Government Facilities for Granting Turkish Citizenship to Foreigners

جدول المحتويات

The Turkish government came with a set of facilities to get Turkish citizenship in front of large and increasing numbers of foreigners.

The most important facilities for getting Turkish citizenship:

The Turkish government has provided many facilities for foreigners to get Turkish citizenship, the most important of which:

  • Buying real estate: The government opened the way for real estate investment in its country, and its decisions came as a strong impetus for this type of investment. Where the Turkish government granted its citizenship to a foreign investor who buys a property in Turkey, if the value of the property reaches a minimum of 400,000 dollars, and that the owner does not sell the property before three years of owning it. In addition to granting citizenship in return for buying real estate, the government has provided many facilities in this field, namely:

-The government did not specify the condition that one property fulfills its condition, but the investor can buy more than one property, provided that the total is at least 400,000 $.

-The Turkish government allowed foreign investors the freedom to invest in real estate on its lands, allowing them to buy all kinds of real estate.

-The government repealed the Reciprocity Law, which stipulated that “ownership is allowed in Turkey, only for citizens of countries that allow Turkish citizens to own property in their lands.”

-The Turkish government has not restricted its facilities to those who own the capital only, but has also made it possible to get Turkish citizenship in exchange for buying a property in Turkey by installments, provided that it fulfills the real estate conditions for getting Turkish citizenship.

Thus, it opened the way for everyone who aspires to invest in Turkey, and allowed investors to take a leap forward that might have taken years to make.

-In addition to the possibility of buying a property under construction, or on the scheme. Thus, the Turkish government has provided a series of facilities for real estate investors to get Turkish citizenship.

  • Investment: The government also provided facilities for investors to get Turkish citizenship, and included all types of investment, allowing the investor or founder of a company in Turkey, who employs 50 citizens, to get Turkish citizenship.

Thus, it reduced the number of jobs, which was scheduled according to a previous law, 100 jobs, by half. With its new decision, it gave the opportunity to investors who own smaller companies than its predecessors, to get citizenship.

  • Marriage: The Turkish government granted a foreigner who marries a Turk, and has a permanent financial return or the ability to support himself and his family, the possibility to get Turkish citizenship, if his marriage is completed for a period of three years. The decision applies to a male and female foreigners. Thus, it encouraged the blending of peoples on the one hand, and granted the possibility of getting Turkish citizenship to a large number of foreigners, most of whom are Arabs on the other hand.
  • Temporary residency: The Turkish government has made it possible for a resident on Turkish territory for a period of up to five years or more, depending on his possession of temporary residency, to apply for Turkish citizenship. This is if he is able to provide evidence that he has a permanent financial return, or that he is able to support himself and his family.
  • Working: Anyone who has spent five years in Turkey can work and support the Turkish economy, whether directly by owning a company or a factory, or indirectly by working in an industrial sector or other sectors.

To apply for Turkish citizenship, the following conditions must be met in this case:

-The person is legally qualified to get Turkish citizenship.

-To reside in Turkey for at least five years, continuously without interruption, where he is allowed to leave for a period not exceeding 360 days at most during the residency period.

-Provide proof of his place of residence or place of work.

-Proficiency in the Turkish language, for ease of work and communication within Turkish territory.

  • Bank account: Among the facilities provided by the Turkish government, it provided the possibility of getting Turkish citizenship, for those who deposit an amount of 500 thousand dollars, in a Turkish bank. Thus, it amended the previous law, which required a deposit of three million dollars, in order to get Turkish citizenship. It also includes those who deposit the same amount in a government investment project.

Foreigners from different parts of the world seek to get Turkish citizenship, because this citizenship gives them various advantages, which make it a goal for many:

-The real estate investor will acquire, in addition to Turkish citizenship, a guaranteed real estate investment, and a significant monthly and annual return, by renting his property.

-The activity of the real estate investment market in Turkey is driving real estate prices up, and thus will ensure a doubling of his capital deposited in the form of real estate in the Turkish real estate investment market.

-Turkish citizenship offers its holder prospects of job opportunities in Turkey, without the need for residency.

-The holder of Turkish citizenship has equal rights with Turkish citizens, such as free education and medication in hospitals, in addition to the possibility of getting distinguished jobs, in addition to the pension.

-Getting the Turkish passport, which is considered one of the most powerful passports in the world.

-Turkish citizenship grants its holder freedom of movement between countries of the world, allowing its holder to enter 121 countries without a visa.

-Possibility to enter 26 Schengen countries.

-Dual nationalities, you do not have to give up your original nationality in order to get Turkish citizenship.

-The right to own and sell in Turkey, like any Turkish citizen.

-The right to participate in elections and voting.

-A holder of citizenship can grant it to his wife and children under the age of 18.

– In addition to the economic development and prosperity that Turkey is achieving, it occupies a place in the first ranks of the strongest economies in the world.

– The geographical location that Turkey enjoys, and its distinctive nature, which makes it a destination for tourists from different countries, and this increases its investment value as well.

-Turkey is a safe country from wars and conflicts.

-In addition to the facilities provided by Turkey in the legal procedures necessary to get citizenship.

-Getting Turkish citizenship takes a short period compared to the period that you might need in another country.

Turkey has many advantages as a country that makes life easier and more stable, on the one hand, and makes any investment more successful on the other hand.

Documents required to apply for citizenship:

 As a kind of increased facilities, we will mention the documents and papers required to obtain citizenship:

  1. Possession title
  2. The receipt of payment for the price of the property by the bank in which it was paid, for the buyer.
  3. Passport
  4. A document proving the residential address in Turkey.

There are still some procedures necessary to get citizenship, and although getting Turkish citizenship is worth the trouble, these procedures not many.

Turkey surpasses many countries in the world with its potential of development and prosperity, and it came with the many facilities that it provided to get Turkish citizenship to increase its superiority.

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