Advantages of Buying a Villa on the European Side in Istanbul

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The promising future and successful investment may be achieved in the idea of buying a villa on the European side of Istanbul and investing it to ensure that you reach the desired status in the field of real estate investment, and through this article, we will start talking about all the details related to this matter… We wish you an interesting and useful reading.

Advantages of buying a villa on the European side in Istanbul:

Investors do not buy villas in European Istanbul in vain, but rather they are planning to enjoy its multiple advantages, which we will mention the most popular in the following paragraph:

First – Modern Infrastructure:

The villas in the European section of Istanbul are characterized by their strong infrastructure and keeping pace with the latest developments in modernity and development in the world. The Turkish state was not satisfied with this, but it still continues to provide the villas and the nearby places with services that facilitate living for the residents, such as railways, roads and transportation. The public and most important of all, the Metro Bus, which serves thousands of people on a daily basis, in addition to the tramway, public buses, ferries and ships, as well as air transportation that ensures a safe journey. In a way that meets all the needs of the residents residing in the villas located in it.

Second – Giant projects have increased their importance:

We see the efforts of the Turkish state to pump a lot of investment and service projects into the European side, and it announced plans to establish the largest infrastructure projects in the world and did not find a better side to implement it on its land, and perhaps the best example of it is the new Istanbul Airport, which is one of the largest, most distinguished and most crowded airports in the world due to its location linking North Africa, Europe and Asia, it is also worth noting that this airport won its first prize in the international architecture competition for the design of the technical air traffic control tower, and has significantly increased the demand for villas located near it, and the increase in demand means, in turn, a high price .

Among these giant projects is also the Istanbul Water Canal, which will give the city of Istanbul in particular and Turkey in general great importance to link it between the Black Sea and the Mediterranean Sea, that is, it will work as the famous Bosphorus Strait. This project is the project of the age, as some describe it, and it is one of the largest projects that will be completed in the history of the Turkish state, and not forgetting the third Istanbul Bridge, which contributed significantly to achieving many gains and profits for the state, as it links the Asian and European banks, all of these projects contributed to raising the value of the villas located nearby and making Istanbul European villas preferred by many investors.

Third – Services provided in the villas:

Villas are known to be the most types of real estate that provide entertainment services at a high level of quality, the most important of which are the swimming pools and gardens, in addition to the Turkish bath and sauna, all of which are characterized by large spaces, which makes them very suitable for families consisting of six members or more.

Fourth – High investment returns:

These villas are characterized by being able to generate profits in various real estate investment methods, whether you resell them after a period of time at a more expensive price. We note that this method requires you to be constantly aware of the conditions of the Turkish real estate market to know the time when the prices of villas on the European side of Istanbul will rise, and then you will sell your villa.

Even if you rent it, you will get a very high percentage of profits and will guarantee a high monthly return. The rental prices for villas in the European section of Istanbul are not low, specifically those located near the tourist areas and historical and archaeological places, as they will receive exaggerated interest by foreign and Arabs tourists.

One of the common ideas about real estate investment in Istanbul European villas is to add some decorations to them and open them as a restaurant or a small hotel, and some do it as the seat of their business by opening it in the form of an office, a real estate company, or even an education center or a small clinic.

Fifth- charming looks:

Villas are a haven for lovers of landscapes and charming views, either on the forests or on the sea, and the two views are owned by the European side of Istanbul, where there are many forests and green gardens, as well as water sources.

Sixth – Possibility of getting Turkish citizenship:

The price of villas on the European side of Istanbul is very suitable for getting Turkish citizenship, as most of them reach 400 thousand US dollars and some exceed that.

Areas containing villas in European Istanbul:

The European section of Istanbul is large and includes many developing areas that host a group of luxury villas, and the most important and most famous of these areas are:

First – Basaksehir area:

The Basaksehir area has attracted great interest from Arab and foreign investors and has won the satisfaction of those who wanted to invest their money in owning villas in the prosperous European part of Istanbul. The global architecture, and the increasing demand for it, made the real estate and investment market in Basaksehir active and vibrant, and the returns became much higher.

According to statistics, the Başakşehir area has a population of about 470,000 people, most of whom live in it from foreigners who owned its real estate, villas and apartments, which are located along public services, parks, schools, universities, hospitals, and huge commercial malls. Famous international brands and also contains a number of entertainment sections, including for adults and children.

The geographical location of the Başakşehir area is very distinguished, as it is close to the most important airports in the world, the new Istanbul Airport, which surpassed the Ataturk and Sabiha airports, and this area is also close to the new Istanbul Canal, which is one of the most important projects in Turkey, but in the whole world.

Secondly – Beylikduzu region:

Beylikduzu area tops the list of the best urban areas in Istanbul, despite its rural origin, and this area is only 40 km away from the center of Istanbul. Beylikduzu is one of the favorite areas of the city’s residents due to the diversity and multiplicity of its transportation, perhaps the most prominent of which is the Metro Bus, the express bus line in Istanbul, with a line length of 50 km and a number of passengers exceeding 800,000 passengers per day. Which made it an environmentally friendly transportation means that facilitates safe and quick access to all areas of the city.

The spread of villas in the Beylikduzu area, and its containing centers for social, entertainment and sports events, indoor and outdoor swimming pools, children’s entertainment centers, gardens and other service and social facilities, made it more attractive to investors than other types of real estate in the region. It also embraces the Valley of Life Garden, which is called the Japanese Garden, in which traditional Japanese huts are dotted with visitors racing to pick up housing or investment. One of the things that interest you to see the prices of villas there, as they are very high, which made them the preserve of businessmen and the rich, and what supported the investor’s decision to search. What supported the investor’s decision to search for villas for sale is that their prices are constantly increasing, due to the region’s proximity to huge projects such as the new Istanbul Airport and the Istanbul Water Canal, which caused a qualitative leap in real estate prices in general in the Sariyer area.

One of the most important things that makes the idea of buying villas within the Sariyer area in Istanbul a correct idea is that it has a very important strategic location as it is located along the famous Bosphorus Strait, which is beyond definition, and its presence on the European side of Istanbul alone is enough to make it distinctive. It is known about this part that it is more developed and modern than the other side as a result of its location within the continent of Europe next to it, in addition to the spread of filtered water pools in which fish swim.

Third – Sariyer area:

Real estate in Istanbul is classified within the Sariyer area as hyper-modern, specifically villas that are distinguished by unparalleled luxury, and this is in line with the tastes of all classes of society, and when we talk about real estate in the region, we must point out that it is resistant to earthquakes, natural disasters and other modern technologies.


Fourth – Taksim area:

Taksim is the vibrant center in Istanbul, specifically in the European part of it. Since the passage of time, the region has been a vital and active center in this ancient city. This has increased the demand for it, especially by foreigners wishing to buy apartments for sale in Istanbul near their diplomatic representations.

What distinguishes the Taksim area more and more is that it has a unique tourist style that is accepted by tourists from all parts of the world as a result of it containing the Istiklal Street, which was a main corridor for the Ottoman Empire’s army, which made major conquests, and despite its importance in the past, its importance is still in the present time, as it is one of the largest and most important tourist and marketing streets in Istanbul, visited on a daily basis by thousands of Turks and foreigners, the reputation of the Taksim area is not only throughout Turkey in the whole world due to its strong presence and high historical position.

Prices of villas in the European section of Istanbul:

If you take a look at the prices of villas in European Istanbul, you will find that they are high so that their price is compatible with the luxury services they provide, and add to your information that the prices in them are not volatile, but rather are constantly rising, especially after providing them with infrastructure projects that have contributed significantly to raising the real estate and investment value. Despite that, the prices of villas in the European section of Istanbul are very low if we want to compare them with the price of a villa with the same specifications, but it is located in one of the European countries.

What affects the prices of villas in European Istanbul:

You will not find the price of a villa completely identical to another in the European section. Each one has characteristics that work to determine the appropriate price for it. We will provide you with a list of these factors as follows:

First – proximity to vital projects:

The Turkish state is always working to put forward vital and development projects such as airports, roads, bridges and tunnels that would play a major role in determining the price of the surrounding real estate. For example, we find that real estate and land on both sides of the Istanbul Water Canal, whose excavation work began last June, recorded great heights and will have greater increases over the next six years.

Second – the area of ​​the villa:

Logically, the villa with the largest area wins a more expensive price than the smaller villas. This is a fixed law. The greater the area, the higher the price.

Third – the exterior of the villa:

Of course, the aesthetic aspect of the villa affects its price, as the more luxurious and more beautiful the exterior design is, the higher its cost, and the percentage of demand for it will increase as a result of attracting many local and foreign investors, and this is one of the priorities of construction companies in Turkey and in the European part of Istanbul in particular. They compete with each other to build luxurious and beautifully designed projects.

Fourth – the age of the villa:

This is not specific to villas located in European Istanbul in particular, because when you want to buy a villa in any country or place around the world, its age along with its location affects its price, meaning that when we talk about a villa that was built in a popular area that is more than ten years, its price must be much lower than a new villa located in an area with a wide range of vitality and modernity.

Fifth-Social, entertaining and technological services:

We find that the villas located in one of the European regions of Istanbul compete with each other to provide security services such as surveillance cameras and night guards, in addition to entertaining services such as elevators, swimming pools, gardens, playgrounds, etc., as well as introducing modern systems to facilitate life for residents and owners of the villa more and make it in their hands and in their access through simple touches using an electronic application on mobile phones, and this matter greatly contributes to raising the financial value of the villa on the one hand and increasing the demand for it on the other hand.

Sixth- the view of the villa:

The villas with sea views on one of Istanbul’s European lakes or seas are one of the best views, followed by those overlooking the forests, then the city center, and then gardens, water bodies and indoor swimming pools. It cannot be overlooked that the type of villa view affects its price, either causing the price to rise or to decrease.

Seventh – the location of the villa:

To estimate the price of the villa ask yourself, where is the city located? If the answer is a vital city, its price will be more expensive, and the region also plays a role in determining the price of the villa. The more promising and advanced the villa, the higher its price, as well as its proximity or distance to service facilities such as schools, medical centers, malls, hotels, and others.

We have come to the conclusion of this article, which was that the villas in the European part of the famous city of Istanbul are a golden opportunity that will gain real wealth by investing in them, whatever the method is, as they are able to bring you huge profits due to the large demand for their acquisition.

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