The most important investment project in Eyüpsultan in Istanbul

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In this article, we will talk about an investment project in Eyüpsultan in
Middle of Istanbul, but before talking about the project Let me take you
on a trip to the region first.

What is Eyüpsultan area?

It is an extremely historical region with a long heritage, it was established in
Istanbul after the fall of Constantinople in 1936 AD, and it was originally consisting
of three regions that were joined together: Fatih, Sariyer, and one of the best
investment regions in Istanbul Beyoglu, to form as a result an Unit called Eyüpsultan.

Located in the European part of Istanbul on the Golden Gulf, which is one of the
best natural ports around the world, and has previously been a center of the naval
forces. The area is an integral part of the Bosphorus Strait. The name of the area is
inspired by the name of Jahbi Abi Ayoub al-Ansari, where the Eyüpsultan region
hosts the mausoleum of Jalil Ayoub.

So the region attracts many foreign investors and real estate developers
annually, and more than succeeded by the investment lovers Real estate and
negative income, because of the great features of it, such as good investment
return and ability to diversify real estate portfolios and of course get Turkish
nationality one of the most important causes of investing in Eyüpsultan – Istanbul.

Ayoub from south west limits Başakşehir, which is characterized by several spaces
and large service projects such as the medical city of Başakşehir.

Also It is bordered by the West, a region called Sultan Ghazi and another called
Arnaout Kui, which is close to the new Istanbul channel, which contains great
investment deals.

The importance of the region is not only for Islamic heritage, but also to contain
a lot of tourist places and assisted factors to capitalize.

What are the tourist places in Eyüpsultan?

First – Payara Lotti Chairlifts

Which created the municipality of Istanbul in order to grant tourists with a
high-rise outlook at a higher 55 meter above plateau. You can also see the
golden gulf from Payara Lotte Chairlifts with the most beautiful scene you may ever see.

Second – Mall of Axis

It is one of the most famous commercial centers in Sultan Ayoub, and includes a
large number of shops offered by international brands, as well as suitable for
family-friendly, which is among the wealthy and rich class malls and in particular
tourists I mean Istanbul with a view to investing and putting.

Third –  Sultan Ayoub Mosque

It was built in 1453 by Muslims, and it’s the first mosque that was built after the
fall of Constantinople and is one of the most important archaeological features
of the Islamic nature.

 Fourth – VIALAND Tema Park

Ayoub 2013 and is considered its design in itself simulated for Disneyland
concept, and there is many shopping mall and shops, so once you cut off your
visit to Turkey you definitely have to visit the place and We will secure your
accommodation, and the project also includes restaurants, cinema and many other things.

We will now talk about what matters most to you, which is making money,
and growing profits, moreover achieving a successful return on investment.
Our conversation revolves around investing in Istanbul, specifically in the
Eyüpsultan, but what drives you to choose this region over others, this is
what we will answer you about immediately.

What are the investment factors that make Sultan Ayoub a good choice?

1- The location

The location of the Eyup Istanbul region, which places it near the Golden Horn Strait, makes it an attractive place in the eyes of investors due to the fact that the Golden Horn itself is an ancient tourist attraction, as well as its proximity to the Black Sea, as it makes it a coastal area that is popular with tourists.

2- Perfect for residence

What makes real estate investors covet ownership in Sultan Ayoub is that the area is very desirable for housing because of its richness in educational centers and hospitals in addition to the excellent infrastructure like other Turkish cities. It is characterized by a developed and diverse road network, and it also contains all the services that the residents desire.

3- Diverse markets

The Eyüpsultan area exudes various markets, so you can find Turkish popular markets that mimic the country’s heritage, and you can find others that offer the latest products from famous brands, and you will find a large number of shops and markets everywhere, this means that it is a serviced area with distinction, which makes the Eyüpsultan area  An important area with a very high tourist value.

4- Real estate specifications and finishes

It is worth mentioning that real estate in the Sultan Ayoub area is characterized by dazzling specifications and finishes, as it is full of international architectural and engineering designs, some of which have a heritage character and others are modern, so you will realize that it’s combine tradition with modernity, and this made the Eyüpsultan area an ideal choice to start real estate investment projects, and get an Excellent investment. Return

5- Real estate prices

When we say “investment”, we must first of all pay attention to asset prices, as good assets are what give us a good profit return, and this is of course axiomatic for investors, and in fact prices in the Sultan Ayoub area are one of the most important investment factors encouraging the initiation of real estate investment in Istanbul, as they are  Very competitive.

6- Diversity of real estate in the area

If you are a real estate expert or have met a real estate expert, you must have heard from him about the importance of diversifying the real estate portfolio, and this is achieved here in the Sultan Ayoub area, where you will find a diverse number of properties.

Now that we have explained to you the reasons why investors flock to invest in Sultan Ayoub, we will provide you with valuable information about the best investment project in the region.

Where exactly is the best investment project located in Sultan Ayoub?

a top view of Sultan Ayoub project
a top view of Sultan Ayoub project

It is located in the “Beyoglu” area, which is considered one of the most popular areas of Istanbul. also characterized by an important strategic location between the Golden Bay and the Bosphorus Strait. It is an integral part of the strait. The area is excellently serviced in all respects.  In addition to several museums and historical places such as the Galata Tower and the “Qamar Hatun” mosque, and other landmarks that made it a favorite destination for culture and art lovers, the Beyoglu area in Sultan Ayoub also includes galleries and art, and most of all is that the future of real estate investment in the region is very promising.  This is due to the increasing demand for it in terms of tourism, and the most successful type of investment in it is real estate investment in rent.

What are the specifications of the investment project in Eyüpsultan?

A picture from the heart of the Sultan Ayoub project
A picture from the heart of the Sultan Ayoub project

The project itself is one of the most important under construction projects, as a result of the intense interest of the Turkish government, as it is a national project due to its proximity to the Golden Horn Bay.

It is an integrated project that includes all services, as it contains many hotels, museums, and commercial centers, in addition to a large yacht marina, numbering two and accommodating 280 yachts.

The project mainly consists of 600 apartments, in addition to five five-star hotels, moreover, the project includes 4 archaeological museums that are scheduled to be the first of their kind.

And it’s located directly on the beach, as it has the most beautiful view of the Golden Bay.

The project is scheduled to be delivered in December 2025, and we must also mention that the project is very suitable for obtaining Turkish citizenship due to the good competitive prices.

It is about 41 km from the new Istanbul Airport, 3 km from the nearest metro station, and the same distance from Galata Tower and Gulf University.

What are the characteristics of the real estate in the Sultan Ayoub project?

a horizontal view of Sultan Ayoub project
a horizontal view of Sultan Ayoub project

The area is characterized by several investment advantages, including stability when living, because the project area is comfortable and safe, as it is a thriving area with all the basic and recreational services that you may need, in addition to the possibility of obtaining Turkish citizenship, as we mentioned a short while ago, as many investors are desperately seeking to obtain Turkish citizenship by buying a property  In this project specifically, and also the investment in this project is characterized as long-term, because the Sultan Ayoub area is distinguished locally and globally, as it is a tourist area in the first place.

Above of all this, you can get a profitable return on investment on a monthly basis, by renting the property at a good price.

After we talked about the Sultan Ayoub region and the most important investment project under construction in it, let us conclude our conversation by introducing you to the most important investment factors that made investing in Turkey an excellent choice.

What are the factors for successful investment in Turkey?

In short, the geographical location in Turkey made Turkey an important location that was able to attract investors, and also the economic prosperity reflected positively on investment in Istanbul, especially after the government encouraged investors through the tax facilities it provided on a plate of gold to real estate investors, and as we mentioned above  Regarding prices in the Eyüpsultan region, this applies to most areas available for investment in Turkey, as prices are considered cheap when compared to European countries, as well as living prices, and also one of the most important encouraging investment factors is the ability to obtain Turkish citizenship, which is classified among the strongest nationalities in the world with  The necessity of dual nationality.

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