Buying an apartment in Istanbul near the metro

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Transportation plays an important role in choosing apartments, whether the purpose of the apartment is real estate investment or accommodation, because of the importance of transportation in increasing the importance of the investment apartment and
guarantee a comfortable life away from the difficulty of transportation.

In today’s article, we will talk about everything you would like to know about choosing apartments in Istanbul near the metro line.

Why should you buy an apartment in Istanbul near the metro?

The metro in Istanbul is part of the development achieved by this city. The Turkish government has been interested in developing and improving it continuously due to the many advantages it achieves for Istanbul.

These advantages include:

  • The metro is part of the infrastructure in Istanbul, which plays a major role in increasing the vitality in that area in addition to increasing the importance of investments in Istanbul and raising the importance of its real estate in investment.
  • The metro is one of the advanced and fast means of transportation, which provides easy movement to and from Istanbul, in addition to connecting Istanbul with various neighboring areas.
  • The Istanbul Metro allows travel between the two Bosphorus banks without having to pass through the ferry, thus shortening much of the time required for transport.
  • The Istanbul Metro connects the European and Asian sections of Istanbul, and this point is considered one of the most important advantages of the Metro Line in Istanbul.
  • The transportation cost needed in the metro is not high.
  • The metro played an important role in increasing the movement and activity in Istanbul and in the various areas it passes through and increasing its investment importance in various types of investments.


Advantages of buying an apartment near the metro in Istanbul:

  • Apartments close to the metro ensure a practical life that is characterized by ease of movement away from the traffic jam in Istanbul.
  • The residential complexes near the metro line feature distinctive architectural designs from the outside, as well as attention to the interior finishes of the apartments.

●   Apartments close to the metro line reduce cost of transportation.

  • Mobility within the metro is convenient, fast and safe.
  • Many metro lines close to the apartments can be found in Istanbul.
  • Metro lines allow access to different places in Istanbul.
  • Apartments close to the metro line are characterized by high prices
  • High investment value of apartments close to the metro.

It is clear that the option of buying an apartment in Istanbul near the metro will bring its owner a comfortable life and a successful investment.

Buy an apartment in European Istanbul near the metro:

The European section of Istanbul has many metro lines

Due to the increasing importance of the various regions in the European sector as a result of the important projects established by the government, and the increase in investment activity of all kinds, especially real estate investment, whose activity in a region is significantly and directly related to the availability of the transportation network in that region. The many metro lines in European Istanbul have contributed to the increase in demand for real estate in the surrounding areas, and thus the increase in their prices.

Buying an apartment in European Istanbul will ensure a comfortable life and easy transportation, which is one of the most important elements of comfortable life

the most important metro lines in European Istanbul:

  • The metro line between Yeni Cabi and the Fatih area, up to Atatürk airport in the Bakirkoy area, which is linked to many branches, including the branch that arrives to Bahçelievler area and the branch to Basaksehir area.
  • The metro line connecting the Haji Osman area with the Sariyer area, as well as passing through several stations, such as Taksim, sisli and Levent area.

Buy an apartment in Asian Istanbul near the metro:

The Asian part of Istanbul is also characterized by great tourist demand, due to its richness with many tourist attractions and historical landmarks.

Given the importance of the Asian part of Istanbul tourism, the Turkish government has turned its attention to ensuring safe and rapid movements between its various areas.

Two main and important metro lines pass through Asian Istanbul, the first metro line from Kadıköy area, all the way to the Pendik area.

The second metro line starts in Uskudar and ends in the urban area

It also passes through many metro stations such as Jackmack Station.

The most important metro lines in Istanbul:

Istanbul is characterized by many different metro lines in length with different places in which it passes. The most important of these lines are:

  • Altunizade Metro Line_ Çamlıca

Metro line connecting Altunizade with Çamlıca

It intersects with the metro line in Uskudar area, and is considered one of the most important metro lines in Istanbul, up to 3.5 km long.

Its capacity reaches up to eight thousand passengers per trip, and its journey only takes 12 minutes.

  • Sabiha_Kurt Koi Airport Metro Line:

The metro line connects the Kurt Koi area with Sabiha International Airport.

The metro line is 6 kilometers long, accommodating about seventy thousand passengers, and the metro line takes 8.5 minutes to travel, and the metro line passes through the coast.

  • Sultan Ghazi Metro Line_ Arnavutköy :

The metro line is of great importance, and its importance has increased significantly after the construction of the new Istanbul Airport project, and the metro line intersects with the tramway line in Topkapi area, in addition to its intersection with the Geri Tepe- Istanbul Airport line, the length of the metro line reaches 15 km.

It has a capacity of 45,000 passengers per flight.

His journey takes about 16 minutes, and he is clearly one of the most important metro lines in Istanbul.

  • Metro line Wozniegeler – Sultan Ghazi:

The metro line is 17.35 kilometers long, connecting between the Fatih area and the Eyüp Sultan area, and passing through the Ghazi Osman Pasha area.

Its capacity reaches 45,000 passengers per trip.

The metro journey takes 26.5 minutes.

In addition to the intersection of the metro line with many other metro lines, it also intersects with the metrobus.

  • The new metro line in Esenyurt – Istanbul:

It is considered one of the new metro lines that the Turkish government has undertaken to alleviate the great pressure on transportation lines, and to accommodate the large increase in the population in Esenyurt area located in the European part of Istanbul, and the Esenyurt Metro line has contributed significantly to the increase in the importance of the region and has significantly increased real estate investment in it.

  • Istanbul Airport Metro Line_Gayrettepe:

The metro line connects the new Istanbul Airport with Istanbul city center

In order to guarantee the rapid transportation of passengers to and from the airport

It is considered one of the most important metro lines in Istanbul, its importance is linked to the importance of Istanbul Airport on the one hand, and the urgent need for it on the other hand.

The metro line is 37 kilometers long, its journey is expected to take 25 minutes, and it is planned to connect the metro line with many other metro lines in Istanbul.

  • Istanbul- Halkali Airport Metro Line:

The importance of the metro line that links Istanbul Airport with Halkali is no less important than its predecessor, as it also” connects the airport with the center of Istanbul.

It has a length of 31.5 kilometres and is expected to take 30 minutes and is planned to be operational shortly.

Apartments close to the Istanbul Metro Line have all the elements that ensure their success in  guarantee the best life and the most successful investment

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