Small Apartments and Large Apartments in Istanbul

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After the urban development and modernity witnessed by the Turkish city of Istanbul recently, many foreigners have come to buy apartments and real estate units in Istanbul, with the aim of housing or investing, and this project has become available to everyone due to the abundance of small apartments and large apartments in Istanbul and the many options for the foreign investor.

Which is better small or large apartments in Istanbul?

There is definitely no definite and clear answer to this question, as the answer depends on the investor’s goal and plans after purchase, and the objectives differ as follows:

  • If the investor’s goal is a home for the annual vacation alone, or he and his wife are in Istanbul, then the best option would be a small apartment, of course.
  • If the investor’s goal is to spend the annual vacation with his entire family, which has five members or more, then the best option at that time is a large apartment, enjoying a stunning sea view, and a space suitable for the number of family members.
  • If the investor’s goal is a suitable place for annual rent, it is preferable to buy a small apartment, due to the low price of rent in small apartments.
  • If the goal is a suitable place for monthly rent, then the best choice is to buy a large apartment in the heart of the city of beauty, Istanbul, to enjoy the best distinctive sea view.
  • If the goal is a suitable place for the whole family, then it is better, of course, to buy a large apartment that fits the number of family members.
  • If the goal is a suitable place for the employee next to the workplace, for example, then it is preferred to buy a small apartment or studio if the buyer lives alone and works in Istanbul.


Specifications of small apartments for sale in Istanbul

According to real estate experts, the small apartments sold in Istanbul are small apartments, with an area not exceeding 70 square meters.

As for the specifications of small apartments, they are apartments consisting of one room and a hall, or a maximum of two rooms, and sometimes there is a balcony or not.

Small apartments in Istanbul are suitable for a family consisting of two people, one person, university students, or employees in Istanbul.

Specifications of large apartments for sale in Istanbul

Large apartments in Istanbul are the apartments whose area exceeds about 100 square meters, and it often consists of a large hall in addition to three rooms as a minimum.

Large apartments in Istanbul may be in the form of duplexes, or penthouses, designed in the form of a full floor, with a large terrace surrounding the apartment on all sides.

In terms of the number of individuals, the large apartments in Istanbul are suitable for medium or large families, which have four or more members.

Differences between small apartments and large apartments in Istanbul

There is a very big difference between owning small apartments and owning large apartments in Istanbul, for several reasons, explained below:

  1. Small apartments are suitable for individuals only or a family of two, while large apartments are suitable for medium and large families that consist of four or more people.
  2. Small apartments are usually cheaper than large apartments.
  3. Large apartments are much larger than small apartments.
  4. Small apartments can be rented easily and with little effort, and therefore suitable as an investment project, while large apartments suit the idea of ​​stability and residency, as renting them requires great effort because of their high price.
  5. As for the view or the destination, there are no differences between small and large apartments, as both types are available in the same location.
  6. The price of small apartments is often cheaper than large apartments, but this sometimes varies depending on the area in which the apartment is located, and according to the projects and services available in the area.
  7. Finally, the return on investment or profit may be relatively less in small apartments, but it is somewhat guaranteed than in large apartments, due to the ease of selling or renting.


Is there a relationship between getting Turkish citizenship and small or large apartments?

The answer is that there is no link between the possibility of getting citizenship in return for buying a property, and the area of ​​this property, whether small or large.

As the only condition for getting a Turkish identity in return for buying a property is that the value of this property be at least 400,000 US dollars, and by fulfilling this condition, the investor or buyer has the right to apply for Turkish citizenship.

It is worth noting, that construction companies usually provide many offers, which combine more than one small apartment, or a large apartment with a small apartment.

Which is more in demand small or large apartments in Istanbul?

According to the statistics carried out by the Statistics Authority in Turkey, the two-bedroom and lounge-style small apartments are the most sought after and popular in Istanbul, because they are suitable for small and medium families, and are suitable for real estate investment and residence or living at the same time.

Which is better to invest in small or large apartments in Istanbul?

When we talk about buying apartments in Turkey in general and Istanbul in particular, we are talking about a city that is very strong in the field of real estate investment.

Since the most important thing the investor is looking for is the profit, it can be said that small apartments are the best option, as it guarantees the investor a guaranteed and fast capital cycle, due to the large demand for apartments with small spaces, and the abundance of the category wishing for this type of apartments.

We find that the university student, the foreign tourist coming to Turkey, the newly married, even the parents after the marriage of their children, all of these are clients who want apartments with small spaces to live in.

Other advantages of buying a small apartment in Istanbul

There are many advantages of small apartments in Turkey in general, because they are suitable for the financial budget, and the following explain those advantages:

  • The price of the property: there is certainly a close relationship between the price of the property and its area, and accordingly, small apartments are cheaper than large apartments, and this feature is important for many.
  • Taxes, bills or fees, are usually cheaper in the case of small apartments.
  • One of the most important advantages of small spaces is the ease of organizing and cleaning them, as arranging and cleaning the property will not cost the property owner a lot of time and effort.
  • In small apartments, the buyer can furnish the house with modest capabilities, and will not suffer from empty rooms that need furniture.
  • Finally, in the case of wanting to rent an apartment, we will find that small apartments are gaining popularity, because people often seek low prices and suitable spaces.


In conclusion, it is worth noting that the tendency to buy a property in Turkey is a profitable project in all its aspects, whether it is for the purpose of real estate investment in an economically strong country, or for the purpose of housing and residency in a country that enjoys a distinctive and attractive view and a comfortable general atmosphere for every expatriate, and we hope that we will explained in details all the necessary information about small apartments and large apartments in Istanbul.

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