Jordanian Investments in Turkey’s Real Estate

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There has been a lot of talk recently about the trend of Jordanians to reside and invest in Turkey’s real estate.

The numbers of Jordanians have increased significantly in recent years in Turkey, and most of them have been interested in investing in it, and real estate investment has accounted for the largest share of interest.

In our article today, we will talk about everything related to real estate investment for Jordanians in Turkey.

Reasons for Jordanians to invest in real estate in Turkey

  • Jordan’s relationship with Turkey is good, at various levels.
  • Real estate residence permit granted to the real estate investor.
  • The desire for a Turkish passport.
  • The possibility of obtaining Turkish citizenship and enjoying the full rights available to the Turkish citizen.
  • The importance of the Turkish economy and its rapid development.
  • Turkey is a safe country for real estate investment, ensuring good and guaranteed returns, in addition to the beginning of the rise in real estate prices in Turkey, thus ensuring that the investor doubles his capital in the future.
  • The beauty of Turkey makes it the focus of foreign tourists from different countries.


The best cities in Turkey for Jordanian residence:

Jordanians go to Turkey for the purpose of work or study, thus the best city in Turkey that suits the purposes of the Jordanians is :

  • Istanbul

is the most vital city in Turkey, as it represents the economic capital of Turkey, it is full of life, and projects.

Where the Turkish government went to Istanbul to establish the most important and largest projects, and witnessed the advance and intensification of the population and tourists from various countries of the world, this makes it one of the best investment cities in the world and makes its economy global, “not only at the Turkish level, and this in turn raised the value of real estate investment in Istanbul and made it progress with successive leaps.

The Jordanians in Istanbul have found something that meets their wishes, as it is the best city in Turkey for residence and investment of all kinds.

Recently, there has been an increase in the number of Jordanians in Istanbul, and more broadly in Esenyurt, Basaksehir and Fatih.

  • Ankara,

Ankara is of great interest to Jordanians, as it is the political and administrative capital of Turkey, as it is the preferred destination for Jordanian real estate investors.

The Jordanian will not find it difficult to rent his property in Ankara, and there are no seasons for activity in it, and therefore the Jordanian finds the real estate investment in Ankara a guarantee and an increase in capital.

We mention that the Jordanians go to Istanbul and Ankara for study, due to the difficulty of the Jordanian curriculum, especially the orientation stage, so they go to study in Arab schools in Turkey, which abound in the cities of Ankara and Istanbul.

Facilities of the Turkish government for Jordanian investors:

The Turkish government has provided a range of facilities to foreign real estate investors of various nationalities.

Specifically, Jordanian real estate investors were characterized by the addition of more facilities.

It allowed the Jordanian to buy one commercial property, and two residential properties.

A commercial property can be an office or a commercial store.

In doing so, it expanded the investment horizons for the Jordanian investor.

Steps to buy the property in Turkey for Jordanians:

The truth of saying that the steps of buying the property in Turkey for Jordanians are not different from other nationalities.

In general, the Turkish government took care to make the process of buying the property in Turkey quick and easy.

  • The buyer of the property is personally present in Turkey, or legally deputized.
  • He is granted a tax number that facilitates dealing with transactions, and he gets his number from the Tax Department.
  • Transfer the purchase amount to a bank account in a Turkish bank that is opened in advance.
  • Bring a translated copy of the passport and certified by the notary.
  • The seller and the buyer meet at the real estate office to transfer the property from the seller to the buyer, and the buyer receives the title of the property.

How Jordanians Make Profits from Real Estate Investment in Turkey:

Real estate investment in Turkey for Jordanians is considered the preferred investment.

It is characterized by active and continuous movement, and Turkey is a safe environment for real estate investment and earning abundant profits.

There are different types of real estate investment, on which Jordanians depend:

  • The Jordanians buy the property in Turkey of the type of apartments in order to rent it.

The Jordanian prefers this type of investment over others because he will not find it difficult to rent his apartment in Turkey, especially if the appropriate location is chosen near the city center, or in an active tourist area.

In doing so, it ensures a continuous and guaranteed monthly return.

  • Some Jordanians are heading towards commercial real estate.

Shops, restaurants or companies, and he also rents them, or invests personally in them.

In view of the boom in the Turkish economy, the Jordanian, when purchasing a commercial property in Turkey in order to invest in it himself, will be able to achieve large profits of any kind, in addition to the price of the commercial property, which doubles faster and more than the residential property.

  • Others buy real estate in Turkey, selling it at a price that is twice as high as it was after a period of time, because of the rise in real estate prices in Turkey.

He will be successful in choosing his property in a location that sees the movement of new and important projects. The future of real estate in these areas is already clear, especially in large investment areas such as Istanbul third Airport , Istanbul Water Canal and other projects.

Important tips for Jordanian before real estate investment in Turkey:

We will mention a set of tips for every jordanian who accepts real estate investment in Turkey, so that his investment will be successful and successful in all his steps:

  • Determine  the target

Do not underestimate the beginnings. Real estate investment in Turkey needs to take care to define your goal of investment accurately, and you must choose the number of real estate commensurate with the capital you own, so that you do not have to borrow, and fall into the cycle of debt.

It is well known that Turkey provides many options for buying real estate in installments, in which case it is necessary to choose the best investment for the property that can pay the installments and take the additional profits.

  • Determine the field of ​​investment

There are several fields of real estate investment in Turkey, the investor must define his field accurately, because this requires him to choose the location of the property and its specifications in proportion to the field of investment.

  • If he wants to buy an apartment to rent to students and employees, in this case he must go with his options to the city centers and vital areas, and small apartments of the type of studio or a little larger are chosen.
  • If he intends to rely on tourists, he goes to the tourist places in Turkey, from coastal, historical and other places.

The preferred type for tourists is luxury fully serviced apartments, or spacious villas.

In this case, the timing of the purchase of the property plays an” important” role in determining its price, as prices rise significantly in the summer and spring seasons

  • The direction of the investor towards commercial investment may depend on the proximity of the shopping centers and city centers in choosing the location of the property.

or areas of important projects and high population density.

Whichever option, you prefer to rely on a real estate company or trusted real estate agent to help you make the right choice.

  • Be close from infrastructure:

Whatever the objective of real estate investment, approach the sites of active infrastructure, as it forms a safe environment for real estate investment, whatever its purpose, and will ensure that you sell your property at high prices in the future if you decide to change the field of your investment.

Jordanians, like other Arabs in Turkey, find the best place to build a prosperous and clear future and to develop capital under many facilities provided by the Turkish government.

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