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The importance of tourist taksim extends over time, as it is one of the oldest and most ancient areas of Istanbul, characterized by its richness in tourist and historical areas in addition to the importance of its location in the vibrant center of Istanbul in its various forms.

This makes Taksim one of the best and most important accommodation and real estate investment areas in Istanbul.


Taksim area features:

Taksim is located in the center of Istanbul, and it crosses one of its most important areas because of its many advantages.

Some of these features include:

  • Tourist area:

Taksim area is characterized by the diversity between the present and the past, it is one of the most ancient areas of Istanbul rich in historical landmarks, in addition to its richness in tourist attractions, this is what made it one of the most important tourist areas in Istanbul.

  • Modern area:

Taksim was not limited to the historical character due to its important location in the center of Istanbul, which brought it a lot of development.

this added a modern character to it as well.

  • Rich in commercial markets:

Taksim is characterized by the multiplicity and diversity of markets and commercial centers, which contributed to making it a more vibrant area.

  • Infrastructure:

The Turkish government took care of the infrastructure in Istanbul in general, and the presence of Taksim  in the center of Istanbul distinguished by an integrated infrastructure, including transportation, universities, schools, hospitals, hotels and various recreational services, these factors combined distinguished Taksim from different areas of Istanbul and raised its importance in real estate investment.

Advantages of real estate investment in Taksim:

Taksim was characterized by all the factors that contribute to the success of real estate investment:

  • Considering the importance of Taksim in tourism and its enjoyment of the elements of tourism from the landscape and historical landmarks in addition to its richness in hotels and restaurants, which made it a home for foreign tourists from different countries

This in turn increases the importance of real estate investment in Taksim, and tourism is known to guarantee significant profit returns for real estate investors.

  • Taksim is one of the vital areas in the center of Istanbul, which is full of life, and thus it receives great attention and demand from inside and outside Turkey for life and work and increases the demand for real estate in Taksim.
  • The transportation enjoyed by Istanbul ensures a comfortable life and easy movement for its residents, which in turn increases the population density in Taksim.

It contributes to increasing the activity of real estate investment in it:

  • Real estate prices in Taksim are trending upwards, and this will ensure that the property owner in Taksim more profits in the future, thus attracting real estate investors to own in it .
  • The ease of renting real estate due to the continuous increase in the population and thus guarantees the real estate investor a continuous and guaranteed investment.

Factors Affecting Apartment Prices in Taksim:

There are many factors controlling the prices of apartments in Taksim:

  • Apartment Specifications:

The price of the apartment is directly related to its specifications, and means the specifications of the apartment, its area, the distribution of the area, the services available in the apartment, the age of the apartment, where apartments with a large area and the distribution of rooms proportional to the area, and enjoying more sophisticated services and a more modern age are more expensive than the opposite.

  • Apartment view:

Apartments with a beautiful view have a higher price than other Apartments.

  • Apartment Location:

The location of the apartment and its proximity to vital centers or tourist sites plays an” important” role in raising the price of the apartment.

  • Proximity to services:

Taksim is generally characterized by the availability of services in it, but the closeness of the apartment to the service center increases its importance and raises its price.

  • Proximity to shopping malls:

Malls and commercial real estate contribute to raising the prices of nearby apartments.

  • Its proximity to the transportation network:

The transportation network and the possibility of moving faster with different means of transportation also contribute to raising the prices of nearby apartments.

  • Proximity to important projects:

Important projects are considered one of the most important reasons for the increase in real estate investment activity in a region, and the increase in demand for real estate in that region ,Thus raising the prices of real estate in it.

Advantages of housing in Taksim:

If you are thinking of owning an apartment in Taksim for housing, you have many advantages:

  • Have a quiet and stable life

Despite the importance of Taksim tourist area and its location in the center of Istanbul, it provides its residents with the quiet life they are looking for.

  • Comfortable to travel due to the availability of various means of transportation.
  • To enjoy the full range of basic and essential services, including health, education and other services.
  • Enjoy a life full of luxury, given the availability of various types of recreational services, the resident in Taksim can enjoy a full and distinctive life.

Transportation in Taksim:

Taksim is characterized by having various types of transportation that allow movement to and from Taksim. It includes a metro station that connects it with various areas of Istanbul, called Taksim Station, in addition to the availability of taxi service spread everywhere in Taksim, which gives preference in housing and real estate investment.

Hospitals and health centers in Taksim:

Taksim area is considered one of the rich areas of Istanbul in public and private hospitals, in addition to the spread of health centers of various kinds, and medical clinics in their various specializations, and there are also large numbers of pharmacies distributed in various areas of Taksim, and therefore Taksim area is distinguished by extensive health services that meet the needs of the population.

Taksim Square:

  • Taksim Square is one of the most famous areas in Istanbul and Turkey, and one of the first tourist destinations for foreign tourists, due to its richness in tourist and historical places.
  • including many famous restaurants and hotels, and one of the busiest places, many used to head to Taksim Square to gather and celebrate.
  • It houses many diverse artistic and cultural exhibitions.

Istiklal Street in Taksim:

  • It connects the Taksim square with the Galat Tower.
  • The entire Istiklal Street area runs on the tramway, a railway that was used for transport.
  • It houses many cultural centers such as the Ataturk Cultural Center, and the Opera House.
  • It has many famous and distinguished restaurants and cafes.
  • It houses many diverse malls, but their prices tend to rise due to their great popularity.
  • It houses many libraries and galleries as well as cinema and ceremonial spaces.

The most important milestones in Taksim:

Owning an apartment in an area rich in tourist and historical attractions is a successful investment option, because these areas do not lose their importance, on the contrary, they become richer as time progresses

Some of the most important milestones in Taksim are:

  • Embassies of States:

There are many embassies of foreign countries that have existed since the time of the Ottoman Empire.

  • A memorial 

Located in Taksim Square, the monument is of great moral value to Turkey and the Turkish people.

  • Taksim Square Mosque:

A huge mosque located near Taksim Square and the monument

It features an architectural design that dates back to Ottoman times.

  • Gezi Park:

Gizi Park overlooks Taksim Square on the one hand, and the Bosphorus host on the other.

  • galata Tower:

The Galata Tower overlooks the Bosphorus host, the Golden Horn, and the ancient parts of Istanbul.

  • Galatasaray Museum:

A sports museum located at the end of Istiklal Street, it is special to the famous Galatasaray football team.

  • The wax museum:

Located in the middle of Istiklal Street, near Taksim Square, it houses statues of the most important historical figures.

In your journey to find an apartment in Taksim for housing or real estate investment, you will have many rich options that will guarantee you a good life and investment.

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