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The first advice provided to anyone who wants to buy a property in Turkey is to use a real estate company.

This is due to the importance of the services and efforts provided by real estate companies.

In this article, you can see the importance of buying real estate in Turkey through Hana Real Estate Company, and the most important privileges and services that it provides will be highlighted.

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Overview of Hana Real Estate Company:

– Hana Real Estate Company has been established since 2014.

– Since its establishment, it has been working at an increasing pace to provide investment services, and legal services related to real estate, to ensure the most successful investment in real estate for its customers, and to secure safe investment for foreign investors.

– Hana Real Estate Company took care of its team, and carefully selected experts and specialists from them in all fields required of investors.

-They work in innovative ways to secure the needs of customers.

– its slogan is seriousness and credibility in dealing.

– it was and is gaining the trust and approval of customers.

Services of Hana Real Estate Company:

A company here carries out an integrated set of services, including:

  • Partnering with construction companies that construct buildings and residential complexes, Hana Real Estate Company undertakes the task of advertising construction company projects and presenting it to foreign investors.
  • Foreign and Turkish investors take it into their own hands to choose the most suitable property for them, commensurate with the investor’s capital and investment options.
  • Accompany the investor with the full steps of the purchase process, from the selection of the property to the receipt of the title deed.
  • It also allows the investor to benefit from additional services, such as Reception him from the airport and accompanying him with his full trip.
  • It provides post-purchase services, it helps customers in real estate residency procedures, obtaining Turkish citizenship, as well as all stages of applying for the Turkish passport.
  • Here, a company supervises the signing of contracts and securing the required documents, in addition to legalization by the notary and in the state departments.

Additional services for Hana Real Estate Company:

Hana Real Estate Company is distinguished from the rest of the other real estate companies as it provides decoration service. It has a specialized group of engineers who are always able to provide new ideas for a different and distinctive design of their homes. It also signs contracts with engineers from outside Turkey.

In addition to furnishings services, it works with the best furnishings companies to help customers choose the right furnishings with home decoration.

Advantages of Hana Real Estate Company:

Hana Real Estate Company has all the advantages expected of real estate companies at best.

  • Extensive knowledge of all residential projects in Turkey:

A company here is characterized by its knowledge and familiarity with the housing projects established in Turkey in the past and new, and it has contracted with a large number of construction companies.

In doing so, it provides a great deal of effort for the foreign investor, who will find it very difficult to grasp the full range of options available for selecting and choosing the best, if he decides to be self-reliant.

Thanks to the good relations that a company here has with construction companies, it can offer its investors attractive offers and discounts.

A company here presents a list of the most appropriate options for real estate with its specifications and prices, according to the different types of real estate.

  • Extensive experience:

Hana Real Estate Company has extensive experience and is familiar with all the laws related to real estate.

And the full laws of the sale and purchase process.

In addition to its ability to protect the investor from any gap in contracts on the one hand.

On the other hand, it draws his attention to the most important matters related to real estate, such as mortgages, taxes, etc.

In doing so, they protect him from fraud and the loss of money as a result of his omission from certain topics.

  • Translation

What the foreign investor needs most with his journey in buying the property, a translator accompanying him as a result of his lack of knowledge of the Turkish language.

Certainly, Hana Real Estate will not lose sight of the importance of this point for foreign investors,

as it is responsible for providing an interpreter for the investor’s language,

accompanying him at all stages from the selection of the property to the completion of the purchase.

The most important things that real estate companies differ from:

Real estate companies are different from each other with advantages,

and this is an advantage for some over others.

  • Experience:

The most important point that distinguishes a company here from others is the availability of experience, and it is not enough to rely on hearsay in evaluating the company’s experience, but on several data.

  • The opinions of former clients of the company, and their evaluation of it.
  • The company’s sales and success in completing sales and purchases.
  • The company’s interest in small, absent-minded details.
  • The company’s annual profits.
  • Ability to communicate,

The ability to communicate is not only meant to be literal,

but the ability of employees to secure the best purchases for customers at the best prices,

and their ability to bargain in innovative ways away from known methods,

to secure the prices of the best customers.

  • Variety:

A company that provides integrated services from A to Z,

is the best option for foreign investors.

– It saves them the task of moving between companies .

– Hana Real Estate Company has the best advantages,

which made it gain the confidence of foreign customers from various countries.

Why do foreign investors turn to real estate companies?

  • The foreign investor finds it difficult to start investing, how does it start? And where does that begin?

Despite his research and scrutiny of everything related to real estate in Turkey, he will remain hesitant to make the decision, because he does not know enough to make the decision.

It resorts to real estate companies, which are fully aware of the details of the purchase process, keeping abreast of everything new in the real estate investment market, and the most active areas of the sale and purchase movement, in addition to the variation in the prices of real estate between the regions.

It has an integrated team of experts with all the necessary competencies,

legal and real estate.

Hana Real Estate Company is distinguished by having a cadre specialized in real estate and legal consultancy.

The long time it will take him to research will certainly ease his enthusiasm and ambition for investment, and he is still at the beginning of the road.

It takes a lot of trouble to find the right property at the right price and suitable for the capital,

and the specifications of the location, space and view.

Relying on the real estate company, therefore,

will be your best option in the way of real estate investment, as it shortens you all this time.

  • Real estate companies are better able to negotiate with the seller,
  • to secure the best price for the investor.

Real estate companies reduce the price in front of the investor as much as possible,

thus providing him with the largest profits as a result of his investment.

  • In the event that the investor decides to sell his property later,
  • the real estate company will provide him with the appropriate buyer.
  • His lack of knowledge of the real estate laws in Turkey, and the legal procedures.

The manner in which contracts are written, and the imperfections or defects in the contracts, cannot be fully informed of updates to the laws.

The role of real estate companies in the development of real estate investment:

  • Real estate companies play a role in stimulating investment in Turkey in the real estate fields, as they are responsible for advertising residential and investment projects.

In addition to announcing the importance of real estate investment in Turkey,

and its profits.

This in turn plays a major role in attracting foreign investors to real estate investment in Turkey.

  • Providing an economic feasibility study for projects, its advantages, cost and expected profits.

In this way, it contributes to the process of buying and selling,

and thus it is active in the real estate investment movement in Turkey.

To ensure real estate investment with solid steps and in the shortest time while earning a lot of profits, the best option would be to use a competent real estate company.

Hana Real Estate will be a good and reliable option. You can now contact our real estate consultants for the most important information and inquiries you are looking for.

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