Advantages of Investing and Buying Lands in Istanbul

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The city of Istanbul is today a center of demand for many businessmen and capitalists who go to it for various investment plans. It is one of the first global cities that provide opportunities for success and making profits. Today we will talk about the importance of this type of investment, what is the motive for this, and what are the government instructions to complete the purchase of lands in Istanbul.

Buying lands in Istanbul :

large areas of construction lands for housing projects and agricultural lands, whose owner can be allowed to build in them spread in the city of Istanbul, especially in the Istanbul countryside, but under special conditions and a small area of ​​​​its total area, and these lands enjoy the advantages that Istanbul provides such as service, economic, tourist and geographical advantages as well as advantages related to government support. These features play a major role in making these lands a center for attracting agricultural investment on the one hand, as well as for those wishing to purchase land to establish housing projects on the other hand.

Advantages of investing and buying lands in Istanbul :

There are many features and motivation that led to attracting land investors in Istanbul, including:

-Land prices in Istanbul :

The prices of lands for sale in Istanbul vary according to the location of the land, its area and many other aspects,

For example, the price per square meter in a land far from Istanbul Airport differs from land in another region, and therefore the prices of lands vary from one region to another, but we can say that the prices of lands in Istanbul are appropriate compared to the lands of neighboring countries.

-Easy conditions for buying lands in Istanbul :

There is a set of government instructions related to the purchase of lands in Istanbul for the foreign investor, and these conditions are:

*Approval must be obtained from government authorities

*Lands must not be located near military installations and sensitive areas

*The area of ​​land to be purchased for a foreigner should not exceed 300,000 square meters

*The area of ​​land sold to foreigners in a specific area shall not exceed 10% of the total area of ​​the region

-Multiple projects that can be used

What distinguishes the land in Istanbul is the possibility of using it in many investment projects due to the special investment position of Istanbul on the one hand and the diversity of investment projects in it on the other hand, investment and land purchase in Istanbul can be exploited with the following things:

*Establishing various agricultural projects

*Create diversified farms

*Establishing animal farms of all kinds

*Building projects for poultry

*The location of the industrial facility for the investor

*Possibility to obtain Turkish citizenship

An investor who wants to buy a land in Istanbul can obtain Turkish citizenship if the land price is not less than 400,000 US dollars. According to Turkish regulations, the purchase of land is treated as a real estate purchase.

Agricultural investment in Istanbul :

It is known that the city of Istanbul is one of the tourist and economic cities in Turkey, as it has the attention of many investors in various fields. The agricultural investment in it was not less fortunate, as there are many factors that help the success of these projects:

-Population increase that generates an increase in demand for agricultural products

-Modern tools and techniques used in agriculture

-Diversity of all kinds of crops

-Fertility of lands in Istanbul

-The presence of large areas in the Istanbul countryside

-The existence of multiple rivers and streams that are used to irrigate agricultural crops

-Government support provided by the Turkish government, such as providing fertilizers and cash support for these projects

-Providing loans to foreign investors

-Exempting investors from multiple taxes

From the previous points, we can deduce the great importance of investing and buying land in Istanbul, we will talk about the conditions related to agricultural investment in Istanbul

-Companies specialized in agricultural investment must purchase an agricultural land determined by the Turkish government, and its area is not less than an area determined in accordance with government instructions

-Establishing a project on the land with a capital of no less than the investment value of a government-determined value, and this project is registered in the name of a company.

-A study must be submitted of the feasibility of the agricultural project to be established for a period of five years.

-The possibility of providing a source of irrigation by drilling underground wells.

-The approval of establishing the project must be taken from the Ministry.

-In the case that a foreign investor participates with a Turkish investor in a specific agricultural project, this grants him government support and may reach 50% of the value of the project.

Motives to buy land in Istanbul :

1-Advantages for Investors in Istanbul :

Investors who come to Istanbul enjoy many advantages related to the city of Istanbul, the beauty of housing in it, and learning about its traditions and customs. Therefore, investors in Istanbul enjoy the following advantages:

*The goodness and preservation of the Istanbul community :

The Turkish people are considered one of the best people in the world because of their loyalty, honesty and peace, as well as the people of Istanbul. The Istanbul society is characterized by reservation and attachment to the Islamic religion, which stipulates moral values ​​that must be available within the people in Istanbul, such as generosity of morals, and moral reservation, compared to the ethics of other societies in Europe, Istanbul is the best city to live in, as it combines a sophisticated and simple society with high morals, a strong real estate movement and a thriving economy.

*The beautiful nature of Istanbul :

Istanbul is one of the most beautiful cities in Turkey, and it is the city visited by tourists from all sides to enjoy the beauty of nature and the splendor of the regional terrain in it. The topography of Istanbul enjoys the presence of green areas called tourist areas that celebrities and businessmen go to in order to spend enjoyable times in Istanbul by investing real estate in the region. Therefore, real estate investment in Istanbul gives you the opportunity to enjoy the beauty of nature in Istanbul and even provides you with ways to visit the rest of the other cities in Turkey.

*Istanbul strategic location :

Istanbul is the link point in the middle of Turkey; it is a strategic location on land and sea routes for trade, which makes it one of the best cities located on the best strategic locations in Turkey. This strategic location gives the city of Istanbul great importance, which is the ease of access to it through all land and sea routes, which led to the establishment of many projects that would support investment in all its fields.

*Infrastructure development in Istanbul :

Istanbul is one of those cities that has a strong infrastructure represented by a transportation network that connects all areas of Istanbul, as it contains a large number of highways that make access to the famous and tourist areas in Istanbul easy and simple, so investors who come to Istanbul enjoy the advantages provided in the field of infrastructure, public utilities and service centers scattered in all areas of Istanbul.

2-It is an opportunity to be a starting point for other types of investments :

These lands may be used as a starting point for setting up many investment projects, such as a site for an industrial facility, a site for building a private property, or a site for building a store for a specific investor or company.

Which is better, buying land or buying ready-made properties in Istanbul?

Perhaps you have read this question and you are now trying to find an explanation for yourself and an answer to the previous question. We will try to compare the process of buying lands in Istanbul and the process of buying a property, as well as how to benefit from this process and you can answer this question.

Comparison of the method of buying real estate and buying lands in Istanbul :

How to buy lands?

-You must specify your financial budget, do you possess the full amount so that the price of the land is paid in one payment, or you need to borrow a part of the amount, or that you will share its ownership with someone else.

-Searching for land prices well by looking at the prices, either using the websites of companies or by taking tours in the real estate markets in Istanbul to see all the available options.

-You must specify the area in which to search.

-Choosing one of the real estate companies located in Istanbul.

-Negotiate with the owner of the land of its price.

-Verify the condition of the land and ensure its safety and that there are no problems arising from it, such as mortgage or real estate seizure.

-It begins with preparing all the papers required to obtain the title deed of the land, represented by the sale contract / passport, in addition to a copy of it translated into Turkish and certified by the notary public / real estate appraisal document as well as personal photos.

-After completing the preparation of all the necessary papers and documents, you must go to the Land Registry Directorate to sign the purchase contract. You can use a sworn translator if you do not know the Turkish language.

-The best Turkish cities to buy land.

How to buy a property?

The method of buying a property is not much different from buying land in Istanbul. All that is required is a more attention to details of the property such as the urban design, but the main difference is the locations. The land cannot be found near the city centers, unlike the ready-made properties that you can find near one of the vital and governmental centers in the center of Istanbul.

Comparison of how to invest :

-Land investment in Istanbul

There are many forms of investment in land. It can be invested on a personal level, such as building a private house for the investor or a villa with special designs, or building a farm, or it can be used to be an agricultural field for the investor specialized in seasonal crops or planting fruit trees.

-The land can be used as a start-up for a business

1- building commercial complexes

2-Building a factory or industrial facility

3-Investing it in agriculture and get financial returns from it

-Investing in ready-made real estate

Real estate investment in Istanbul is a great opportunity to make money and profit by doing several works related to the real estate investment process, and this business has recently become with many options for quick profit, which has led to attracting investors to the neighboring lands to invest in its real estate. Investment can be carried out in several forms, including:

1-Buying and selling real estate: This process is witnessing a great deal of circulation in the real estate market of these areas, and it is resorted to by investors who are looking for a large and quick profit. This process needs several steps and stages by the who wants to buy as he connect with the broker who has honesty and integrity until the signing of the contracts necessary for the purchase process, and after the ownership is officially completed, the buyer waits for a certain period and then sells the property and takes the same steps he did when buying the property, but in the seller’s capacity.

2-Buying and renting real estate: In this process, investors see it as the best way to profit, because this process keeps the capital, i.e., without loss, so this process begins with buying a property in an tourist areas with specific steps and stages mentioned previously, and then renting this property is for tourists who go to these areas so that this process guarantees a monthly amount that the landlord considers as his income and through which he can enjoy the advantages of real estate investment in Istanbul.

The best areas to buy real estate in Istanbul :

According to what is recommended by real estate experts for those wishing to invest in land, it is recommended to buy the surrounding land or close to Istanbul within the regions or in the areas where industrial projects are being built, so Istanbul is the best choice for all those looking for land for sale as it offers many distinct returns and rewarding returns, such as:

1-Lands near Istanbul Canal :

The new Istanbul Canal is surrounded by large lands and many areas, and it is also adjacent to several lands that may one day be housing projects, and these areas enjoy the advantages provided by the new Istanbul Canal. And a center of attraction for tourists who come to this region to see the large projects in Turkey and the developments in the field of water canals, and these areas surrounding the new Istanbul Canal are Avcilar, Kucukcekmece and Basaksehir, which will witness a significant increase in real estate prices due to their proximity to this huge project.

2-Lands near Istanbul New Airport :

Istanbul New Airport is one of the largest airports in the world in terms of area, the new Istanbul Airport is located on the European side of Istanbul, specifically in the Arnavutkoy area in the forests of this area near Lake Terkos. The location of the airport is very attractive to most investors and therefore buying land in the neighboring areas of the airport is of great importance for obtaining future profits.

3-Buying land in the Bosphorus region :

The Bosphorus Strait, which is one of the most important seas in Turkey, as well as the presence of green forests surrounding the area and many of the ingredients that made the land located in the Bosphorus area one of the most attractive lands for investors in Istanbul.

In conclusion, we can say that the purchase of lands in Istanbul and its multiple advantages is a great opportunity for most businessmen to get more financial profits by investing it as a successful investment within the path of a clear and studied roadmap in advance.

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