the apartments that are characterized by their historical importance or their European-style designs, which are a popular style for tourists. The real estate market in this region is rising at a high speed and continuously.

This also guarantees high profits for the investor in the case that he decides to sell the apartment in the future and he will not need to wait for a long time, because the rise in prices is achieved in the short term. Therefore, if you are planning to buy an apartment in Nişantaşı for real estate investment, you will need high capital, but at the same time, the apartments in the area will guarantee you double profits for him in the short term, meaning that the high prices for the apartments are commensurate with their profits, and in order to ensure the most successful investment, you must go to the places closest to tourist attractions in the region and infrastructure centers, which receive the highest demand and the greatest tourist importance.

Foreigners are increasingly interested in Nişantaşı properties, especially apartments, because their high prices guarantee them fulfilling the property value condition required to obtain Turkish citizenship. On the other hand, the depreciation of the Turkish lira against the dollar exchange rate, which coincided with the government’s decision to pay the price of the property in Turkish lira, played a major role in the foreign demand as well, because the foreigner benefits from the exchange rate difference to buy high-priced real estate within Turkey, which becomes lower prices for him.

Infrastructure in Nişantaşı district:

The infrastructure in the region has received great governmental attention, because it is one of the most important and ancient historical areas, in addition to the large number of tourists achieved by this region, which requires the integration and modernity of its infrastructure to match the modernity and sophistication of the region, so it has a strong infrastructure in various educational and health forms in addition to the government’s interest in cultural and recreational facilities in the region.

Educational services in the region:

Despite the small area of ​​ Nişantaşı Square, it includes many schools, which are considered one of the most famous schools in Turkey, both public and private, in addition to the presence of the most prestigious international universities that attract students of different nationalities, in addition to the public and private universities and many educational centers specialized in teaching international languages ​​with the latest teaching methods.

Health services in Nişantaşı district:

The region achieves its sufficiency in health services, as it includes many famous hospitals such as the American Hospital, private and public hospitals, which are distinguished by their development and using the latest treatment technologies, in addition to many medical clinics with different specializations, pharmacies and various health centers that are characterized by their ability to accommodate the residents of the region in addition to foreign visitors to it.

Transportation in Nişantaşı:

Nişantaşı district is a transportation node in Istanbul, to which many metro lines reach, in addition to six public bus lines that provide transportation to all directions and make the possibility of movement and travel for the residents of the region to the various regions of Istanbul and outside Istanbul very easy and fast. It can be said that the developed infrastructure and extensive transportation network distinguish this region and increase its importance to make it the preferred place for the nobles of society, in addition to increasing the importance of its properties in the real estate market in Turkey, making it one of the best properties in Istanbul.

 Nişantaşı location:

Nişantaşı is located in the European section of Istanbul, which is administratively affiliated to the Şişli region. This region extends over a small area characterized by its proximity to the Bosphorus Strait to a large extent, which gives it a beautiful view of it, in addition to its proximity to the Third Bosphorus Bridge.

The area is surrounded by Osmanbey, Beşiktaş, Taksim , Harbiye. The location of Nişantaşı is one of the most important factors that distinguish it, as it is a major center in the Istanbul region and one of the most vibrant and active areas, and it is a transportation node linking the various regions and neighborhoods of Istanbul.

Accommodation in Nişantaşı District:

Nişantaşı was known in the past as the seat of the elite of the nobles in the Ottoman Empire, and it is now the seat of wealthy people of various foreign nationalities and the elite of Turkish society. It is one of the most vibrant and crowded areas and the most areas rich in restaurants, cafes and high-end shopping centers. It competes with Europe in the level of luxury and this has caused the high cost of living and the high prices of rents and real estate within it.

The area has won international awards in terms of quality of residence and social life that combines privacy and openness at same time.

Nişantaşı, the shopping capital of Istanbul:

Nişantaşı is considered one of the most beautiful and prestigious areas in Istanbul and is called the shopping capital for the large number of shopping centers within it, which specialize in high-level brands that are interested in displaying the latest fashion, in addition to the fashion houses of the most famous international designers. In addition to a large number of restaurants and cafes built in the classic European style, especially in Abdi Ipekci and Teşvikiye Streets. Visitors have an entertaining tour of an area where every detail looks luxurious and is closer to being Paris, Istanbul.

Historical significance of Nişantaşı:

Nişantaşı was and still is one of the central centers of Istanbul, which has maintained its importance since a long time ago. The name of the area came from a historical event. They are the stone obelisks that were built to mark the beginning and end of the area, which was the reason for calling it Nişantaşı, meaning the built stones.

The marble stones erected in places of the Falling arrows remained to the present time, those stones that were built by order of the sultans, such as the stones of the goal that were built by Sultan Selim III and Mahmud II, which can be seen from the Teşvikiye Mosque.

 The beginnings of settlement in this region go back to the era of the Ottoman Sultan Abdul Majeed I in the nineteenth century. In the twentieth century, this region witnessed a proliferation of palaces and residential buildings that still exist today. All of them are characterized by architectural designs that are closest to works of art, distinguished by the versatility and accuracy of their European-style details, which are reflected in their beauty and sophistication on the region.

  Climate in Nişantaşı District:

The most characteristic of Nişantaşı is the pleasant climate in all seasons, alternating with the four seasons, but all tend to be moderate, away from the harsh cold in winter and dry summer, and it is one of the areas visited by the sun all year round.

The tourist importance of Nişantaşı, Istanbul:

Nişantaşı is a square-shaped square that is considered one of the most beautiful areas of Istanbul at all, which permanently receives thousands of tourists throughout the year from different countries of the world. Tourists in Nişantaşı had an interesting shopping experience of the finest, most diverse and famous international markets, as well as the opportunity to visit the historical and tourist attractions that are unique to this region.

The most important sights in Nişantaşı:

We can consider every part of this region as a tourist attraction worth visiting. Each part of it has a beauty of a special kind, and below we will learn about the most important tourist attractions in the region, which are constantly crowded with tourists:

*Ihlamur Palace:

One of the most important tourist attractions in Nişantaşı Street, which is distinguished by its elegant architectural design and decorations closest to the luxurious European designs, with colorful marble walls and moving inscriptions. Its visitors have the opportunity to visit the historic palace café overlooking its garden. This palace is distinguished by its authenticity and historical importance that dates back to the era of the Ottoman Sultan Abdul Majeed, who ordered its establishment to be a resting place consisting of two buildings, one of which is devoted to reception ceremonies and official ceremonies, and the second section is devoted to the residence of the ruler’s family.

At the present time, the first building has turned into a public museum, and the second building has been designated to be one of the finest cafes in the region. The palace is a main destination for tourists to the region.

*Ihlamur Park:

The park is characterized by its historical importance and its proximity to Ihlamur Palace. Visitors to the palace cannot miss the opportunity to wander in the garden, which extends over a wide area of ​​up to 24,700 square meters, surrounded by high walls on one side and metal bars on the other.

This garden is characterized by the clear water pond amid the various trees and various types of flowers surrounding it, which provide a suitable atmosphere for recreation, reading and relaxation.

*World Peace Garden:

It is one of the best picnic spots for both residents and tourists of the region, which is characterized by its natural landscapes and the spread of trees and green spaces distributed in an attractive format. It also has an area for children’s games and an area for pet owners to walk with their animals, and one of the most distinctive signs in the garden is the globe in the middle and indicates the goal of its establishment.

*Harbiye Military Museum:

One of the most famous tourist attractions in Nişantaşı Street, which embraces the military war history of the Turkish state since ancient times, is characterized by its spacious halls filled with various types of archaeological weapons that were used in the era of the Ottoman Empire in various wars and conquests, in addition to many memorials for personalities who had a special impact on the history of Turkey, such as the monument to the first Republican President Mustafa Kemal Ataturk.

Tourists to the museum have the opportunity to enjoy the musical performances that are presented by the military band every afternoon.

Maçka Park and Maçka Park Cable Car:

This park is characterized by places for children to play safely, as well as paths dedicated to walking and recreation among the green spaces and various trees, and places for sitting, relaxing and refreshing with fresh air, one of the park’s favorite areas for its residents and loved by tourists as well.

What attracts tourists to Maçka Park is the many large statues in the park, in addition to the world’s most famous cable car, which transports passengers between Taksim and Beşiktaş.

* Poets’ Sofa Park:

It is also one of the distinctive parks in the area, which is divided into many sections for different ages, where there are areas for children’s play and areas for parents’ relaxation, in addition to a special yard for playing football in the middle of the garden.

*Child park:

The park is characterized by an extension of green spaces decorated with bronze metal statues that reflect various civilizations and cultures. Like other parks in the area, it is distinguished by areas designated for walking, reading and recreation areas, as well as places for children’s play and entertainment.

*Brands Street:

It is one of the most famous streets at all and is characterized by its international fame and not only at the local level. It includes large numbers of stores, giant shopping centers, malls and fashion houses. It is the first tourist point where tourists begin their tour to enjoy a wide shopping tour of the most important international brands and the most elegant markets.

Best time to visit Nişantaşı:

If you want to have an enjoyable tour at the best time, you should head to Nişantaşı in the period between the sixth and ninth month of the year, when the weather is very nice during this period and the possibility of rain is limited.

How tourists get to Nişantaşı:

Tourists rely on many ways to reach the city of Istanbul and then go to Nişantaşı district from any area in it, and the following will mention the available accessibility:

-Arrival by air:

There are many flights that depart daily to Istanbul from different countries of the world, or you can travel to any airport inside Turkey and then take advantage of domestic flight services to reach Istanbul.

-Arrival by sea:

Istanbul receives many tourist trips in its ports and the nearest sea routes to reach Nisantasi district through the Bosphorus Strait, which is very close to it.

-Arrival by road:

You can take advantage of train trips that transport tourists from different European countries to Istanbul, and there is the possibility of using private car access from some nearby countries.

After reaching Istanbul in any of its areas, it becomes very easy to reach Nisantasi, which is characterized by many metro lines and public bus lines that connect it with various areas of Istanbul, which makes it easy and fast to reach.

In addition to the many advantages that are achieved by owning apartments within the area, which guarantees a high investment return and high profits, it guarantees the best accommodation and the most luxurious life for its residents.

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