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The rural houses in Turkey represent an ideal target for those looking for calm and the charming nature that attracts many tourists to it, as the Turkish countryside mixes the aesthetic of history with the magic of nature, which is an aesthetic image that attracts the attention of the whole world, and we are happy to take you on a pleasant tour to learn about everything related to rural homes through the following lines.

Features of rural homes in Turkey:

There are many elements that are unique to rural homes and other properties in Turkey, the most important of which are mentioned in the following paragraph:

  1. Fresh air:

The Turkish countryside is characterized by fresh air rich in oxygen due to the abundance of forests and trees and the lack of sources of pollution from factories, machines, cars and any thing like. Morning is dewy and the evening is fresh and wet for breath.

2.A healthy environment:

Living there means enjoying a healthy life by eating organic food, vegetables and fresh fruits. Let us not forget that rural places are rich in farms, in addition to animal products, dairy products and others.

3. A life full of simplicity:

There is no need to live in the complexities of the city and its demanding social environment, as the nature of business and rural life does not require you to do so.

4.Quietness, not noise:

What most attracts people to buy one of the rural houses is the calm that hangs over its various parts, and you find it free of noise and crowds, which makes it suitable for spending weekends or summer holidays, as it is ideal for retirees who have experienced psychological or health problems.

5.A haven for lovers of glamorous nature:

The beauty of rural places was the first reason that made them the focus of many people’s attention as they embraced the highlands, hills, wasteful waterfalls, vast green areas, Not to mention the multi-colored mountain shovels

Is investing in rural homes successful?

Some investors are afraid to go into the process of buying a house in rural Turkey, believing that it does not make profits, but the truth is otherwise for several reasons, the most important of which are:

First- Tourism Importance:

The Turkish countryside receives the attention of foreign and Arab tourists and is considered one of the best choices for them as a result of the picturesque nature it enjoys, specifically the villages and countryside in Istanbul.

second- Government interest:

These places do not only enjoy the interest of tourists, but also the Turkish state itself as it continuously seeks to develop them and create an urban boom and urban transformation in them through urban development plans, which means increasing the demand for rural homes on the one hand and increasing their investment and real estate value on the other hand.

third- Low prices:

Rural houses in Turkey are famous for their cheap prices when compared to homes in Turkish cities.

fourth- A distinctive opportunity for real estate investment:

You will not find an investment that makes you more profitable than investing in rural homes, either by renting them to a tourist or by selling them after a while to guarantee a higher price.

fifth- Agribusiness:

You can take advantage of their fertile soil to grow different types of agricultural crops to achieve self-sufficiency or even enter the field of agriculture and agricultural investment.

sixth- Poultry farming

When living in rural houses, you can raise poultry and animals such as horses, sheep, cows and many other useful animals that you can invest in.

Prices of rural houses in Turkey:

In general, any house located in the countryside or Turkish villages finds its price to be rather low and almost nothing if we want to make a simple comparison between it and the price of houses in one of the Turkish cities, but you have to bear in mind that even rural houses have slightly different prices from one house to another due to several factors that have a role that cannot be overlooked in determining the price, we will show you some of these factors as follows:


Certainly, the location is considered a basic  factor affecting the prices of rural houses in Turkey. The closer the house is to service means such as transportation from the metro, the better. The presence of schools, hospitals and universities also has an impact. This is one of the basics that a person asks about when he wants to buy a house, and it is also one of the main factors affecting the prices of rural houses.

The price of the rural house varies according to the status of the city to which it belongs and the region as well. Its good reputation, vitality  and being well served by the availability of electricity and water leads to a high price and vice versa.

Internal finishes and decoration:

The quality of the rural house can be determined from the finishes and decoration, so the better the finishes, the higher the price of the house, and on the contrary, the weakness of the building materials makes the price of the house cheaper.

Area :

The size of the rural house plays an important role in determining its price. The more the space, the more the price.


The view also affects the price of the house. Homes that enjoy direct proximity to the sea or forests will be more expensive and different from the price of homes with regular views on gardens and streets.


The presence of sewage, plumbing, heating, electricity, fiber optic and floor cladding equipment increases the financial value of the rural house.

Where can rural houses be found in Turkey?

The scattered rural houses in Turkey here and there, and one of the most important areas in which they are located:

  1. Sheila area:

Sheila is a distinctive tourist destination that has contributed to giving it great attention by the municipality of the region in particular and the municipality of Istanbul in general, and it is not without thousands of tourists who go from inside and outside Turkey to enjoy and summer in it, and there are many rural houses near the Black Sea and the Bosphorus, and its services have been upgraded and all the elements of life have been provided to become one of the real estate attractions today.

Whoever chooses the Sheila area for housing and stability, chooses to live in a calm atmosphere, as it is far from loud and noisy and traffic jams, and life in it is comfortable.

2.Arnavutkoy area:

This promising area is one of the most prominent interests of Arab and foreign investors who preferred to buy real estate in it, as many families prefer to live and settle in a calm environment free from noise, crowded city and pollution, so they preferred to live in Arnavutkoy, which has a distinctive rural character mixed with historical civilization and stunning nature, and the area was characterized by its charming view of Doruso Lake, which gave its visitors the opportunity to enjoy its beauty with the family and escape from trouble and stress.

Arnavutkoy was distinguished by its proximity to the Istanbul Canal project, which is considered one of the most important and largest Turkish projects, so it is planned that this canal will connect between the Black Sea and the Marmara Sea to form a strait of equal importance to the famous Bosphorus Strait.

Demand for rural houses in Turkey is increasing significantly, as they give independence and privacy to their residents. More importantly, they provide neighboring green spaces for a better and healthier living, and many investors use them as a successful and profitable means of investment.

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